Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Toy Review: Armored Action Transporter from Matchbox: Jurassic World by Mattel

   While it's not spooky or anything, I still am going to be reviewing another Jurassic World vehicle today as I have a few left that I hadn't checked out yet. Today I'm looking at the Armored Action Transporter, a vehicle Mattel has apparently made up for the Matchbox toyline. While it is based on the Armored Action Truck/ BAE Systems Land & Armaments Caiman, this particular design seems to be just a creation that looks like it could have been "just off screen" during the scenes on the island in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Let's take a look at this cool transport truck after the break...

 The Facts:

Model Number: FMX16

Length: 3 inches

Non-Scalper Price: $1.25


  Since it is based on the design of the BAE Systems Land & Armaments Caiman that inspired the Armored Action Truck, this vehicle has quite a few similarities. They're not the same, though, as the Transporter is smaller than the Armored Action Truck. Transporter is on the left while the Armored Action Truck is on the right.
 The Positives:

* The cab of the truck has a #26 stenciled on the side and the outline of a pteranodon. The cab is smaller and less detailed than the standard Armored Action Truck but it is still a pretty solid little vehicle.

 * Like the Off-Road Rescue Rig, the Armored Action Transporter also has a removable cage structure on the bed of the truck. Take off the cage and you can see four chains sculpted onto the flat bed. It's not insanely impressive or anything but it is a fun little extra I wasn't expecting.

* Here is the cage that snaps onto the back of the truck in order to allow for some dinosaur transporting action. It's just plastic but it has the look of real metal thanks to the silver plastic.

  I really like this one. It's not "film accurate" but it is a cool concept that seems like it could have easily been on the screen. I also dig the removable cage as it reminds me so much of the old Matchbox Jurassic Park: The Lost World vehicles with the working cages and such. It's a nice looking vehicle and a Great little toy for about a buck. If you're digging these Jurassic Park vehicles or just like movie based cars and such, you'll probably dig this one.

 If you dig the Armored Action vehicles based on the BAE Systems Land & Armaments Caiman, I've also reviewed the single packed Armored Action Truck and the Armored Action Truck included in the Island Transport Team 5-pack.

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  1. The closest approximation to this particular vehicle in the actual film is the Volvo N 10 Blue is put into the back of after she's transferred to the ship (before this, she's in the Oshkosh FMTV which Matchbox made as the "Off-Road Rescue Rig"). But, of course, that was a Volvo truck and looked like it (minus the grill symbol for some reason), whereas this, as you note, is based off of the Caimans/Armored Action Trucks. I dunno why they didn't just make the N 10.

    1. Oh, the N 10 is also used to transport the Ankylosaurus the Indonesian bidder wins at the end of the film. That's where it's most visible, and most visible a Volvo N 10.


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