The Dark Knight

I've come to realize that I have so many various Batman figures that I needed to have them more easily accessible. These are just the Batman figures I've reviewed on here; I own many, many more.

Batman by Mattel (2003)
Arctic Shield Batman

Batman by NECA (2013)
1/4 Scale Michael Keaton Batman

Batman Animated by DC Collectibles (2014)
The New Batman Adventures

Batman: Arkham Asylum by DC Collectibles
Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham City Bruce Wayne, Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight five pack

Batman: Arkham City by DC Collectibles (2011)
Rabbit Hole Batman

Batman: Arkham Origins by DC Collectibles (2013)

Batman: Classic TV Series by Mattel (2013)
Surf's Up Batman

Batman: Classic TV Series Bendables by NJ Croce (2014)

Batman: Power Attack  by Mattel (2012)
"Blast and Battle" Batcave

Batman Unlimited by Mattel
Beware the Batman
The Dark Knight Returns Batman
Planet-X Batman
Vampire Batman
Batman v. Superman MAFEX by Medicom (2016)
Armored Batman 

DC Comics Designer Series by DC Collectibles
Greg Capullo Series
GCPD Batman
Zero Year: Survival Batman

DC Comics Icons by DC Collectibles (2015)
Batman (Last Rites)

DC Comics Multiverse (6 inches) by Mattel (2016)
Armored Batman (The Dark Knight Returns)
Batman from Zero Year
Jim Gordon Batman (Batman: Superheavy)

DC Comics Multiverse: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Mattel (2016)

DC Comics Multiverse: Batman v. Superman by Mattel (2016)
Armored Batman
Batman's Grapnel Blaster (Collect & Connect accessory) 
Batman Unmasked
Knightmare Batman

DC Comics Multiverse: Suicide Squad by Mattel (2016)

DC Comics Unlimited by Mattel
Injustice Batman
DC Nano Metalfigs by Jada Toys (2017)
DC1- Batman (Batman v Superman)
DC2- Desert Batman (Batman v Superman)

DC Total Heroes by Mattel

DC Total Heroes Ultra by Mattel
Batman Beyond

Gotham by Diamond Select Toys (2015)
Bruce Wayne

Legends of Batman by Kenner
Cyborg Batman
Dark Rider Batman
Dark Warrior Batman
Deluxe Flightpak Batman
Deluxe Silver Knight Batman
Egyptian Batman & Egyptian Catwoman
Gladiator Batman
Knightsend Batman
Pirate Batman and Pirate Two-Face
Samurai Batman
Ultra Armor Batman
Viking Batman

Lego: DC Superheroes (2012)
Arkham Asylum Breakout
Batman: The Riddler Chase

One:12 Collective DC Universe (2015)
Armored Batman: Batman V. Superman (Convention Exclusive)
Batman: Batman V. Superman 
Batman and Mutant Leader (SDCC Exclusive)
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (PX Previews Exclusive)

Young Justice: Invasion by Mattel

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