Sunday, January 31, 2016

Missing in Action! Toy Lines that Didn't Make the Cut in 2015

 Sometimes there is a toy line which appears on my top 10 list of favorite lines one year but mysteriously disappears from the best of list for the next year. There's a number of reasons why this might happen. Sometimes toy lines end or just fade into obscurity; other times there is a change in quality that causes me to stop collecting. Sometimes I just lose interest in a property, too. That certainly happens from time to time There's also always the possibility of a good problem to have, which is that I still collect a certain line but a new line comes along that just one ups it. Here's a brief look at six lines that were on my Favorite Toy Lines of 2014 list that didn't make it onto the 2015 list with some commentary as to why they were left off or got demoted. I've been wanting to do a list like this for a few years and I've finally got the time! Join me after the break for 6 tales of toy lines that went missing in action!

Action Figure Review: Jester from Imaginext: Collectible Figures Series 6 by Fisher-Price

   Today I'm looking at the sixth and final figure in Imaginext: Collectible Figures series 6: The Jester! A creepy jester wielding a scythe could work with your regular medieval themed Imaginext figures, your horror themed figures, or even as a henchman for the Joker or Harley Quinn.
As soon as I heard about this wave I assumed that the Jester would be my favorite figure just because I tend to gravitate to creepy, scary stuff. Was I right? Is the Jester the star of series 6? Read on and find out after the break...

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Barbecue's Bonfire: 1/30/16

Hey everyone! I'm a bit late with today installment of Barbecue's Bonfire, but at least I got it out there, right? I really enjoy writing this segment and I hope you enjoy reading it. I usually just do straight reviews but this is my chance to really "blog" about some of the other stuff that I do. One of the best things that happened to me this week is that I had a legitimate conversation with my 2 year old about the upcoming DC Comics Imaginext blind bagged figures. My little one loves Batman (she has watched every episode of Batman: The Animated Series and we just watched the 1966 movie this week) so I've been toting out some of my Imaginext Batman figures over the past week or two and we've been having a blast. I started telling her about the upcoming blind bagged DC Imaginext figures and she legitimately asked me if there was a Two-Face in there. She loves Two-Face for some reason and I was happy to tell her that he was in there. While her sentences are choppy (she probably asked "There new Two-Face?") we were honestly conversing back and forth about the series. I'm so excited that she's as excited as I am to track this toyline down! What's the best thing that happened to you this week, toy related or not?

Anyways, after the break I talk about Chinese food, new Spawn figures, Vin Diesel playing with Street Sharks, comic books I've read, a broken Spider Gwen, and a Batgirl pillow. Check it out!

Action Figure Review: Gnome from Imaginext: Collectible Figures Series 6 by Fisher-Price

  It's time for a review of the fifth of six Imaginext Collectible Figures in the newest series: The Gnome! Looking kind of like a warrior garden gnome or something, the Gnome brings another fantasy based character into the world of Imaginext. My little one was really excited when we found this series at Target about two weeks ago and, after a good deal of play time, I'm pretty sure this guy is her favorite figure from series 6. At first she called him Santa Claus (she's only around 2 and a 1/2), so I think that was a big plus in her book. Ready for a closer look at the Gnome? Then join me after the break...

Friday, January 29, 2016

Action Figure Review: Female Pilot from Imaginext: Collectible Figures Series 6 by Fisher-Price

  Our journey through the sixth series of the Imaginext: Collectible Figures continued with this line's only female character: The Female Pilot. It's not a very creative name but neither are the names of most of the other Imaginext figures. Some folks are calling her Amelia Earhart, which is pretty cool too although I don't think that's an official name. The Imaginext Collectible Figure Series has had plenty of figures that pay homage to both real life individuals and fictional characters, so it seems completely plausible that that's what Fisher-Price had in mind. Let's take a closer look at this possible tribute to the Queen of the Air? Then join me after the break...

Action Figure Review: Chicken Suit from Imaginext: Collectible Figures Series 6 by Fisher-Price

  One of the things I like about the Imaginext: Collectible Figures Series is that they really have some strange concepts for figures in the line. I mean, this is an action figure of a fast food employee wearing a chicken costume. Is this what the guy wears at the counter when taking your order? Does he show up on the hour to give balloons to kids? Is he standing outside waving down cars? Who knows? Known only as "Chicken Suit" to the good citizens of Imaginext City, this guy is all about some deep fried goodness. Ready for a closer look at another original recipe from Imaginext? Then join me after the break...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Action Figure Review: Dino Mech from Imaginext: Collectible Figures Series 6 by Fisher-Price

 A few years back during my ThEpic Review days I wrote a review covering the xenomorphs from the first series of Kenner's Aliens line. In that review I talked about my incredibly cool friend Freddy whom I knew when I was a kid. About Freddy, I stated:
   "Now Freddy was a couple of years older than me and always seemed so incredibly cool. His hair was always spiked, he always dressed as a grim reaper for Halloween, he claimed to have a black belt, he hung out at the 7-11 playing Street Fighter 2 all the time, he claimed to have read an X-Men comic that showed Wolverine naked (thinking back, not sure why that was particularly cool), and he always seemed to find cool toys first."

Today I have another Freddy story for you: Freddy was also Japanese and his family would travel to Japan every couple of years to visit family. Often, Freddy would bring back some cool toys. One time he brought back an insanely cool red and black robotic T-Rex. At some point he either sold or traded it to me (I can't remember) but a few weeks later he and his mother (who I remember rarely speaking English) showed up at our door and Freddy told me he had to get the dinosaur back. We either re-traded or he gave me some money, I can't remember which. Anyways, now with Imaginext Collectible Figures Series 6, I have a cool "Dino Mech" that no one's mother is going to come to my door and demand back! Ready for a closer look at this guy? Then join me after the break...

Action Figure Review: 4 Arm Alien from Imaginext: Collectible Figures Series 6 by Fisher-Price

    I hardly noticed that the sixth series of the Imaginext Collectible Figures Series began slipping out at the end of October/ early November 2015 but as soon as I was made aware I began looking for them. It took me awhile to find them as I only just picked these up at a Target a weekend or two ago. The Imaginext Collectible Figures Series is definitely my favorite "blind bagged" series out right now for a few reasons. First, it's not really blind bagged. Each figure has a number stamped on the package that lets you know what you're buying, thus eliminating the awkward feeling and guessing game that happens with the Lego and Playmobil figures (this guy is "05". Secondly, the Imaginext figures have unique sculpts. No simple paint schemes to differentiate things: These are individual, unique action figures. Today I'm looking at the figure known as "4 Arm Alien" who is, interestingly, an alien with four arms. Ready for a closer look? Then join me after the break...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Action Figure Review: Tanooki Mario from World of Nintendo by Jakks Pacific

    While Tanooki Mario has some different abilities in the Super Mario 3D series, the Tanooki Mario I'm familiar with is the version from Super Mario Brothers 3. While Racoon Mario was the most prominent alternate look in that game, the Tanooki suit was cool just because it was pretty rare and you could use it to turn into a statue. I remember being really excited as a kid and calling it Teddy Bear Mario, because I had no idea what a Tanooki was back then. I actually had to look it up myself just now and it turns out that a Tanooki, or tanuki, is a Japanese raccoon dog. They're pretty adorable and they have a long history of being connected with folklore. They're also often represent in statue form, thus the reason for Mario having the ability to turn into a statue. While we just got Fire Mario in the last series (a simple repaint of the basic Mario), Jakks figured they needed to get another version if the mustachioed plumber out ASAP. Well, here's Tanookie Mario! Learn more about this one after the break...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Action Figure Review: Shy Guy from World of Nintendo by Jakks Pacific

   I haven't reviewed every one of wave 1-4 of Jakks Pacific's World of Nintendo line yet but so far I have to say this wave has been a bit of a disappointment. Fire Luigi is a good repaint but Gravity Suit Samus is kind of dull and Ocarina of Time Link is a less than average figure. I'll be looking at Tanooki Suit Mario tomorrow though, which in the meantime leaves me with reviewing the Shy Guy. I've always loved these little guys as far back as their first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2. Their look is quite simple and yet it still really sticks with you. Now let me just be up front that I absolutely realize the scale in this line is kind of bizarre and the Shy Guy is much larger than you'd imagine. I really think that's just going to be the nature of the beast in a line with so many different characters from different properties in it and I've come to accept it. Actually, I've come to like it. While the Shy Guy and the Goomba are definitely oversized, they also look awesome on display and alongside the colorful Nintendo cast. Ready for a closer look at this new addition to the villains? Then join me after the break...

Monday, January 25, 2016

Action Figure Review: Chewbacca #63 [Flocked] from POP! Star Wars by Funko

 If you don't love Chewbacca, you just don't have a soul. I'm not sure that I can state it any simpler than that. Chewbacca is just incredible. He's like all of the best people you know rolled into one. Your loyal dog? Chewbacca. Your best friend who is always faithful to you? Chewbacca. That person you know with an incredible work ethic who never gives up? Chewbacca. The person who acts tough but who really has a heart of gold? That's Chewie, man! I love the guy and, it turns out, my little one loves him two. Ever since I bought my little one a stuffed Chewbacca for Christmas of 2014 she has been in love with this big furry oaf. This Chewbacca POP! by Funko is part of the Smuggler's Bounty subscription box that ships every two months and when I received and opened my box last week, my little one immediately wanted him to sit up on a shelf in the living room next to our other POP!. This flocked version of Chewbacca is exclusive to the January crate which has a Resistance theme. Ready for a closer look at Chewie? Then join me after the break...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Action Figure Review: Catwoman from Batman: Arkham Knight by DC Collectibles

 Catwoman has a pretty cool role in Batman: Arkham Knight in that while she has been captured by the Riddler, she's working alongside Batman to help with her own escape. Arkham Knight added some a really fun team dynamic that comes into play whenever Batman joins together with one of his sidekicks and the Catwoman missions are the most fun way to try out this new gameplay mechanism. Catwoman is part of the second series of figures from DC Collectibles' Arkham Knight line and she ships alongside Nightwing, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon. I've had her sitting in my Pile of Loot at Big Bad Toy Store for a month or so and finally got her shipped to me last week. Ready for a look at this new version of Selina Kyle? Then join me after the break...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Barbecue's Bonfire: 1/23/16

   How's everyone enjoying this snow? Yesterday was a snow day for me but today I have to head in and do some emergency coverage for the agency I work for (To quote Pee-wee: I can't talk about it. James Bond kind of stuff.) so I'll keep this kind of brief today as I discuss my new top 10 list, reading a bunch of Star Wars books, The Revenant, starting Rise of the Tomb Raider, the 2016 Royal Rumble, and more!

Action Figure Review: Captain Phasma from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

  I can report that it is indeed true: I have found Captain Phasma! I know that everyone's talking about #Where'sRey but I ran across Rey many times. Captain Phasma though? I finally tracked her down as the repack in a case of 2016's Series 1 figures. I've been looking for her since Force Friday back on September 4th, 2015! It took me over 4 months to find this figure! I knew it was just a waiting game, though, because Captain Phasma was definitely one of the three most heavily merchandised characters in The Force Awakens alongside Kylo Ren and BB-8. While she didn't have a huge role in the movie (although she was still incredibly cool) she did have the look and, sometimes, that's all you need. Apparently named Phasma in tribute to the Don Coscarelli film Phantasm which features these weird, flying chrome orbs and creepy mortician named The Tall Man (played by the late Angus Scrimm, who just passed away on January 16th), Phasma is an incredibly tall Captain of the First Order who wears unique chrome armor. Played by Gwendoline Christie, Phasma's a cool character with an important role who has some room to develop further in future media. Let's take a closer look at the shiny and sinister Captain Phasma, after the break...

Friday, January 22, 2016

My Top 10 Favorite Individual Action Figures of 2015

When it comes to creating my top 10 lists for the previous year I do one featuring my 10 favorite lines as a whole and one that features individual figures. Sometimes a toyline is so small or consist of only a singular release and it just doesn't make sense to place it in the list of my 10 favorite toylines. Other times there's a figure which ends up being a real gem in an otherwise average line. Sometimes I only wanted one figure from a larger line and I was impressed by what I picked up. Like in my top 10 Favorite Toylines of 2015 list:

First, this is a list of my favorites, and thus it's even more subjective than a standard "best of" list (which is already quite subjective). If I were doing a "best of 2015" I'd definitely be looking at the merits of figures from lines that I don't even collect. For this list, I'm factoring in the fun I had collecting these figures, discussing them, and reviewing them as well as the merits of the toys themselves.

Second, action figures from lines I've already covered in my Top 10 Favorite Toylines of 2015 list are ineligible.

Third, I try my best to present a mixture of product from different scales, styles, and price points.

Fourth, I list these alphabetically, not by merit. It's just easier that way.

Ready for the fun to start? Then let's get started after the break:

Action Figure Review: Jango Fett from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

 Hasbro released the first set of the Phase III Black Series figures back on September 4th (Force Friday) and since that date every 6 inch figure, other than a couple exclusive items, has been from The Force Awakens. Jango Fett, released as part of the 5th series (or 2016 series 1), breaks that trend. I think ever since the Black Series started back in fall of 2013 we always knew that Jango would be on his way. He's just a visually impressive character. Back when Attack of the Clones was released, Jango Fett was one of the two figures that I think everyone wanted to add to their shopping carts during the midnight madness event. I'm glad that Hasbro has finally gotten around to releasing him because while there are still a number of character from The Force Awakens which I'd love to own, I love how the Black Series can pull from all seven films along with The Clone Wars and Rebels. Jango's a great addition to the line and I was excited to find him as part of an unopened case along with The Force Awakens staples like FN-2187, Han Solo, and a Flametrooper. Ready for a closer look at Boba Fett's dad? Then join me after the break...

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Action Figure Review: First Order Flametrooper from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

 I really enjoyed the diversity of First Order troopers depicted in The Force Awakens. It's not only fun to see an array of different Stormtrooper specialties but it also gives Hasbro a reason to release a ton of different troopers. So far, by my account at least, they've released every combat trooper we've seen in the film in the 6 inch scale except the very cool Heavy Artillery Stormtrooper, so hopefully we'll see that figure released sometime this year. Today I'm looking at a trooper that doesn't have an Original Trilogy counterpart, although he does have a Clone Wars era counterpart: The First Order Flametrooper. Also known as roasters, hotheads, and burnouts, the Flametrooper is shipping as part of the first series of 2016 figures, packed two to a case alongside FN-2187, Han Solo, and Jango Fett. Ready for a closer look at the hottest Stormtrooper around? Then join me after the break...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Action Figure Review: Lucy Westenra from Universal Monsters Select by Diamond Select Toys

   Last summer at Charlotte, NC's Heroes-Con I picked up a figure I had wanted to grab in 2014 but which managed to allude me: Van Helsing from Diamond Select Toys' Universal Monsters Select line. While I've enjoyed a number of their Universal Monsters figures, Diamond's Van Helsing was a bit more interesting to me as he was a radical departure from their movie accurate line. Rather than a kind and pious older professor, Abraham Van Helsing has been re-imagined as grizzled monster slayer. Joining him now is Lucy Westenra, Lucy's best friend from Bram Stoker's Dracula. While Lucy has been depicted in a number of ways (or left out, or combined with Mina) in film over the decades, I can't remember one adaptation where she's a steampunk inspired monster slayer with an acid spewing backpack and the ability to turn into a vampire at will. That's what you get here, though. She's the latest in the Monster Hunter Select subset of the Universal Monsters line. Ready for a closer look at Ms. Westenra? Then join me after the break...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Action Figure Review: Finn (FN-2187) from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

 It's only been a little over a month since I reviewed the first Finn figure from the Black Series but now, as I'm reviewing Finn in his Stormtrooper gear as FN-2187 from the first series of 2016 figures,  I'm not flying blind. Having seen the film, read the novelization of the film by Alan Dean Foster, and having read Greg Rucka's Before the Awakening, I have a great appreciation for Finn as a character. John Boyega was a perfect addition to the cast and I'm really excited to see how his character develops over time. I'm really excited that Hasbro has released this version of Finn because while it's simply a Finn head on the already released (multiple times) First Order Stormtrooper body, it represents a crucial aspect of Finn's character and brings into action figure form one of the first images we saw in the original teaser trailer from 2014. I've reviewed the main body a few times now so I won't be focusing on that aspect of Finn as much in this review. I will be focusing on what makes this figure unique, though. Ready for a closer look at FN-2187? Then join me after the break...

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Noise FM - Next To You (Official Video - Cover of The Police)

   Just a few days ago I was actually contacted by the band Noise FM about their official music video for their cover of The Police's "Next To You" and after checking it out, I have to say that I'm actually
really digging it so I'm sharing it here. I'd never head of the Noise FM before but if they're the kind of folks who cover The Police and have a modest collection of cool vintage action figures then I think I could be friends with them. What's really funny is that they've chosen to represent The Police with two Chap Mei SWAT figures and a Toybiz WCW Sting figure. Get it: Sting and the Police? Check the video out! If you're interested in hearing more, the band has a website, too.

I think next they should do a cover of the Village People's "Macho Man" starring "Macho Man" Randy Savage with a group of G.I. Joes as backup dancer. Heck, Tollbooth could be the construction worker. That guy always needs work. If you do this The Noise FM, I'll even send you some G.I. Joes Joes to help make it happen!

Action Figure Review: Han Solo from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

 When we first started seeing leaks and teasers for product from The Force Awakens I think everyone was surprised that next to nothing was shown for the big three of the Original Trilogy. In October Han Solo was finally the first of that trio to have an action figure revealed and now he's finally here! Released as part of the first series of 2016 figures, I have to admit that it's incredibly exciting to have a new variation of one of the classic crew. While it was incredible having tons of new action figures based on new characters whom I knew next to nothing prior to the film's release, having a new variation of an old favorite is a surreal experience. Harrison Ford's Solo was brilliantly used in The Force Awakens. While he's certainly one of the stars of the film, he also sets up the three main new heroes (and Kylo Ren) as credible, competent characters who earn Han's respect (or prove to be a credible threat to him). I've heard it said that Han is kind of an audience surrogate character in the original trilogy and here, in the Force Awakens, he's the one who tells us that it's OK that things are going to be a little different around the galaxy and encourages us to enjoy ourselves and get invested in these new stories. Ford's latest outing as Solo was as good or better than any before, no doubt about it. So how's his latest action figure? Find out more after the break...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Action Figure Review: Gravity Suit Samus from World of Nintendo by Jakks Pacific

  As I mentioned in my review of the Samus figure from World of Nintendo series 1-2, Metroid is probably the classic Nintendo franchise which I'm the last familiar with. That being said, I've still played a good number of the games including six of the games where this suit appears. While Gravity Suit Samus is a simple repaint of the Samus from earlier this year, she is a legitimate variant in that the Gravity Suit really does appear in the games and serves a very specific function. Series 1-4 has included quite a few variants (Fire Luigi, Tanooki Mario, Ocarina of Time Link, and Samus here) and thus it's not the most exciting series to have been released. Still, this is a nice looking figure, although it has some problems. Read on and learn more after the break...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Barbecue's Bonfire: 1/16/16

Hey everyone!

Hope your week is going well! It's been a busy but fun week for me (for the most part anyways) so this one might be a bit briefer than usual. Here's a couple points of interest on Star Wars Rebels, Fall of Grayskull, the best toylines of 2015, Batgirl valentines, Black Canary, and Star Wars books, all after the break...

Action Figure Review: Fire Luigi from World of Nintendo by Jakks Pacific

  While some folks are already reporting finding wave 1-5 of Jakks Pacific's World of Nintendo line (which includes character such as Waluigi, Bowser Jr., and Sheik) wave 1-4 only started hitting in December, so they are technically 2015 releases. I had ordered the entire set of 1-4 and just got them in a week or so ago. Like Fire Mario from wave 1-3, Fire Luigi is a simple repaint and thus this review might be a bit shorter than usual (check out the basic Luigi review here). If you've always been a fan of the Mario Bros. through all of their different incarnations, the thought of having both of these guys paired up as a fireball throwing team is probably as irresistible as the desire to leap over the flagpole. Ready for a closer look at Fire Luigi? Then join me after the break...

Friday, January 15, 2016

My Top 10 Toylines of 2015

    It's that time of the year for me to share my top 10 favorite action figure lines of the past year! This is the fourth year that I've created a list of my top 10 toylines (you can read my 2012, 2013, and 2014 lists if you'd like) and it's something I always enjoy compiling. Keep in mind a few things:

First, this is a list of my favorite lines, and thus it's even more subjective than the standard "best of" list (which is already quite subjective). If I were doing a "best of 2015" I'd definitely be looking at the merits of lines that I don't even collect. For this list, I'm factoring in the fun I had collecting these lines, discussing them, and reviewing them as well as the merits of the toys themselves.

Second, I've started doing a separate top ten for individual figures from lines that I didn't mention here. Sometimes a single action figure release or a standout figure from a line I'm not overwhelmed by captures my attention and I want to give them some attention. If I were picking my top two figures only the list would be overwhelmed with multiple figures from the same lines.

Third, I try my best to be fair in determining what constitutes a toyline. Sometimes I mix stuff (It doesn't make much sense to me separate Mattel's WWE basic line and WWE Elite line as they're in the same scale, share parts, and are intended to work together.  I wouldn't try to separate Marvel's various Legends assortments that have different names, either, though I would separate Marvel's 1/18th scale Marvel Legends Infinite Series and their traditional 6 inch scaled line. If the lines are in the same scale and style and from the same property and same company, I'll probably join them together.

Fourth, I list these alphabetically, not by merit. It's just easier that way.

Ready to get started with my top 10 favorite lines of 2015? Then join me after the break...

Action Figure Review: Ultimate Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) from Friday the 13th by NECA

 I really am a fan of what NECA is doing with these new Ultimate edition action figures. With costs rising and basic 6 inch figures from companies like Mattel and Hasbro hitting the $20 mark and above, getting one of NECA's well crafted figures with plenty of extras like swappable portraits and multiple accessories in attractive boxes for around $25 really feels like a value. NECA has released an Ultimate Freddy Krueger and an Ultimate Leatherface and, at the tail end of 2015, they also released the Ultimate Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives which I'm looking at today. While NECA has released a few Jason figures in their Mego inspired line, if my memory serves me right it's been a few years since they've released a straight up action figure of the guy. I remember how big of a deal it was when McFarlane Toys first released Jason in their Movie Maniacs line back in 1998!  Well, this guy is definitely an improvement! Want to get a bit closer to him? Then join me after the break...

*ki ki ki ma ma ma*

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Statue Review: Black Canary from DC Comics Bishoujo by Kotobukiya

     Kotobukiya previewed this Black Canary figure at least as far back as 2013 (maybe even earlier) but she just made it out to collectors at the end of 2015 after a number of delays. The newest member of Kotobukiya's DC Comics Bishoujo line, Black Canary depicts Dinah Lance in an amalgamation of a number of her different looks prior to the New 52. While Black Canary has had a bit of a boost in popularity thanks to her appearance in Arrow (my wife is the one who watches the show, though, and I think I'm confused by Canary from what she describes) she's been a major player in the DC Universe for quite sometime. Heck, if you consider that the character of Black Canary has been around since 1947 (as the mother of the current character) then she might be one of the oldest characters on your action figure shelf! I'm always a huge fa of Kotobukiya's work on this line and I'm happy to say that Dinah's another hit. ready for a closer look? Then join me after the break...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A New Batgirl Review: Batgirl (Batman: The Animated Series) from Femme Fatales by Diamond Select Toys

  Becoming a fan of Batgirl really didn't happen until I was much older but, as a kid, it's entirely likely that my first exposure to the character was through her appearances in the exceptional Batman: The Animated Series. Today I'm looking at a statue from Diamond Select Toys' relatively new Femme Fatales line. Femme Fatales is a series of 9 inch vinyl statues covering female characters from a wide variety of properties including DC, Marvel, Star Trek, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and even some smaller properties like Hack/Slash. Diamond Select Toys just knows that fans love the Bruce Timm inspired women of the DC animated universe and they've released a number of statues so far including Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy with Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Talia al Ghul on the way. They're all kind of cool but of course you know that I just had to pick up the Batgirl statue. She's a 2015 release but I just received her in the mail from a pile of loot I had at Big Bad Toy Store. Ready for a closer look? Then join me after the break...

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Action Figure Review: The Joker (Batman: Endgame) from DC Comics Multiverse by Mattel

 So, yesterday I mentioned how I stumbled upon the DC Comics Multiverse Armored Batman? Well, after my stop at a Toys 'R Us where I found that figure I ended up at a nearby Target where I found this figure. The Joker here is part of the basic DC Comics Multiverse series (not the Batman v. Superman series) and it features characters from recent comic stories as well as from TV shows like Arrow and The Flash. It's a cool concept to have a wide variety of characters on shelves (similar to how Hasbro handles some of the movie waves of Marvel Legends) and I was quite pleased to see this version of Joker from Batman: Endgame. I haven't read Endgame yet (so please don't spoil it for me) but for Christmas I just got Batman vol 6. and vol 7, The Joker: Endgame, and all three trades of Batman Eternal. I only read trades these days so I'm always a little behind. That being said, this Joker figure looked so creepy that I had to snap him up. He's part of the series of 6 other figures which all include Collect & Connect piece so you can build Batman's Justice Buster. Ready for a closer look at the Joker? Then join me after the break...

Monday, January 11, 2016

My Top 10 (And Bottom 5) Masters of the Universe Classics Figures of 2015

Today I'm continuing a tradition I've been doing for a few years now: Listing off my top 10 favorite (and my 5 least favorite) Masters of the Universe Classics figures of the past year. 2015 was a pretty big year for Masters of the Universe Classics as we not only saw the completion of the vintage toyline and every Princess of Power character but we also received the excellent Club 200x mini-sub, saw a glimpse of Snake Mountan, and learned that there is life for Masters of the Universe in the same scale for 2016. I've been doing this list for MOTUC for a few years now because it's one of the only toylines where I typically buy everything (or almost everything) and there's a ton of product released. Next year, however, has a smaller number of figures being released (or so it seems) and is going to have a number of figures based on the simpler style of the Filmaton cartoon, which I'm just not interested in (the style that is; I love Filmation and the characters), so there may not be enough stuff released to arrant an elaborate ranking. I keep up with these throughout the year with a spreadsheet and change things as my opinion changes and new figures are released. Ready to start the countdown of my top 10 and bottom 5? Then join me after the break...

Action Figure Review: Armored Batman from DC Comics Multiverse: Batman v. Superman by Mattel

 Now that I've finished my Christmas Haul for 2015 it's time to jump into reviewing the first new toy of 2016! On January 1st I went out on a shopping trip with my family and walked into a Toys 'R Us right as they had finished putting out the Batman v. Superman action figures. Based on the upcoming film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice that apparently everyone on the planet already hates except for me (I'm seriously exited for it), this figure represents the amazing looking armored version of Batman that we've seen in the trailers. (I'm calling it now: I think Ben Affleck is going to absolutely knock the role of Bruce Wayne out of the park.) Armored Batman is part of a movie focused series of figures that are sold under Mattel's DC Comics Multiverse banner which covers a diverse array of characters from movies, films, comics, and videogames. Mattel has had the Multiverse line on shelves for about two years now but they've all been in the 1/18th scale. This is their first foray into the 6 inch scale since the end of the Batman Unlimited and DC Comics Signature Collection lines. I'm glad to see some quality 6 inch figures back on shelves and I knew that I needed this armored version of Batman. Ready for a closer look? Then join me after the break...

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Haul 2015: Man-Bat from DC Super Friends by Fisher-Price

 Today is the last day of my Christmas Haul 2015 and I'm looking at another cool stocking stuffer I received from the very cool Imaginext DC Duper Friends line: Man-Bat. As far as I am aware, Man-Bat is from the absolute newest series of DC inspired Imaginext toys. While I do own a few Man-Bat figures, he's definitely not a Batman villain I own tons of versions of unlike the Joker, Poison Ivy, or Catwoman. Man-Bat's a great villain and it's cool to continue to see more villains enter the Imaginext line. While there are definitely collectors and Batman fans who appreciate these, it's cool to think that the main consumers of these are kids. This is kind of their version of the Batman: The Animated Series line, or even their version of DC Super Powers! While most Batman toys these days are made for collectors, it's cool to see these on store shelves readily available for the up and coming fans! Ready for a closer look at Dr. Kirk Langstrom's alter ego, Man-Bat? Then join me after the break...

Christmas Haul 2015: K. Croc & Swamp Ski from DC Super Friends Imaginext by Fisher-Price

 It's been a few months since I've reviewed anything from Fisher-Price's Imaginext line. Series 6 of the Collectible Minifigures is out but I haven't found any of them yet. I did receive two new DC Super Friends Imaginext figures for Christmas, though, and I'm looking at the first figure today: K. Croc & his Swamp Ski. You just might be asking yourself, "Who exactly is K. Croc?" That's actually Fisher-Price's kid friendly way of releasing a Killer Croc figure so that some parent just waiting to be offended doesn't make a big deal about it. I'm not actually sure how long this figure has been out on shelves (he might be a 2014 release) but he's new to me. You just know that I'm always up for the challenging of reviewing a Batman villain. Ready for a closer look at Killer Croc (I'm not calling him K.)? Then join me after the break...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Minifigure Review: Ghoul Zombie Pheyden from OTMFG! by October Toys

 Now molded in a pale purple plastic, Ghoul Zombie Pheyden is another color variant of the original Zombie Pheyden figure that was one of the stretch goal/ bonus figures back when the OMFG! series 3 Kickstarter campaign was running.   Based on Pheyden, a space traveler from the Glyos System of toys, Zombie Pheyden is a creepy little minifigure that is based on a design by Matt Doughty/ L'amour Supreme and sculpted by George Gaspar. Pheyden is a neat little mini that should easily blend in with a number of different minifigure collections. He's actually around 2 1/4 inches tall which makes him a little taller than your average minifigure from lines like OMFG, M.U.S.C.L.E., MWOTR, S.U.C.K.L.E., and Monster in My Pocket, but his design works as a taller, alien like creature. I've reviewed this same sculpt multiple times (my links to those other reviews are below) so this review really just focuses on the new color scheme. Is that OK? Of course it is! Join me as we talk about this new colorway for Zombie Pheyden after the break....

Barbecue's Bonfire: 1/9/16

    Hey everyone! It's been a fairly busy workweek for me so I don't have that much to talk about. Still, I have a few tidbits to discuss and share....

*Over at Jedi Temple Archives on Wednesday there were two store reports of the first 2016 series of Star Wars: The Black Series figures hitting Wal-Mart stores in North Carolina and South Carolina. Wednesday evening after dinner I hit up Wal-Mart only to find that the pegs were barren except for one lone Finn and the empty package of a First Order TIE Fighter Pilot. After walking around looking at other toys with my little one, though, we noticed an employee pushing a pallet of boxes. Sure enough, on the pallet were 5 cases of the newest series. I opened one quickly and grabbed a Force Awakens Han Solo, the First Order Flametrooper, Finn in his Stormtrooper outfit, Jango Fett, and Captain Phasma. I as thrilled to find those, specially Phasma as I've been searching for her since Force Friday! Reviews should start showing up in the next week or so.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Haul 2015: Imperial Shock Trooper from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

   In November of 2015 Hasbro released an exclusive figure to Wal-Mart stores to commemorate the release of the videogame Star Wars Battlefront: The Imperial Shock Trooper. Based off of the Shock Troopers in Revenge of the Sith, the Imperial Shock Trooper depicted here and in the game wears the familiar Original Trilogy Stormtrooper armor with a wicked new paint job. Actually, that's a pretty good summation of what this figure is, too: A simple repaint of the original Black Series Stormtrooper from 2014. Since I've reviewed that figure already, this is going to be a shorter review. Since the various armored troops are my favorite Star Wars things to collect in action figure form I've been picking them all up in the Black Series. I received this guy as a Christmas gift from my parents and thus he's getting a review as part of my Christmas Haul 2015. Ready for a closer look? Then join me after the break...

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Haul 2015: First Order TIE Fighter Pilot from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

   Today I'm looking at another great Christmas gift I received this year: The First Order TIE Fighter Pilot from Phase III of Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series. I'm nuts about collecting the armored troopers from the Star Wars universe and, so far, the Black Series figures from The Force Awakens have really delivered. Not only did I need a First Order TIE Fighter Pilot but I also needed a second figure for my First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. I'll go ahead and say that I mentioned this figure in my video review of the TIE Fighter because the two pilots are exactly the same other than the red stripes on the Special Force TIE Fighter Pilot's helmet. This guys is your standard, garden variety First Order TIE Fighter Pilot and is part of the third series of figures in The Black Series Phase III. Ready for a closer look at this guy? Then join me after the break...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Minifigure Review: Flesh BrainWaves from OTMFG! by October Toys

 It's time for another minifigure review! I haven't done one in a couple of months so today it's exciting to be looking at another figure from October Toys' OTMFG! series of figures: BrainWaves in the traditional "Flesh" color scheme! I will admit that I failed to realize that BrainWaves was originally released back in October and so I just picked him up last month when I saw the Black version of BrainWaves go up for sale. BrainWaves is a cool M.U.S.C.L.E. inspired minifigure that is a walking, talking brain which you can order through October Toys' online shop for only $2 dollars; if I have to say any more than you're probably not the target demographic for this website and you should probably go read about crafting on Pinterest or something. If you're into brains, minifigures, and .....October, than you're my kind of people, though. Keep on reading and learn more about this cool minifigure after the break...

Christmas Haul 2015: Michael Myers from Halloween from POP! Movies by Funko

 Today's the second day of my Christmas haul coverage and I'm looking at a pretty cool Funko POP! that I received as a Christmas gift from my wife: Michael Myers from Halloween. Halloween is one of those movies that I could watch over and over and over again and so I'm usually a sucker for anything related to it. My wife and I aren't huge POP! collectors although we are starting to amass a small collection over time. One of the things we like to do is to pick up POP! of characters whom we've dressed up as for Halloween or for conventions. Since I was Michael Myers for Halloween 2013 (the same year I wrote this review of the Movie Maniacs Michael Myers!) this guy wound up under my Christmas tree. Ready for a cute, caricatured collectible of one of the big four of horror movie slashers? Then join me after the break...

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Haul 2015: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham City Bruce Wayne, Batman: Arkham City, & Batman: Arkham Knight from Batman: Arkham Asylum by DC Collectibles

     I know we're now almost a week into 2016 but since I had written a number of reviews in advance to give myself some time off between Christmas and New Years's, I'm just getting around to showing off my Christmas haul! Since we exchange gifts with my wife's family and my parents I usually end up with quite a hall. Today I'm looking at a really cool gift that I received from my wife's parents: The Batman: Arkham Asylum 5 pack which includes Batman from all four of the videogames in the Arkham series as well as an all new Bruce Wayne figure. When I first heard about this set in early 2015 I was kind of pissed. I thought DC Collectibles was leaving behind the old idea of packaging one highly desirable new figure with straight rereleases. Unfortunately, that's not what happened here: If you've been a dedicated completest of the various Arkham lines then you're getting four duplicates. Not repaints: Duplicates (although the paint work differs on the Arkham Origins Batman, but that seems more like a variation than an intentional new paint scheme). As I started thinking about this set more, though, I realized that I didn't actually own the Arkham Asylum Batman, nor the standard Arkham City Batman. The Arkham Knight Batman hadn't yet been released when this set was solicited so I went ahead and skipped him. It turned out that this five pack wound up being a great set for me as somehow skipped most of the basic Batman figures. Ready for a look at the positive and negative aspects of each figure in this set? Then join me after the break as we check out this collector's set from what in my mind is the definitive Batman universe...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Haul 2015: First Order General Hux from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

    While he doesn't have the same on-screen flair as Grand Moff Tarkin (but honestly, who could match Peter Cushing), General Hux still serves as the face of the First Order. Played by actor Domhnall Gleeson, General Hux was first introduced in The Force Awakens publicity material thanks to the incredible shot of him standing and delivering a speech on Starkiller Base to inspire the armies of the First Order. Invoking imagery of Nazi Germany and the Third Reich has always been present in depictions of the Galactic Empire but the First Order takes things a bit further: If you've been reading the various new novels and tie-in companion books then you'll notice that the secret building up of the First Order from the ruins of the Empire is readily comparable to Germany's growth and militarization prior to World War II. With General Hux here, you're getting a very grim looking figure that is prepared to both lead your First Order troops and bicker with Kylo Ren. Hux is part of the fourth series of figures in Phase III of The Black Series and is hitting some store shelves right now. He was a Christmas gift from my parents! Ready for a closer look at General Hux? Then join me after the break...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas Haul 2015: First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

Barbecue's Bonfire: 1/2/2016

 Barbecue's Bonfire is back! Oh, and Happy New Year! One of my resolutions for 2016 is to try and keep Barbecue's Bonfire going. It's just my chance to talk about whatever and while I started it back in September, it quickly got lost in the Halloween shuffle. I don't have much to talk about today; just some quick thoughts, really:

* I'm already working on my best of lists for 2015. I'm working on my 10 favorite toylines, 10 favorite individual figures (not tied to the top 10 toylines), the 2015 Missing in Action report (toylines that were featured one one of last year's lists that didn't show up again this year), and my top 5 or 10 figures from a couple of my favorite lines. I'm shooting for about a list a week throughout January to ring in the new year.

More after the break...

Action Figure Review: Laser Power He-Man & Laser Light Skeletor from Masters of the Universe Classics by Mattel

When I reviewed Dragstor I made a big deal because he was the last unique character we needed to complete the vintage Masters of the Universe line. Now, with this two-pack of Laser Power He-Man & Laser Light Skeletor, Mattel has successfully recreated every vintage MOTU figure in Masters of the Universe Classics. That's a pretty freaking huge deal! I mean, Hasbro hasn't even really recreated all of the vintage Star Wars figures in the modern format and they've released hundreds of figures over the years. Today as we celebrate this awesome accomplishment I'll be reviewing this set which is based on the last two figures released in the vintage line. These figures were originally only released in parts of Europe in 1988 but now they've been made available to collectors worldwide through the 2015 Club Eternia subscription. Ready for a closer look at He-Man and Skeletor in their final epic struggle? Then join me after the break...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Random Picture Post! Ares

My Top 10 Favorite (and 5 Least Favorite) Masters of the Universe Classics Figures of 2013

It's that time of the year again! Time to roll out the best of lists (and the worst of lists) to help us all put the year into perspective. I've got plenty of other toy related lists coming, but I wanted to start with Masters of the Universe Classics because it is without a doubt my favorite toyline to collect and I actually rank the figures throughout the year as they arrive and I review them. 2013 really was a fantastic year for MOTUC. Besides getting a ton of figures (34 if you count Kowl) we also got a weapons pack, the Jet Sled, and Castle Grayskull. So here is my list of the top ten MOTUC releases this year, followed by the five scalawags sitting on the bottom of my list. Oh and since we just mentioned it, here's Castle Grayskull.....
#Honorable Mention- Castle Grayskull

     Let's be honest: if Castle Grayskull were eligible to compete in this competition, it would automatically win. It's an unstoppable juggernaut and allowing it to battle for a place on my list would be like inviting the Harlem Globetrotters to compete against your church's peewee basketball team- lots of fun to watch but ultimately pretty unfair. That being said, 2013 saw the release of a mother flippin' MOTUC Castle Grayskull. End of story. The rest of the countdown is after the break.

My Top 10 Favorite Individual Toys of 2013

      I'll be honest: I meant to publish this list a month or two ago. Oh well. Thes eare still a list of toys I loved in 2013. I already did a list of my top 10 toylines of 2013, but not every toy I loved was from a larger line where I loved or collected nearly every release. I've already covered my Top 10 Toy lines of 2013, so now it's time to cover individual figures that didn't fit in that category. These are individual figures, statues, and mini-figures that stood out on their own merits and kept my attention even without a full, robust line or other figures that I was interested in. Here are my favorites for 2013, in no particuar order!

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Play Arts Kai
Lara Croft was one of the first action figures I reviewed here on ThEpic Review. While she was released by herself during the summer, Lara first showed up in early 2013 as a pack in with the Tomb Raider: Survival Edition video game. Incredibly well articulated, armed to the teeth, and lots of fun to pose, Lara was an early favorite in the year that managed to hang around for the long haul. Check out the review here!
More after the break....

My Top 10 Favorite Toylines of 2013

This article originally appeared on ThEpic Review in 2014. For the sake of archiving my toy reviews, I have transferred it over here to Action Figure Barbecue.

     I did it last year, so I'll do it again! It's time for a look at my top 10 toylines of 2013. I collect a lot of stuff and it wasn't easy narrowing this list down to 10, but I managed to do it. What's my criteria here? Simple: these are the ten toylines from 2013 that I had the most fun collecting and felt that overall offered quality product. These aren't hard and fast criteria, but typically I mandate that a line featured here has had more than two released in the past year. I don't have to own them all, but they have to be more than an individual figure. Ready for the a look at 10 toylines from 2013 that I think were most deserving of your attention? Presented in alphabetical order, here's the first with the other nine after the break....

Aliens by NECA

     I've always had a love for the Alien franchise and this year NECA returned that love by offering some of the finest 6-7 inch scale figures we've ever seen. While the line started slow with only three figures, it continued with some excellent expanded universe xenomorphs and some great two-packs. I'm anxious for Toy Fair to see what NECA has in store for this year! We know Bishop is coming because Lance Henriksen himself Tweeted us on ThEpic Review about it! Also, I now consider Lance Henriksen to be the patron saint of ThEpic Review.

Highest reviewed figure?: Tie: Hudson and Hicks, both EPIC!

Batman Unlimited/ DC Unlimited/ Young Justice by Mattel

     OK, so this is the only time I'm combining any lines on the list but it's only because Mattel's Batman figures were so darn hard to keep track of. They had multiple lines that all featured figures in the same scale and style so I'm combining them together. Yes, Mattel released lots of New 52 Justice League members and while some of them were pretty good (Wonder Woman), it was some of the unique Batman figures that blew me away. Figures like a Dark Knight Returns Batman built on a Masters of the Universe Classics body, the awesomely obscure Planet-X Batman, and the incredible accessories of the Young Justice Batman really added to my two shelves of 6-7 inch Batman figures. It's two bad we didn't get any Bat-characters but Batman, though.

Highest reviewed figure?: Planet-X Batman- EPIC!

DC Superheroes by Lego

     There weren't many sets released, but Lego managed to put out some great quality sets in their DC Superheroes that covered the New 52, classic Batman comics, Man of Steel, and even The Dark Knight Rises. These were fun to build and display and look to continue on next year with new sets and characters (including Lego Batgirl!). Oh, and we got a really rad Lego Arkham Asylum this year. It's a highlight in any Batman collection.

Highest reviewed figure/set?: Arkham Asylum Breakout- EPIC!

Masters of the Universe Classics by Mattel

     Is it any surprise that this line was on my list? Say what you want about distribution, public relations, price, etc., but this line keeps trucking along and is into it's sixth year with well over a hundred figures in a consistent scale and style. This year saw over 30 figures released, a sweet vehicle (the Jet Sled), a weapons pack, and Castle Grayskull. I want this line to go on forever!

Highest reviewed figure?: I actually wrote a whole article of my top MOTUC figures of 2013!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy by Bandai

     Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a property that I never expected to really return to, but Bandai's excellent Legacy line certainly captured my attention. Taking designs from the original television series and toyline from the early-mid 90's and recreating them in a mixture of both plastic and diecast metal, Bandai has created the Power Rangers toys I always dreamed of owning when I was in fourth and fifth grade. While the line has been pretty limited thus far, the quality has been fantastic. I'm now kind of excited for a Dragon Dagger and a Dragonzord to appear next year.

Highest reviewed figure?: Legacy Morpher- GREAT and a 1/2!

Mystical Warriors of the Ring by Fantastic Plastic Toys

     This is a new line that we covered a lot earlier last year while it was in development, so it was incredibly exciting to see these guys finally get released. I'm a huge fan of M.U.S.C.L.E., so there's no doubt that these toys spoke to me. While there have been lots of releases and colorways at various conventions, Fantastic Plastic Toys has finally gotten these guys down in price and more easily available. Next year should be awesome with this line!

Highest reviewed figure?: The NYCC Exclusive Kayin Kungaa, Sheldon Sabre, and 
     Widowmaker three pack-GREAT!

Predator by NECA

     Here's another line that NECA knocked out of the park this year. While NECA is an incredibly diverse and creative company taking on newer licenses like Pacific Rim, The Hunger Games, and The Lone Ranger, 80's and early 90's action and sci-fi seems to be the niche they've carved out for themselves and always excel in. This year, NECA made some major steps in their long running Predator line: They completed the Lost Tribe from Predator 2, they offered up the awesome Trophy Wall diorama, they began creating figures based off of the 90's Kenner Predator figures, and they managed to add Schwarzeneger's Major Alan "Dutch" Schaffer into the line. It was a huge year for the Predator line thanks to NECA's willingness to plan for the long run and do whatever they can to keep the line fresh and fun!

Highest reviewed figure?: Jungle Patrol Dutch and Predator 2 Trophy Wall- both EPIC!

Rambo by NECA

     While this line is nowhere as expansive as Predator or Alien, NECA gave us two fine figures during the inaugral year of their Rambo line. Let's be honest: 78.3% of people on the planet want action figures of Sylvester Stallone armed with lots of weapons. Fact. NECA delivered and made this collector happy, for sure. So far we've only seen figures from First Blood, but I'm hoping next year that First Blood gets finished up and we see movement into Rambo: First Blood Part II. Actually, I'd love to see NECA tackle Rambo and the Forces of Freedom in the future, too. I loved those guys as a kid!

Highest reviewed figure?: John J. Rambo (First Blood)- GREAT and a 1/2!

Star Wars Black (6 inch) by Hasbro

     I loved the Vintage Collection a few years back and still believe those were the finest Star Wars figures ever made, but Hasbro's Star Wars Black certainly seems to be one of the most exciting things to happen with Star Wars action figures in years. Nearly every figure in this line is quite astounding and features some of the best sculpting and detail we've seen from a mass market toyline. I'm really excited to see where this line goes in the near future. While wave three seems like it might have some hurdles to overcome (re-packing wave two's Han Solo again, diminished accessories), let's hope that Hasbro continues to give this line their all.

Highest reviewed figure?: Sandtrooper- EPIC!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Playmates Toys

      This line has some issues; there are definitely some odd scale issues, bizarre and uneven articulation between figures, and often figures greatly lacking accessories, none of which are good things. In spite of those things, TMNT also has some amazing positive aspects. The line is diverse, has managed to stay at an affordable price point, features vehicles and playsets, offers a good mix of heroes and villains, and is fairly easy to find even at retail. There aren't many astounding figures in the line, but there are plenty of good and fun ones. This is a line clearly aimed at kids that many of us nostalgic and crusty old collectors have latched onto simply because we love those lean, green pizza kings.

Highest reviewed figure?: M.O.U.S.E.R.S.Stealth Tech RaphaelStealth Tech Leonardo- all GREAT and a 1/2!

Well, that was my top ten toylines of 2013! I've got a few more lists coming up to wrap up 2013, so stay tuned to ThEpic Review! Here is a little bit of breakdown of the list for fun, though:

# of lines from 2012's list that made it on again: 3 (MOTUC, Lego, and TMNT)

# of lines from NECA: 3 

# of lines from Mattel: 2

# of lines in which Batman appeared: 2

# of lines based on films from 2013: 1 (DC Superheroes since it contained Man of Steel stuff.

# of lines that are newer versions of toys I played with as a kid: 9 (Nothing really changes, does it?)

# of toylines that are based on new intellectual properties: 1 (Mystical Warriors of the Ring)

# of toylines featuring someone who was a co-owner of Planet Hollywood: 2 

# of toylines that I never saw hide nor hair of at Wal-Mart: 7 

# of toylines based on R- rated films: 3

# of toylines that I was a completest on and bought everything offered: 1 (Rambo, but it was only two figures).