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Action Figure Review: Arrizak from Mythic Legions by Four Horsemen Studios


   I usually only pick up a couple Mythic Legions figures a year, typically just the Masters of the Universe tributes, but the wizards from the new Poxxus series of figures really appealed to me. They just released this month and I was able to snag some from both the Four Horsemen's booth at HeroesCon on the 15th and from some other vendors at the show. It's pretty cool walking up to the booth and not only having the crew from Four Horsemen Studios there but also getting to see so many of the figures displayed out of the package in a variety of poses. They even had some customs out for display, too. Arrizak is an evil sorcerer who is part of the Circle of Poxxus, the followers of Poxxus, the evil god of sickness and decay and a new threat to Mythoss. Arrizak reminds me of Kelek, the evil wizard from the vintage LJN toyline. I've never owned Kelek but I've always liked the look of the figure. The Four Horsemen have been working more and more soft goods into this line and the is incredibly impressive. Ready to check out Arrizak? Then say some magic words and join me after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 1/2 inches

Articulation: Double swivel hinge ankles, swivel/hinge knees, swivel thighs, H-hinged hips, balljointed waist, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel forearms, swivel/hinge wrists, and a balljointed head.

Accessories: Robe, hood, belt, armored collar, 2 portraits, 6 swappable hands, 2 piece staff, 2 magic effects, potions pack, bird skull, and bundle of bones. 

Non-Scalper Price: $40-$50 dollars
The Positives:

* Arrizak is a very stern looking figure and he makes a great evil wizard or sorcerer for your collection. One of the things that was immediately striking about the Poxxus series releases is the amount of soft goods on these figures. Mythic Legions have continued to keep a very consistent style for almost a decade now but the use of soft goods has grown and improved. Arrizak has a normal smaller armored body underneath which looks a bit odd without the robe, but having him with his robes is the true look for him. I'm loving the diversity of wizards in this line. Arrizak is a bit shorter than your average Mythic Legions figure, but not by much. 

* The robe is really well tailored. It fits nicely and is still removable, not something you see to often on a 1/12th(ish) scaled figure. The black and purple colors scheme is fantastic and that black and purple panel with gold piping down the front is excellent. The material quality is excellent and feels like it's of a very high quality. 

* The robe is also wired in multiple places. There are wires at the openings of the bell sleeves, a wire at the hem, and wires around the piping of the front panel. All this wiring really allows you to get everything to fit just right and to enhance your battle and spellcasting poses with Arrizak. 

* Arrizak has a great portrait that's 75% beard! He looks really sinister with red pupils, some wickedly arched eyebrows, and one of the greatest action figure beards I've seen. He's definitely evocative of all of your favorite evil wizards and sorcerers. Everything is neat and clean in regards to the paint work. His eyebrows even have a mixture of grey and white!

* Arrizak's second portrait depicts him in the middle of battle. There ain't no combat like wizard combat! His beard is swaying and blowing in the breeze, his eyes are now fully red, and his mouth is open as he's muttering curses and enchantment. The sculpt and paint detail in his mouth is very impressive, especially on his teeth. 

* There is a removable soft goods hood that matches the colors and material of the purple parts of his robe. It fits on under his head and is a very nice piece. It makes him look rather mysterious! The hood is also wired so you can get it to lay naturally around his face.

* If you really want to get Arrizak ready for some high level wizardry you can attach this crazy set of shoulder armor. It restrict his movement a bit but it looks pretty wicked when it's on the figure and in place. There are two small holes in the back of the robe that correspond with the two holes that all Mythic Legions figures have for utilizing shoulder pads and such. This is a pretty intricately designed piece of armor and the paint work and texture really make it quite impressive.

* Because the ability to swap pieces, heads, accessories, and other items is such a key part of Mythic Legions, the articulation model has largely stayed the same since the line began. There are newer lines with more enhanced articulation but I'd have a tough time ever saying that Mythic Legions doesn't have solid articulation. They're pretty sturdy figures that don't feel brittle or cheap. The base body is incredibly posable and the cloth robe really allows for a full range of movement n most joints.

* Most Mythic Legions figures don't come with extra hands that I'm aware of but the new Poxxus series has quite a few for the wizards. Arrizak comes with two pair of regular grips, one with vertical hinges and one with horizontal hinges, a pair of open hands with splayed fingers for spellcasting poses, an a pair of gripping hands, almost in a claw-like pose. They're excellent for expressive gestures, especially when using Arrizak's angry head. 

* Arrizak's staff comes in two pieces and it is really long. It's actually taller than him by a good couple inches. The bottom part of the staff has some simple designs and flares around the shaft while the headpiece is much more ornate

* I love the look of the red crystal in the center. it kind of reminds of Saruman's staff, though less elegant and more brutal. It's definitely fitting for an evil wizard.  

* There are also two magic effects included that both look like trails of red energy or lightning. the first one is smaller and I've been using it in Arrizak's hands (see some of the previous photos). You can wrap it around his forearm and put it through his fingers to make it looks as if it's emanating from his body. 

* The longer magic effect wraps around the staff, giving it the appearance that it's sparkling and crackling with evil enchantment.

* What sorcerer worth his salt pile doesn't carry around a small collection of vials and flasks of potions and poisons? I love this little potions kit. It can easily clip over Arrizak's belt and it looks pretty nifty. The differently colored potions are quite eye-catching, too. 

* Another item that can clip onto Arrizak's belt is a collection of bones. They're wrapped up in a leather cord and surely are used for some nefarious purpose. 

* He's also toting around a bird skull of some sort. Perhaps it serves as a sort of magical totem? It also can clip on the belt.

* Speaking of the belt, I like Arrizak's belt but it's a pain to clip. The buckle is wisely hidden under the  belt pouch and it's a great looking accessory with a paintjob to give it a leathery appearance.

The Negatives:

* Unfortunately, the clip is tough to get on. It plugs into the back of the pouch but it's a challenge to get it to stay.

   Prior to the Poxxus series I only owned one Mythic Legions figure that wasn't a Masters of the Universe tribute figure, but Poxxus' addition of wizards and the upcoming Viking/ barbarian guys have definitely got me more interested in this line. Arrizak is a really cool figure and a fantastic evil wizard toy. I love almost everything about him and while he is a bit pricier than your average action figure, the wealth of accessories, the quality of the sculpt and paint, and the really nicely done soft goods make him rather impressive. I hope you like some Mythic Legions because I've got a few more to show off in the next few weeks. 

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  1. I canceled my preorder on this guy but may have to reconsider. Looks great.

  2. Always on the verge of dipping my toe into these, so great


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