Sunday, November 29, 2020

This is the Way: Scout Trooper from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro


   GameStop and Hasbro have been rolling out the Star Wars: The Black Series Gaming Greats releases this year and I recently stumbled upon another figure from the very cool subset: The Scout Trooper from Jedi: Fallen Order. Jedi: Fallen Order focused on melee combat quite heavily and gave many of the popular Imperial troopers melee weapons to combat Cal Kestis and his lightsaber skills. I've always been a fan of Imperial Scout Troopers (for years everyone just called them Biker Scouts) and when I saw this guy at GameStop I was pretty excited. At first you might just think this is a simple repaint/ re-release of the Scout Trooper released in Phase II or in the Archive collection but it turns out that this guy has quite a few new parts and a new accessory. These guys could be a bit of a challenge if they caught you off guard in Jedi: Fallen Order and it's nice to be able to add one to the Black Series collection. Let's take a look at the Scout Trooper after the break...

The Facts:

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, boot swivels, double hinged knees, swivel thighs, ball jointed hips, a ball jointed abdomen, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, a hinged neck, and a ball jointed head.

Accessories: EC-17 hold-out blaster, electrobaton, and electricity effect.

Non-Scalper Price: $25


* On the left is the Gaming Greats Scout Trooper while the Phase 2 Biker Scout from the Speeder Bike set is on the right. While the Biker Scout has the pouches around his waist and abdomen the Scout Trooper has lighter, more standard looking armor and a cool harness. He's also a lot cleaner than the previously released Biker Scout.

The Positives

* I love the Scout Troopers and this one is quite impressive. He's got the same armor as the previous Scout Troopers in the Black Series but he looks a lot cleaner and he doesn't have the carrying pouches on the side. The armor plates look nice and many of them, especially around his waist and on his shoulders, are actual separate pieces to give him a more three dimensional look to his sculpt.


* The helmet is excellent. It's a solid sculpt and it captures nicely all of the little details of the Scout Trooper's helmet.

* The biggest difference between this figure and the previous Scouts is the harness he wears. It has what appears to be a generator of sorts on the back and a red wire that extends from the top of his harness down his right arm. It's not removable (well, not without damaging anything) but it is a separate piece fitted over his standard armor.


* In Jedi: Fallen Order the Scout Troopers use electrobatons in order to counter lightsabers so this figure comes with an electrobaton. It's a simple looking staff with a cattle prod like tip and a few little greeblies and such on the sides to make it look more advanced.


* The tip of the electrostaff extends out for combat mode and a blue electricity effect is included to show it in action. It looks pretty cool!


* The Scout Trooper also comes with his little EC-17 hold-out blaster. It's quite small but the figure holds it well.


* When not using the EC-17 it stores easily in the holster in his boot.

* The articulation model is a bit dated on the Scout Trooper but he's still very well articulated. Most of the troopers earlier in the line had a bit more articulation than the standard figures so that still works in his favor. He's not rubbery, either, like some of the earlier troopers, so he's still pretty adequate.

The Negatives:

* There's a red cord that connects the device on the Scout Trooper's harness to a cuff on his arm. Unfortunately, the cord is very fragile and it broke quite easily. Just moving the Scout Trooper's arm was enough to snap the cord! Fortunately, the cord can fit right under the cuff, so it still looks OK on display.

   While you're paying the Hasbro exclusive tax on this figure, GameStop's recent string of sales on Star Wars figures and their new buy 5 get a 6th action figure free program for members definitely counteracts that, making them my go to place for Black Series figures lately. This guy's an exclusive and seems a bit tough to find. He's quite nice, though, especially because you're getting more than just a repaint. He's a Great and a 1/2 figure and a nice addition to the Jedi: Fallen Order subset. I wish we'd get some more actual characters from the game, though, but that's doubtful. Hasbro's never been much for supporting the video games with anything more than a few releases.


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  1. Cool figure. Will have to pick this up if I ever see it.

    1. I've noticed that GameStop tends to get about 1 of their exclusives per store, at least from what I've seen. That makes it really tough to acquire these unless you preorder, which is that sales model they push.


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