Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Action Figure Review: Fly from Imaginext Collectible Figures Series 5 by Fisher-Price

 Imaginext has finally made a figure that neither Lego nor Playmobil have tackled yet: A human/fly hybrid exterminator. Seriously, the folks making Imaginext figures are absolutely insane and I love them for it! The Fly is another figure from Imaginext Collectible Series 5 and he's another solid hit. They just keep coming in this line, don't they? Surprisingly, the Imaginext Fly is not the first fly-themed action figure in my collection as I also own the vintage TMNT Baxter Stockman figure and the McFarlane Movie Maniacs Brundle Fly figure from the Jeff Goldblum classic The Fly. This guy is still pretty wicked, though, and is way better than the current TMNT series' Baxter Stockman as a fly action figure. Imaginext serves up another win and I'm going to tell you what all the....buzz is about after the break. Buzz. Get it?

Action Figure Review: Genie from Imaginext Collectible Figures Series 5 by Fisher-Price

    The Imaginext Genie is another figure that has been covered already (in some form, anyways) by both Playmobil and Lego. I'm not sure if these companies just pay attention to what each other does or if there are only so many general and archetypal characters to turn into minifigures. Regardless of the motives, this Genie is a pretty cool figure. Who would have thought that we'd be getting toys of characters from Islamic and Arabian mythology from Fisher-Price? Of course, this guy seems to be based on a mixture of popular culture depictions. My guess is that most folks will be reminded of the genie from Aladdin even though this guy looks pretty tough. If Danny Trejo were a genie, this is what I imagine he'd look like. Anyways, come into the Cave of Wonders and rub this magic lamp so we can see how this figure stacks up, after the break of course...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Action Figure Review: Ghost from Imaginext Collectible Figures Series 5 from Fisher-Price

     Sometimes a figure gets my highest marks because the figure does everything right: Excellent sculpting, solid, quality articulation, inspired paintwork, and fun, useful accessories. Other times, a figure gets my highest marks because of personal bias. Today's figure is absolutely an example of a figure that gets the highest marks because of personal biases. It has multiple things that I love. Is it a ghost? Heck yeah it's a ghost, broseph! Does that ghost glow in the dark? It does indeed. Is there an Imaginext skeleton underneath the removable sheet? Affirmative, sir! Is that skeleton neon green and translucent? By the sheer hotness of Harley Quinn, you'd better believe! Seriously, this is by far the most amazing Imaginext figure ever made and if you don't own it I'm not sure that I can ever trust you or be your friend. Ready for a look at this spooky specter? Then join me after the break...

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Check Me Out On The Collection Agency! A New Collecting Podcast at Geeks With Wives!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make you aware of a new collecting podcast that I started with my good friend Brad Bell of Geeks with Wives! Some of you probably remember Brad and me talking about toys back when we were doing The Confirmed Epic Podcast. That was something we enjoyed so much that we finally decided to get back together and just talk about collecting! The new podcast is called The Collection Agency and it's part of GWW Radio! Check it out and let me know what you think! We're planning on this being a monthly podcast and I'd love to talk about subjects that you're interested in. This month we're discussing the status of Hasbro and Star Wars action figures heading into SDCC and the launch of The Force Awakens products. In the podcast there's also a way to win a free Barbecue Prize Package! Give it a listen and give us some feedback! It's also available on iTunes as well if you want to listen on the go!

Thanks for listening!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Action Figure Barbecue: Chinese Warrior from Imaginext Collectible Figures Series 5 from Fisher-Price

  One of the fun things about the Imaginext series (and other "non-licensed" lines like Lego minifigures and Playmobil Mystery figures) is trying to figure out what actor, characters, or historical figure the generic figure represented is based on. As soon as I saw the first image of the Chinese Warrior, my first thought was that this was one of the Three Storms from one of the greatest movies ever made, Big Trouble in Little China. Need another miniature warrior for your Imaginext shelf? This guy could make a great adversary for Batman, an ally for the Power Rangers, or just chill out with the Bigfoot. This is Imaginext, not communism: I'm not going to tell you how to enjoy your toys! I'll tell you how to enjoy this review, though: With a nice cold Six Demon Bag, a toast to good ol' America, and a nice feeling of invincibility! Read on after the break...

Friday, June 26, 2015

Action Figure Review: Cyclops from Imaginext Collectible Figures Series 5 by Fisher-Price

     The fourth series of Imaginext Collectible Figures just came out in the spring and now we've already got series 5! That's crazy and it feels like these figures came out of nowhere as we didn't hear anything about them; they just started showing up!. Imaginext must really be doing well for Mattel, particularly these blind-bagged individually packaged figures. These are some incredibly fun and durable toys and I'm always excited to see the line expand. Today I'm beginning my look at series 5 with the Cyclops, the one-eyed monster of Greek mythology and legend! Interestingly, it seems that the blind bagged Lego Minifigures, Playmobil Mysterys Figures, and Imaginext Collectible Figures share many similar characters. While I haven't seen a Playmobil Cyclops yet, Lego did feature one in their 9th series of minifigures. While Lego pretty much started this whole trend, Playmobil and Imaginext have added their own unique take and are running with it! Ready for a closer look at the Cyclops? Then join me after the break...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Action Figure Review: Spike from My Little Pony Vinyl Collectibles by Funko

     Today I'm checking out one more new figure from Funko's My Little Pony Vinyl Collectibles line: Spike! Spike is a baby dragon who also happens to be Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant. He fulfills the sidekick role nicely and I'm a big fan of the character as he's not only quite funny but also reminds me of Imp from She-Ra: Princess of Power for some reason. Alongside the Mane 6, Spike is definitely the seventh main character in the series and an important part of the show. I was quite interested to see how Funko would handle him and I'm glad they finally got around to releasing him as his own figure (I thought he'd be a pack in with another figure at some point). Spike has a fondness for donuts, 7-hour bubble baths, and Rarity, and now you can reenact his adventures on your toy shelf! Ready for a look at this little guy? Then join me after the break...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Action Figure Review: Princess Cadance from My Little Pony Vinyl Collectibles by Funko

     C'mon, it's not like this is the first colorful, winged horse I've reviewed on here.

     I reviewed Princess Cadance's Husband, Shining Armor, earlier so now it's time to take a look at her. Her full name is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza but everyone knows her better as Princess Cadance. She's an Alicorn who is Princess Celestia's nice, the ruler of the Crystal Empire, and who was Twilight Sparkle's babysitter when he was younger. Princess Cadance is a "pre-exclusive" at Hot Topic, which means that she'll be available through other retailers at some point in the future. Like Shining Armor, I probably wouldn't have picked up Cadance on her own but the fact that she was on sale and I found both figures at the same time tipped my hand a bit. Ready to check this figure out? Then join me after the break...

Action Figure Review: Shining Armor from My Little Pony Vinyl Collectibles by Funko

     Right now, some of you are saying "Heck yeah, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!" You're probably popping my air bro-hoofs through your computer screen and everything. The rest of you, however, are probably thinking: "This is supposed to be a serious toy blog with review of dark and gritty collectibles like the Spawn of Cthulhu, killer clowns, hot redheads, and mobsters named Buttons McBoomBoom." Well, too bad. I started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a few years ago to see what all the fuss was about and my wife and I were impressed by how much we loved the show. While the animation is slick and modern, the humor and storytelling remind me a great deal of the cartoons of my youth more than many modern cartoons that seem to rely on randomness and noise. When we found out we were having a daughter, we decided MLP was a great theme for a nursery. Now my little one loves the characters (Rainbow Dash is a big hit around our house right now) and I've gotten more into it as well. I love these Funko vinyls as they're bold, colorful, and fun. Shining Armor is Twilight Sparkle's older brother, Princess Cadance's husband, and the captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard. He's also a Hot Topic "pre-exclusive" which means at some point he'll be available everywhere. Ready for a closer look at Shining Armor? Then join me after the break...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Action Figure Review: Putty Patrol Pack from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Imaginext by Fisher-Price

    I don't have the nostalgia for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that many of you seem to have. Back in my ThEpic Review days, one of our most popular articles ever was my review of the Power Rangers Legacy Morpher from Bandai. It was definitely a cool toy but it and the Legacy Megazord were about as far as I wanted to go into picking up Power Rangers stuff. Well, that was until Fisher-Price's Imaginext brand picked up the license for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. While I don't think I'll be picking up everything they offer I love Imaginext and am very intrigued that they went after this brand. In all honesty, I think it's much more interesting than most of the non-Legacy items that Bandai has offered in the past 20 years or so. It's also interesting that they chose to do the original incarnations of the rangers versus something newer and more recognizable to kids. Either A.: Fisher-Price realizes that parents by their kids toys and the MMPR generation are starting to procreate or B: They know that their are plenty of adult collectors who dig Imaginext. I'm not sure which answer is correct but I dig the effort and had to pick up the Putty Patrol Pack as soon as I saw. It's a set of three of the ridiculously silly clay creatures that Finster cranked out for Rita Repulsa. These guys are next to worthless in a fight but they're fun and they just appealed to me. Prepared for a peak at the Putty Patrol Pack? Say that three times fast and join me after the break...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Action Figure Review: Clone Commander Cody from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase II by Hasbro

     With the introduction of Clone Commander Cody into The Black Series, we now have our fourth named prequel character (the other three being Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker). Yup, other than having a slew of Clone Troopers available, The Black Series has been very heavily focused on the Original Trilogy. Originally appearing in Revenge of the Sith, Commander Cody (AKA CC-2224) is one of the few named clones in the films. He also has a unique outfit and thus he's more than just a repaint of the standard Clone Trooper body; Cody has a number of new parts that help to differentiate him from his fellow Clones. Cody is a great looking and well constructed figure but he has some problems, too. In fact, he's a great example of both the high points and low points of Star Wars: The Black Series. Ready for a closer look? Then join me after the break...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Action Figure Review: Poison Ivy from The New 52: Super-Villains by DC Collectibles

     It's taken a few years but we've finally gotten a New 52 inspired Poison Ivy from DC Collectibles. Poison Ivy's costumes have typically always revolved around variations of green material and purposefully placed leaves but her look in the New 52, while utilizing both of the aforementioned materials, is actually quite different. In the New 52 Poison Ivy/ Pamela Isley actually started as a member of the Birds of Prey before turning on her teammates and running off with Clayface to cause trouble for the Penguin. That's about all that I can remember of what she has done so far in the New 52, so her role hasn't been huge. Still, since she's a Batman villain and a character who sells DC Collectibles decided to include her in their New 52: Super-Villains subset. While DC Collectibles has been steadily improving their product over the past couple of years, however, Poison Ivy feels like a rather dated figure. She's gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but her articulation seems like an afterthought. Read more of my gripes after the break...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Action Figure Review: Harley Quinn from The New 52: Super-Villains by DC Collectibles

    This weekend I'm going to be at Heroes Con in Charlotte. I go mainly to buy toys and enjoy the cosplay (I'll be Star-Lord, FYI). For the past few years there are two characters I see represented the most in cosplay: Deadpool and Harley Quinn. There are always so many Harley Quinns running around! She's one of those characters that's easily adaptable to any situation and easily recognizable in a variety of outfits. Today I'm looking at a new figure of Ms. Quinzel from DC Collectibles' The New 52: Super-villains subset that features her in her roller derby outfit from her current self-titled book. I've only read the first TPB (the second is on the way) but I'm a big fan of this book. Harley Quinn is one of the most perfect superhero characters out there as she's so versatile. She can be a hero or she can be a villain. She can be intelligent and brilliant or as crazy as possible. She can be hot as all get our or...well, Harley Quinn is always hot. She can pull of absolutely any look as well. This is Harley as she dresses for the roller derby in her book by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Chad Hardin. Ready for a closer look at everyone's favorite clown? (Sorry Mr. J, but you're second place now!) Then join me after the break...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Action Figure Review: Leeloo (Straps Costume) from The Fifth Element ReAction by Funko

The Fifth Element came out in the spring of 1997 and I remember initially being unsure of how I felt about the movie. The bizarre, over the top, sometimes campy nature of the film was definitely a bit off putting to me at the time, but the alien designs, action scenes, and Milla Jovovich running around in an outfit made of bandages were all appealing. I can't speak for others but Milla Jovovich's performance as Leeloo definitely caught my attention as a teenager and I've been a fan ever since. I don't care how many Resident Evil movies Ms. Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson make: I'll watch them all. She's an awesome action star who is easy on the eyes and seems to truly just make movies that she enjoys; I can totally respect that. Did you know I only own one Hot Toys figure? I just had to snag the Alice figure that Hot Toys released for Resident Evil: Afterlife. Anyways, I'm not here to talk about Milla Jovovich; I'm here to talk about Leeloo in the straps costume that she wears during her escape after being reconstructed. Ready for a closer look? Then join me after the break...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Action Figure Review: Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element ReAction by Funko

  Who would have ever thought that we would be getting action figures from The Fifth Element almost twenty years after its release? Back in the late 90's the short lived company N2 Toys had plans (they showed prototypes in ToyFare magazine) for an action figure line based on the film that would have included Leeloo, Korben Dallas, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, a Mangalore Warrior, and Diva Plavalaguna (there is also a picture of a prototype Mondoshawan floating around, too, but it might be from a separate company).  Unfortunately, despite having some excellent licenses N2 Toys just didn't last long and the line was never released. Cue Funko, who seems intent on making toys from pretty much every license ever made. In the years since the 1997 release The Fifth Element has become a cult favorite and must have seemed like a good property for the retro-inspired Funko ReAction line. Whether you're a fan of the film, have been bitten by the retro bug, or just want some extra figures to stand alongside your vintage Kenner Star Wars line, The Fifth Element seems like a license well-suited to this style. Today I'm looking at the first figure I picked up in this line: Diva Plavalaguna. Played by the beautiful Maiwenn Le Besco, Diva Plavalaguna is an alien performer who has been entrusted with the care of the four element stones that prove crucial to saving the universe. Ready for Diva Plavalaguna to take the stage? Then join me after the break...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Action Figure Review: Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham Knight by DC Collectibles

     It's not too much longer until the release of Batman: Arkham Knight.  I'm really looking forward to the game and I know most of you are, too! I'm also looking forward to getting plenty of new action figures as well. In the past I've felt like DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct) has tended to abandon their various action figure subsets far too quickly so I'm thankful they've kept hammering away at the Arkham video games to give us plenty of characters. They've done an excellent job so far and I'm hoping they'll just keep digging deeper. I love the character selection and style found in the figures from the games. Personally, I think there various interpretations of Harley Quinn have been fantastic and have really helped to elevate the character even more. I'm a fan of the unique looks that she sports in each game and Arkham Knight looks to have another winner with Harley's new outfit. DC Collectibles also looks to have another hit toyline on their hands. Ready for a closer look? Then join me after the break...

Friday, June 12, 2015

Action Figure Review: Randy Orton (Series 35) from WWE Elite Collection by Mattel

     Randy Orton is a man known by many monikers. The Viper. The Apex Predator. The Legend Killer. Mr. Money in the Bank. The Face of the WWE. At this point, however, I think there's three words that most of us associate Randy Orton with...."RKO Outta Nowhere!" Yup, that's the stuff. Seriously, the RKO is freaking amazing and it's always incredibly fun to watch Randy pull them off. This figure, released as part of WWE Elite Collection series 35, depicts Orton in his gear from Extreme Rules 2014 when Evolution fought the Shield in a 6 man tag team match . Of course, this Sunday Orton has another huge match as he's one of the seven men fighting in the Money in the Bank match. I'm not sure who to cheer for in that match? I really like both Orton and Ziggler but Roman Reigns' storyline has really picked up and I'd love to see both he and Dean Ambrose come out ahead after this event. Of course, Neville is in the fight as well, and who can cheer against that guy? While I'm deciding who I'll be cheering for on Sunday night, you can read this review about a Randy Orton action figure...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Action Figure Review: Clone Trooper Captain from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase II by Hasbro

     Today I'm looking at the Clone Trooper Captain, one of the newest Star Wars: The Black Series figures out there. With this series (which also includes Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise and Emperor Sheev Palpatne) and the series that includes Commander Cody, IG-88, and Leia in the Boushh disguise hitting at almost the same time, we don't currently have any new Star Wars Black figures to look forward to. Well, any that Hasbro has officially announced; it turns out that one of the First Order Stromtroopers from Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been popping up for sale on E-bay from time to time. Pretty sweet, eh? Anyways, back to the Clone Captain! So, it turns out that the Clone Captain was actually the first Clone Trooper Hasbro released in the main Episode II line back in 2002 (there was a sneak preview Clone Trooper released earlier in Power of the Jedi, though) and was the only Clone Trooper widely available for awhile. Kind of odd, really. Anyways, this guy is just a simple repaint of the earlier Black Series Clone Trooper and the Clone Trooper Sergeant so I'm not going to go too in depth on the things I've already talked about with those figures and will mostly be sticking to the differences and changes from his previous brothers. Ready for a look at the Clone Trooper Captain? Then join me after the break...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Action Figure Review: Hulk Hogan (Series 34) from WWE Elite Collection by Mattel

     I was on a shopping trip with the family. I hadn't bought anything in a few days. I was bored. I saw this Hulk Hogan figure sitting on the shelf and I decided to buy it. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing at all wrong with Hulk Hogan: The guy's an icon in sports entertainment and pop culture in general. Still, this isn't a 1980's/ early 1990's Hulkamania Hulk Hogan. It's actually Hogan as he appeared on an episode of WWE Raw last year (which, interestingly, is not the outfit he's wearing on the package). He comes with some unique accessories which made him rather interesting to me. I shouldn't need to defend my decision to buy an action figure of a 60 year old Hulk Hogan but I do. Anyways, let's Hulk-up and do this! More details after the break, brother!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Action Figure Review: The Joker as Red Hood, Copperhead, & Deathstroke (Unmasked) Action Figure 3-Pack from Batman: Arkham Origins by DC Collectibles

     Batman: Arkham Knight is about to be released soon but I decided to go back and pick up an Arkham Origins release that I missed out on last year: The Joker as Red Hood, Copperhead, & Deathstroke (Unmasked) 3-Pack from DC Collectibles. This set was released in 2014 but I, along with a number of other collectors it seems, skipped out on it early on. I can't speak for others but my reasoning was that two of the three figures in the set were basically character variants. The Red Hood version of the Joker is a repaint of 2013's Arkham Origins Joker with a new hooded head sculpt while the unmasked Deathstroke is exactly the same as the Arkham Origins Deathstroke figure with a new headsculpt. While Copperhead is an all new character I still waited until this set reached a price I was comfortable paying. If you shop around a bit you'll find this set around $30 which is a pretty decent value. DC Collectibles has been really bad about repacking figures with little to no changes alongside new, desirable figures in their multipacks, so it seems that playing the waiting game is always a good bet if you can help it. Ready for a look at these three figures? Then join me after the break...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Action Figure Review: Paige from WWE Elite Collection by Mattel

 Today I'm looking at the most recent Divas figure from Mattel's WWE Elite series: Paige. Known as both the Anti-Diva and the Diva of Tomorrow, Paige is without a doubt my favorite wrestler in the WWE Divas division. Lots of other folks must agree with me as Paige has been incredibly hard to track down. Seriously, she's the only figure from series #34 that I've never seen in stores. There have been multiple times when I've walked into the action figure aisle and found everyone from series #34 except Paige. Since series #35 and #36 have already been showing up here and there I went ahead and snagged her online for a bit more than retail. That's not something I'd usually do but, let's be honest: Mattel really seems to under pack the Divas and since she comes with two belts Paige's price will probably just continue to skyrocket. Last week on Raw Paige got robbed by a cheap maneuver from the Bella twins. Well guess what Bella's? Guess whose action figure is getting a review on Action Figure Barbecue? That's right: Paige! Join me after the break...

Friday, June 5, 2015

Action Figure Review: Blast Attak from Masters of the Universe Classics by Mattel

     It's been three months since a vintage Masters of the Universe figure was released in the line (February 2015's Ninja Warrior/ Ninjor), which is actually kind of cool if you think about it: It shows just how expansive and deep MOTUC is willing to go in terms of character selection! This month we've got another vintage MOTU figure: Blast Attak was originally released in 1987 as part of the 6th series of MOTU figures. I distinctly remember having the vintage figure (although I sold him at some point but kept the ax) and his gimmick was rather interesting in that he could blow up. Yup, Blast Attak was an evil robot that went around exploding himself to attack the Heroic Warriors. Odd, huh? Interestingly, Mattel didn't even attempt to do anything with this figure replicate the vintage action feature (but I'll get to that in a bit). One of the interesting things about Blast Attak is that no one ever seems to be certain of which faction he belongs to: He has been portrayed as an Evil Warrior on his original packaging and in the Marvel comics but as one of the Snake Men in the minicomic "Revenge of the Snake Men." In regards to appearance he looks more like a member of the Evil Horde, so there's that element thrown in, too. Anyways, MOTUC labels him as a member of the Snake Men even though he is neither a snake nor a man (he was apparently built by King Hsss or something) but you can add him into your collection wherever you'd like. Want to put him in with the Great Rebellion? Sure, go ahead. Here's the full scoop on Blast Attak, after the break of course...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Action Figure Review: Luke Harper (Series 35) from WWE Elite by Mattel

     Last fall I reviewed Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan as part of my 31 Days of Toy Terror coverage at the now defunct ThEpic Review but, strangely enough, I never got around to reviewing Luke Harper. The first WWE Elite version of Luke is a great figure and well worth checking out but today I'm looking at the second Elite version of Luke from series 35. Dressed in his outfit from Wrestlemania XXX and armed with a pair of alligators this is a pretty cool figure of one of my favorite wrestlers. I loved the Luke Harper/ Dean Ambrose fight at Extreme Rules 2015 as both of those guys are tons of fun to watch and are phenomenal performers, and having a Luke Harper packed with his own alligators buddies is just too cool. I know there's a promo shot where the Wyatt family are carrying alligators but are these little guys from any appearance in particular or did Mattel just come up with this on their own? While Luke's not currently part of the Wyatt Family anymore, I am thrilled that he's gotten back together with Erick Rowan; that tag-team duo is just too fantastic not to utilize! Ready for a closer look at the newest version of Luke Harper? Then throw on your cleanest dirty shirt and join me after the break...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Action Figure Review: Rusev from WWE Elite by Mattel

So, what did y'all think of Elimination Chamber? The Rollins/ Ambrose and Cena/ Owens matches were insanely awesome but the Intercontinental match was a  little disappointing. I was cheering for Dolph Ziggler but, had Rusev been in the fight, I probably would have been cheering for the Bulgarian Brute. Sadly, Rusev fractured his foot during a match with Ryback last week and thus was not cleared to compete which caused the Dolph Ziggler/ Lana/ Rusev storyline to go on hold a bit. What did the Russian Tank have to say about not being able to compete via Twitter?

Little broken foot..... big deal. Stupid American doctors won't let me compete. In my country I put dug tape n fight.

     That's why I love this guy! Alexander Rusev is just a great, entertaining heel and I can't help but cheer for him! Miroslav Barnyashev is the WWE's first Bulgarian wrestler and he does an excellent job with the character of Rusev by making all of his fights memorable. I was waiting for Rusev to be released in Matel's WWE Elite series and we finally have him in series 34 in his ring attire from Payback 2014. Ready to get crushed by this Bulgarian Brute? Then join me after the break...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Minifigure Review: Z.O.M.B.I.E. Series 1 by October Toys

 I've been a big fan of October Toys since the original OMFG! Kickstarter project which means I missed out on the earlier line Z.O.M.B.I.E.S., or Zillions of Mutated Bodies Infecting Everyone. Once again, these  are kinkeshi styled minifigures that will definitely remind you of M.U.S.C.L.E. and are just tons of fun to collect. This is another set of minifigures that I picked up from Troll and Toad Games & Comics in London, KY during a recent road trip. Oddly enough, though, I didn't recognize these guys at Z.O.M.B.I.E.S. at first. The shop was selling them from a plastic jar for .99 cents a piece in three different color schemes (they also had black and clear). I dumped out the container on the counter, found a set of the five characters in the peachy/pink color scheme, and purchased them. The thanks for identifying these figures goes to the good folks over at Little Rubber Guys (particularly TheRiddler- I'm sending you a prize pack, dude!). Anyways, here's a brief look at the five figures from series one. Ready for a flesh eating good time? Then join me after the break...

Monday, June 1, 2015

Minifigure Review: Zombies at War by Brilliant Novelty Co./ Spherewerx

 Since it's no secret that I love little plastic army men, minifigures, and zombies, it shouldn't come as any surprise that when I saw this bag of plastic zombie army men at Troll and Toad Games & Comics, a very neat comic shop in London, KY, I knew that I had to grab it! It's called Zombies at War and it's a set of 35 plastic minifigures produced by Brilliant Novelty Co./Spherewerx as a Previews Exclusive. The same folks released a set called Zombies Vs. Zombie Hunters a couple of years back which I also own, so I kind of knew what to expect. The figures come in a clear plastic bag stapled at the top with a cardboard header that features some excellent art of a variety of zombies. This seems to be a World War II themed set so we get both Allied Zombies (Yeah! Woohoo! You guys rock!) and Nazi Zombies (Boo! Hiss! Mussolini is a weenie!) to re-enact Dead Snow, Wolfenstein, Call of Duty, or any other World War II story or videogame containing zombies. Ready for a look at Zombies at War? As I prefer to do when reviewing bags of plastic army men, I'm going to pretend that I'm describing the enemies in an old school NES video game. Pretend that you've just purchased a copy of Zombies at War for your NES from the big video game cage at Toys 'R Us in 1987. You're riding home in the back seat while looking at the instruction manual and eating Bonkers. The game seems to be similar to Code Name: Viper, but with zombies. Here are some descriptions of the enemies from this imaginary game that you might read...