Saturday, August 4, 2018

Haunt the Halls: Peanuts Halloween Sound Clock

   Today I'm checking out the newest item in my Halloween collection: A Peanuts Halloween clock! I'm not really sure when this was released but similar clocks in similar packaging have a special logo for the 50th anniversary of Peanuts, so that would put this as possibly being released sometime around 2000. My parents were in town visit this past week and they brought this to me and the little one. It was a yard sale found and I think they paid less than a dollar for it. Even if the clock hadn't worked, I kind of feel that would have been a bargain thanks to the colorful artwork that depicts Lucy as a princess, Charlie Brown as a pirate, Linus in a wizards hat (it's definitely not a full costume, so maybe Linus wasn't planning on coming along originally), Lucy as a fairy, Woodstock as a bat, and Snoopy as a vampire. I love vampire Snoopy! We live near Carrowind's theme park and Vampire Snoopy shows up during their Great Pumpkin Festival every October! Of course, throwing some batteries in the clock revealed to us that it still works. It turns out, this clock has some spooky surprises in store...

Every hour, on the hour, the clock makes some spooky noises. It's a pretty neat feature that definitely has startled me at least twice in the week or so that I've had the clock. Fortunately, there is a light sensor that keeps the spooky noises from going off in the dark. Probably a good idea. I don't need to have a story that begins "Let me tell you how I pissed my pants when my Snoopy alarm clock scared me..."

Anyone else have this? When did you get it?


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    1. You can find them on Ebay pretty cheap. You need to get her one to get the Halloween season rolling.


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