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Minifiigure Review: Advent Calendar from Star Wars: Micro Force by Hasbro

   Yes, we're near the end of January. Yes, I'm reviewing an Advent Calendar. I actually didn't hear about the Star Wars: Micro Force Advent Calendar until after Christmas so I tracked mine down in early January. I got it on clearance, too (although I've hear they're down to around $8-$9 dollars at Target). Star Wars: Micro Force is a fun little line although the fact that they're typically blind bagged mixed with the terrible distribution of the single packs means there are a few of the series I haven't even seen in stores. The Advent Calendar is a fun idea and includes figures from the various series released thus far as well as some "exclusive" figures for this set. I'm going to buzz through these pretty quick, which is kind of the opposite of the intent of an Advent Calendar, but considering we're far past Christmas and Epiphany, I think we're OK. Light your advent wreath and join me after the break...

 The Facts:

Includes: 24 micofigures and 7 stickers

Non-Scalper Price : $30 dollars

* The box folds down into a display scene. The back of the box features the 24 compartments that open up (it's cardboard over a plastic tray, like most advent calendars) while the folded down base is a winter scene (Hoth?) with four pop up elements. There are two packages, a campfire, and a Porg wearing a Santa Claus hat. It doesn't stand up on its own, so you'll have to lean it against something to keep it in place.
 * There are 24 figures included in the set and six of them are holograms. You get:

*Yoda (green): He's cool as it looks like he's swinging his lightsaber in battle!
Maz Kanata (blue): I like her quite a bit as she's packing some blasters!
Obi-Wan Kenobi (blue): I've reviewed the regular version of this figure!
R2-D2 (blue): I've reviewed the regular version of this figure.
Luke Skywalker (green): He's in is Jedi outfit.
Emperor Palpatine (red): I've reviewed the regular version of this figure.

 * Next up are the Christmas variants. These are really just rereleases of previous figures with little Santa Claus hats glued on their heads. Well, except for Darth Vader. His boots are covered in snow! You get:
Chewbacca (Vandor-1)
Darth Vader
 * There are a few other "armored' characters, too!

Finn (FN-2187): I've reviewed this figure previously.

Prototype Boba Fett

Clone Commander Cody (from ROTS)

Sabine Wren (from Rebels)
 * For heroes, you've got a decent selection:

R2-A6 (from Episode I)
Lando Calrissian (from Solo)
Princess Leia Organa
Wicket W. Warrick
Han Solo in his Hoth outfit (who I've already reviewed)
 * Last, but not least, we get two Sequel Trilogy villains.

Supreme Leader Snoke

Kylo Ren

* The set also comes with seven stickers that are placed inside seven of the advent calendar doors. They're kind of fun and feature such silly things as a Stormtrooper gingerbread man cookie, Yoda roasting marshmallows, and Han Solo literally frozen in a block of ice.
 Had I known about this set before Christmas I would have tracked it down and opened one a day. Getting it after Christmas, I simply opened it up. I paid around $20 for it, so it cost me less than a dollar a figure which is cheaper than normal for Micro Force. I only ended up with four true duplicates, so that's not bad. Whether you are purchasing this for your kids or yourself to open next year or you just want the figures, how appealing this set is is based on how many of these you already have. Overall it's a Good and a 1/2 set with lots of coolness for the Advent season.

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