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Action Figure Review: Han Solo (Exogorth Escape) from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III by Hasbro

    To be honest there weren't really that many SDCC exclusives that I had to have this year. They either didn't impress me that much or were so incredibly difficult to come by that I didn't even bother with them. Of course, considering that Star Wars: The Black Series is pretty much my favorite line out there these days there was no way I was going to pass up this version of Han Solo in his "Bespin" jacket from The Empire Strikes back. Similar to exclusives from previous years like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kylo Ren, Luke's Landspeeder, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Jabba the Hutt, and Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite, this version of Han Solo is being released as a standard release simply called Han Solo (Bespin). Of course, that version misses out on all of the great accessories this figure has meaning that if you want the Mynock, hydrospanner, and other cool extras, you're going to have to pick up the exclusive complete with the SDCC tax. Since I didn't want any other SDCC exclusives this year I didn't mind going ahead and order this one on the secondary market. It turns out that he's probably one of the best Black Series figures that has been released yet though not without some faults. Let's check it out after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 inches

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, double hinged knees, swivel thighs, balljointed hips, balljonted mid-torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, balljointed neck, and a double balljointed head.

Accessories: DL-44 Heavy Blaster pistol, hydrospanner, Mynock, alternate pointing finger, and a breathing mask.

Non-Scalper Price: $35 dollars
 The Positives:

* First things first: Han Solo looks incredible in this outfit. I have to admit (and I reckon that I'm not alone considering the jacket is going up for auction soon for around $1.3 million dollars) that this is probably my favorite Han Solo outfit. There's something about this stylish dark blue jacket coupled with the cool white shirt and brown pants that absolutely works. This outfit is darn perfect and Hasbro nailed the look of the figure. I really like the new method of making the neck a separate piece and inserting it into the collar of the shirt (it is a balljoint, by the way). It looks perfect.
 * Everyone knows that Harrison Ford's likeness is nearly impossible to capture. This is probably the finest effort Hasbro has ever put forward thanks to the new photorealistic printing technology they are using. From most angles this looks incredibly amazing and captures Ford's eyes, nose, chin, and hair perfectly. Whenever you look at this figure of Han and tell him you love him, you almost expect him to reply: "I know." There is one issue with the sculpt, though, but I'll get to that in a minute.
 * The articulation is pretty darn near perfect on this one. Hasbro has a great articulation model for the Black Series and it feels like just the right mixture of form and function to make these figures fun to pose while looking great on display. The double balljointed heads Hasbro has been using lately are just fantastic, too but Han even gets a balljoint at the base of his neck, too. They've really gone the extra mile here and I couldn't be happier. 

* One of the coolest things about this release is that Han comes with an alternate Ford Finger for some angry pointing. It swaps out easily and looks great. I love these expressive hands and they seem like something that more Star Wars: The Black Series figures need to include, particularly Jedi figures. This is exclusive to the SDCC release of the figure.

 * Another exclusive accessory is the hydrospanner, one of the various tools used by Han, Leia, and Chewie to fix the Millennium Falcon. It's a simple accessory but the sculpt is nice and it's a fun extra for the character. The upcoming Leia in Hoth gear also comes with some cool stuff, so it's nice to have a Star Wars cool kit in the making.
 * What helps to really designate this as being Han Solo from the escape from the Exogorth/ Space Slug is the breathing mask. I kind of wish the set came with three of them for Leia and Chewie, too, but maybe we'll get them in a future release. The sculpt and paint on this accessory is pretty nice. The oxygen tank clips onto the edge of Han's jacket while the mask stays on his face thanks to an elastic strap. I prefer that to a plastic strap which could have become breakable over time.

 * Last, but not least, is Han's DL-44 blaster pistol. This looks just like the model from Episode V (though I wish the tip were silver) and it fits in Han's hand perfectly.

* Han's holster is very nicely painted, features all of the necessary details, and perfectly carries the DL-44 blaster at Han's right hip. Also, check out the yellow stripes on Han's pants. They look great.

* The biggest draw for this set is probably the inclusion of the Mynock, one of the scold of Mynocks that inhabit the stomach of the Exogorth. The Mynock is really nicely sculpted and has some great paintwork to bring out all of the fine details. The wings even have a translucent quality to them, which is a really nice touch.

 * The underside of the Mynock also has some great detail. I love the work on the creature's incredibly strange mouth.
 The Negatives:

* From most angles, Han Solo looks perfect, but when you look at him from the front there is something about the mouth and cheeks that seems a bit off. Is the face too thick? This definitely reminds me of a 90's Harrison Ford (maybe somewhere around The Fugitive or Air Force One) rather than the 1979/1980 Ford from Empire.
   One of the only complaints I can make about this figure, other than the somewhat off face from the front, is that the figure sold for $35 bucks at SDCC direct from Hasbro (and I doubt you're going to get it for that price, in part due to the massive box it comes in, which makes shipping a pain). Maybe the inclusion of the Mynock would justify a somewhat higher price but the accessories feel like they easily should have come with the standard figure, too. Still, if you want the best Bespin/ Exogorth Han Solo out there, this is it. Ignoring the pricing issues, this is still an Epic figure and one of my favorites that has been released. I'm very excited for the upcoming Hoth Leia to pair him with and I have high hopes that we'll see an updated version of Luke in his Bespin fatigues so we can get the main ESB trio. It's my favorite Star Wars film and I'm always glad to get any characters from this film. Heck, I really want Lobot. Bring on Lobot, Hasbro! Lobot and major Bren Derlin. And a Black Series Probe Droid. And all of Leia's Bespin outfits. And Chewie with C-3PO on his back. And an ESB Vader. Keep them coming, Hasbro.

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  1. If I get any Bespin Han, I want it for this. Who can say no to a Mynock AND "The Ford Finger?" :D

    1. The Ford Finger is definitely one of the accessories of the year!


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