Whether you refer to the creatures from the Alien films as Xenomorphs or simply as aliens, this is the place to find all of my reviews of them. Kenner's Aliens/ Predator toy line is one of my favorites of all time and I actively enjoy adding pieces to add to it. This page has reviews for all of the Xenomorph forms: Facehuggers, Chestbursters, Xenomorphs, and Queens; you'll find them all here!

Alien Collection by Lanard Toys (2020)

Alien ReAction by Funko
Alien (with Metallic Flesh)
Kane (with Chestburster)

Alien ReAction by Super7
Alien Newborn

Aliens by NECA
Xenomorph Warrior 

Aliens Action Vinyls by The Loyal Subjects
Xenomorph (Black Battle Damage)
Xenomorph (Ice Blue Metallic)

Aliens: Hive Wars by Kenner (1998)
Acid Alien

Aliens/ Predator by Kenner
Alien versus Predator 2 pack
Series 1 Xenomorphs

Aliens/ Predator Classic by NECA (2019)
Neomorph Alien 

M.U.S.C.L.E. Alien by Super7 (2016)
Pack A: (Alien, Ash, and Ripley) 
Pack B: (Alien Egg, Kane in Spacesuit, and Parker) 
Pack C: (Attack Alien, Brett, and Kane with Facehugger)
Pack D: (Dallas, Kane with Chestburster, and Lambert)

M.U.S.C.L.E. Aliens by Super7 (2017)
Packs A-E

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