Monday, August 31, 2020

Action Figure Review: Doggo from Fortnite: Legendary Series by Jazwares

    More Fortnite: Legendary Series figures have dropped! It's weird how randomly these come out, but then again I kind of like that. Today I'm checking out Doggo who is a dog. Or someone dressed as a dog, maybe? Honestly, I have no clue. Doggo definitely seems like a anthropomorphic dog rather than a person in a costume due to how expressive his face is. He also reminds me of a 1980s Taco Bell due to his colors, which is just amazing. Ready for a hoodie wearing dog in vintage Taco Bell colors who is carrying a minigun? Then join me after the break...

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Action Figure Review: Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe Origins by Mattel

   While I did review the SDCC 2019 set of He-Man and Prince Adam, today I'm doing my first review of an actual Masters of the Universe Origins toy that I found on a Walmart shelf and it's the mighty Battle Cat. I love Battle Cat so I was really looking forward to this one. He's one of the most iconic toys of all time and it makes perfect sense that Mattel would want to get him into MOTUO as soon as possible. What is Masters of the Universe Origins exactly? For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the line let me attempt to explain: MOTUO is Mattel's newest Masters of the Universe line and their first attempt at a mass market line since the 200x series in the early 2000s. Design wise, MOTUO is a return to the original vintage toy aesthetic with updated articulation. The first series includes 6 figures, Prince Adam with the Sky Sled, and Battle Cat. I found Battle Cat almost a month ago but I'm just now getting around to reviewing him. I've been pretty busy lately! Let's take a look at Battle Cat after the break and see how he turned out...

Friday, August 28, 2020

Toy Review: Moss Man from Vinyl SODA by Funko

  Funko had four Masters of the Universe exclusive items for SDCC 2020, all of which were sold online this year due to the convention being cancelled due to Covid-19. Two of the exclusives were POP! vinyls (Blast-Attak and Clawful) while the other two were from the relatively new Vinyl SODA line. Those two figures were Trap Jaw and Moss Man and I'm starting with Moss man today. As you may be aware, Moss Man is one of my favorite MOTU characters, if not my favorite, so I was thrilled to see him this early in the Vinyl Soda line. Only 3,000 Moss Man vinyls were made which makes him, along with Trap Jaw, the rarest "non-chase" release yet. While he's not scented, which is a real shame, he is flocked. And he's Moss man so he's automatically one of the coolest figures around. Let's get lost in the woods and check out Moss Man after the break...

Barbecue's Bonfire: 8/28/2020

Hey everyone!

I haven't done a Barbecue's Bonfire for... sheesh, a couple years, but I'm going to try to bring it back. It's my place for lots of weird little things that don't fit within my usual review structure. What to talk about?

First, have you noticed the newest character to get their own review archive? It's Beast Man! Beast Manor is the new home for all of my Beast Man reviews! OK, well it's not super new (I opened it in May) but it's the newest and worth pointing out.

Second, I've been working on 2020's 31 Days of Toy Terror countdown since July 1st! That's why I didn't do a Masters of the Universe themed series for this month. I probably won't until November, either, just because getting Halloween stuff together takes some serious time. This year I'm going to focus on "horror" toys made before the year 2000 (though I can be incredibly loose on the definition of horror). What lines or individual characters from before the year 2000 would you recommend I check out?

More after the break...

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Action Figure Review: X-Lord (Scavenger) from Fortnite Legendary Series by Jazwares

   It's time for another review from Jazwares' Fortnite: Legendary Series and this time it's the X-Lord in his Scavenger outfit! From what I can tell, X-Lord is a newer version of Rust Lord who first appeared in Season X/ Season 10, so he's actually a variant or upgrade of that previously released figure who is one of my favorites in the line. X-Lord (Scavenger) may very well be another of my favorites, too, as he has a fantastic post-apocalyptic look that makes him oh so versatile. The Scavenger X-Lord looks like he could easily fit in to the Mad Max universe or perhaps even in the Borderlands universe. Pair him up with Junkrat from Overwatch! Add the first Dreadnok to your G.I. Joe Classified Series roster! Heck, he could even be a bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy as well. He's a fun figure with some great accessories! Let's check out the X-Lord (Scavenger) after the break...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Action Figure Review: Blast-Attak #1017 from POP! Television: Masters of the Universe by Funko

   Funko had four Masters of the Universe SDCC exclusives this summer, all offered through online sales, and boy were they tough to get. Funko's 2020 SDCC online sale was a real crap show. I was there and logged in right when things began and I guarantee it took me nearly an hour to get through, most of which was spent "calculating shipping." It gave me flashbacks to the Matty Collector sale days trying to pick up figures that were offered outside of the subscription. I ended up missing out on the two MOTU POP! vinyls at Funko's sale but I managed to acquire Blast-Attak through Toy Tokyo's sale (better sales experience though things sold fast and I missed Clawful there, too). While I still cannot believe that Funko hasn't released Teela yet (one of the true A-list characters) after 7 years of the line's existence, I do like that Funko is going deeper into the characters from the vintage line. I've already talked about Blast-Attak's bizarre affiliations previously in my review of the MOTUC figure so I'll skip over his weird allegiances to both the Snake Men and the Evil warriors and simply jump right in to a look at another figure from the 1987 series of vintage MOTU figures. Let's check out Blast-Attak after the break...

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Action Figure Review: Casey Jones & Raphael (In Disguise) from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by NECA

    Every so often a company produces a "dream toy" that you've been waiting to add to your collection for years. Obviously there are hundreds (actually thousands) of action figures that have caught my attention over the years but when it comes to toys I honestly never thought I might own, the list is narrowed down quite a bit. Back in 2018 I reviewed NECA's quarter scale Raphael in Disguise which was a toy I had truly wanted for 28 years at that point. I don't collect much in that scale but Raphael in his trench coat and Bogie hat was a must have. I'm really glad that NECA has been able to produce their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 1990 film for a wider audience now and I've been collecting the line as possible. They're still pretty tough to come by but I found two of the turtles at GameStop, all of this year's GameStop exclusive figures, and now all of the Walmart exclusive 2-packs. Today I'm checking out my most anticipated two-pack of the three which is Casey Jones and Raphael. The original 1990 film is still the best TMNT movie (2007's TMNT would probably be my second pick, though I have a soft spot for TMNT 2 and 3 as well) and I'm thrilled to be amassing a collecting of the characters from that film. I had almost given up hope of ever finding this set in Walmart but I finally stumbled upon it a few weeks ago. I was ecstatic! Let's check this one out after the break and get the Turtle Power going in here!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Action Figure Review: Han Solo (Carbonite) from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Collection by Hasbro

    Back in the summer of 2013 Hasbro released their first Star Wars: The Black Series release: The SDCC exclusive Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite. While Boba Fett was released in Phase I as a standard release, Han Solo in Carbonite was always held back to keep him exclusive. While this isn't truly an action figure, Han Solo frozen in carbonite is one of the most iconic elements of the Original Trilogy and the character/ prop has a long history in toy form dating back to his inclusion with the vintage Kenner Slave 1. It always seemed like Hasbro would find some way to release this piece again to a wider body of collectors and finally they have! Han Solon (Carbonite) is an Amazon exclusive figure in the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Collection and I couldn't be happier. Some folks seem salty as a pretzel about this release but I'm loving it. Let's check out Han Solo (Carbonite) after the break...

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Toy Review: Battle Cat Vs. Roton from Masters of the Universe by Mega Construx

    Power-Con 2020 was virtual this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and while He-Fans and She-Ravers certainly missed the opportunity to gather together in person it was pretty cool to be able to take part in some great online panels. One of the best was the Mega Construx panel. The designers of the line are awesome and it seems like the Masters of the Universe Mega Conxtrux line is going to get better and better! I was excited to find one of the new sets a couple of weeks ago so today I'm going to check out the Battle Cat Vs. Roton set. My daughter and I built this a couple of days ago and while there's not a ton of building here (basically just the Roton) you do get quite a few items with the set. I'm always excited to see Battle Cat make his way into a MOTU line and the Roton has long been one of my favorite vehicles, so there's that too. Let's take a look at Battle Cat Vs. Roton after the break...

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Action Figure Review: Destro from G.I. Joe Classified Series by Hasbro

   I'm a little surprised that the first series of G.I. Joe Classified Series figures only included one villain. Yeah, G.I. Joe's heroes are popular but the villains seem to be the characters that most everyone remembers. Since there are only five characters in the first series, Hasbro went with a split of four G.I. Joes and one Cobra: Destro! Destro was originally released as part of the second series of vintage G.I. Joe figures and ever since then he's always been a key part of the line, appearing in nearly every incarnation of G.I. Joe. Destro is one of the most "classic" looking figures in the line, bearing a great resemblance to his vintage predecessor. Let's take a look at the first Cobra in the line, James McCullen Destro XXIV, after the break...

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Action Figure Review: The New Day from Masters of the WWE Universe by Mattel

  It's time for another review from Mattel's Masters of the WWE Universe mashup line and this time it's perhaps my most anticipated figure in this line to date: The New Day. Yes, the New Day. Not just Big E or Kofi Kingston or Xavier Woods, but the entire New Day in one figure. How is that even possible? How do you merge all three of your eight time and longest reigning WWE tag team champs into one figure? By making them the Man-E-Faces of Positivity of course! Yes, for MOTWWEU Mattel combined The New Day with Man-E-Faces, allowing you to switch the figure between all three members of the team. Not only is it a cool way to do a tag team in MOTU form but it also ties in with the New Days' use of the Freebird Rule, allowing them to rotate out who defends a title at any given match. Pour yourself a big bowl of Booty-O's, clap your hands, and feel the Power of Grayskull! Let's check out this amazing rendition of the trio founded on the Power of Positivity after the break...

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Action Figure Review: Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe Classified Series by Hasbro

   Hasbro has released dozens of Snake Eyes figures over the years. While he had a few variants in the original ARAH line in the early 1990s Hasbro began offering more and more figures of the beloved ninja. Snake Eyes has always been a pillar of the G.I. Joe universe and his backstory is a huge part of the mythology of the series but it's fare to say that Hasbro has went wild with Snake Eyes releases over the years. During the early 2000s rebirth of the line Snake Eyes kept popping up again and again, and he did so during Spy Troops, and Valor Vs Venom, and DTC, and the 25th Anniversary Collection, and Sigma 6, and Rise of Cobra, and Pursuit of Cobra, and G.I. Joe Retaliation. But you know what? Most Snake Eyes figures released have been winners! It's hard not to like a commando/ ninja dressed in dark colors with lots of weapons who often runs around with a wolf. Hasbro kicked off the new 6 inch scaled G.I. Joe Classified Series with a deluxe Snake Eyes, which I didn't pick up. I did grab the standard Snake Eyes from Series 1, though. Let's take a look at the silent star of the G.I. Joe universe after the break...

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Action Figure Review: Braun Strowman from Masters of the WWE Universe by Mattel

   A week or two ago I was in a Walmart picking up supplies and hunting for Masters of the Universe Origins figures when I saw a box labeled "Masters of the WWE Universe" figures sitting on a palette to be stocked. I asked a nearby employee employee if she could let me see what was in the box and she actually opened it for me to reveal all of series 3 of Masters of the WWE Universe, the Walmart exclusive Masters of the Universe/ WWE hybrid toyline that some of us absolutely love and others despise. Today I'm checking out Braun Strowman, the "Ruthless Monster Among Men" who is decked out like Beast Man. Honestly, Braun Strowman would make an excellent Beast Man in a film, wouldn't he? The dude is legitimately massive and incredibly strong. He's also currently the holder of the Universal Championship, so he's got some real momentum going for him. Braun is one of the best MOTWWEU figures to be released to date and we're getting ready to enter the squared circle with him after the break...

Monday, August 10, 2020

Action Figure Review: Roadblock from G.I. Joe Classified Series by Hasbro

   Roadblock v2 from 1986 was one of the earliest G.I. Joe figures I owned. I remember my parents giving him to me, along with the Road Toad, on my 4th birthday in 1987. General Hawk v2 was my first G.I. Joe figure (and maybe my first action figure), Sci-Fi was my second, and I'm pretty sure that Roadblock was my third. I grew having both Roadblock v2 and Tiger Force Roadblock, so he's always been one of my favorites. Roadblock is definitely a pillar of G.I. Joe appearing as a mainstay in both the comics and the cartoon prominently until the early 2000s when Hasbro began using Heavy Duty (Roadblock's cousin). Marvin F. Hinton has made his way back into the spotlight, though, getting a huge boost by being played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in 2013's G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Whether he's a rhyming chef, a hardcore heavy machine gunner, or the Rock fighting ninjas, Roadblock is always a force to be reckoned with. I actually have a bust of Roadblock in my study and, like the Roadblock poster from Shortpacked! it keeps me in line. Let's get on with this review of Roadblock from the G.I. Joe Classified Series after the break...

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Action Figure Review: Scarlett from G.I. Joe Classified Series

  In spite of 2020 being rather terrible in most areas, it has actually been a pretty decent year for action figures. One of the best new lines of 2020 so far is Hasbro's G.I. Joe Classified Series. I'm very slowly making my way through reviewing this series (well, what I've found so far) and today I'm checking out Scarlett. Despite Scarlett being one of the core members of the G.I. Joe team (she was one of the Original 13) I never actually had her as a kid. I didn't really get into G.I. Joe until the 1986 series (though I certainly picked up some older figures like 1985's Barbecue) so Scarlett's release was before my time and by the time she made a reappearance in Ninja Force, I was pretty sparing with my G.I. Joe pickups. I believe the first Scarlett I owned was 2002's Agent Scarlett from the G.I. Joe vs Cobra line. This version seems to take a little inspiration from that figure. Honestly, look at a list of every Scarlett released; doesn't she most resemble the 2002 version? Let's take a look at Scarlett after the break and see if she's as lethal as every other version that's come before...

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Action Figure Review: Drift from Fortnite: Legendary Series by Jazwares

    It really feels like everything has come out at once, doesn't it? New Fortnite: Legendary Series figures, G.I. Joe Classified Series, Masters of the Universe Origins, more Marvel Legends; The end of July and beginning of August has been crazy! Today I'm checking out another figure from Jazwares' Fortnite: Legendary Series line and this time it's Drift. Drift has apparently been around as a costume since 2018 and, like Omega: Max Level and Ragnarok: Max Level, Drift is a "skin" with different levels. Unlike those figures, though, Drift doesn't come with the parts to showcase multiple different levels, although you can get different looks for the figure. Let's check out Drift after the break and see why he's one of the best figures from the newest series of figures...

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Action Figure Review: Fishstick from Fortnite: Legendary Series by Jazwares

    There was a recent drop of Fortnite: Legendary Series figures from Jazwares and now Fishstick has entered the fray! I love this line (in spite of the terrible hand design) and the crazy characters Jazwares picks from the Fortnite universe. Fishstick is costume is extremely popular, even though Kanye doesn't seem to understand him. Does he drink Bailey's out of a shoe, you might wonder? He's some sort of humanoid koi and is available as part of the Fish Food set. Considering these characters don't really have backstories or anything, nor do I play the game and have any idea about their in-game use or play style, I'm just going to jump in and start the review. Cast your rod and get ready for a half man/ half fish after the break...