Sunday, January 13, 2019

Toy Review: Joker from Eekeez: DC Comics by FOCO

    Today I'm checking out another really cool item from the box that FOCO sent me last month: The Joker from Foco's DC Comics Eekeez line! I reviewed the Eekeez Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a few weeks ago and I really, really liked it. I was pretty excited to check the Joker out, too, as not only am I really partial to Joker themed collectibles but I absolutely love the Eekeez style. While these are made of resin, they really do have the look and feel of actual painted wood. FOCO seems to have a history of releasing lots of bobbleheads but Eekeez are a new venture for them and one that seems it could have some real potential. Let's check out this Tiki inspired collectible of the Joker after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 4 1/8ths inches

Articulation: None

Accessories: None

Non-Scalper Price: $15 dollars

* The Joker comes in an open window box so you can actually see and feel the texture of the figure. The box art is colorful and has some great Joker graphics on the back. While I'm not a huge fan of open packaging for items at mass retail, since you'll probably order these online or pick them up at a specialty shop you should be alright. 
 The Positives:

* Eekeez certainly have entered a crowded market of stylized figures of this sort but I really think the Tiki inspired aesthetic of the line helps them to stand out. The Joker is easily one of the most interesting and striking collectibles I had in my hands in 2018. Coming in just a little over 4 inches, the figure really manages to still capture an accurate depiction of the menacing and malevolent villain while still showcasing a unique style. Stylized figures are hit or miss sometimes but this interpretation Joker packs a real punch.

* The work on the portrait here is insanely good. Not only do I love the Tiki inspired nature of the Joker's portrait here but, to be honest, I just love it as a solid depiction of the Joker as well. While it's meant to be stylized, it captures some of the classic depictions of the Joker's long face and severe grin really well. He even has that classic oversized grin and chin!

 * The Joker's hair might be one of those things you have to see in person to truly appreciate as it looks really, really good in hand. It's tough to photograph I guess. In hand the hair is insanely detailed and has some excellent coloring to it.

* The work on the body is excellent as well and depicts a great classic Joker pose with the Clown Prince of Crime holding a cane with both hands. The suit features multiple garish colors that go together criminally well and, of course, a flower on the lapel pin.

* Where the Eekeez really stand out is the texture. Look close and you can definitely see how the molded resin and the paint work accurately depict the look of rough painted wood. Fortunately these are very sturdy products as anyone who sees one of these on your shelf is going to want to pick it up and handle it.
  In a market crowded with stylized "vinyl" figures, it's tough to stand out. With Eekeez, FOCO has indeed managed to create a product that stands out. With the very cool Tiki aesthetic, great paintwork, and some excellent sculpting, FOCO has crafted something that feels a step above most of what is being offered in this scale and style. This is an Epic depiction of the Joker and absolutely belongs in any collection of fans of the character. While FOCO seems to be sold out of the figure currently, shop around and you should still be able to get this guy at a good price. He's worth it!

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The subject of this review was provided to me free of charge by FOCO.


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