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Action Figure Review: Mojo from Marvel Legends Series by Hasbro

   Next up in this marathon of Marvel Legends Series figures is Mojo! Mojo was a hue surprise when he showed up on store shelves a couple months ago as it seemed like the only way to get him was to order the Hasbro Pulse exclusive Mojoworld 4-pack set. Coming at at $131.99, that set contains Mojo, Longshot, Dazzler, and a Wolverine "slug" figure. It definitely seemed overpriced but when it was announced late last spring it seemed like the only way to get Mojo and Longshot. When Mojo started hitting the shelves at Target it seemed like picking him up was a smart move as Longshot would probably be released on his own, too. Sure enough, Longshot is coming to the Retro collection and I already have two other Dazzler figures, so single boxed Mojo was good enough for me. Toy Biz released Mojo as a Build-a-Figure back in 2006 so it's about time that Hasbro revisited the guy. I always wanted the X-Force Mojo as a kid but never got him for some reason. Was he kind of tough to come by, perhaps? Anyways, now Mojo's mine. Let's take a look at Mojo after the break and see if he's a star...

The Facts:

Height: 6 1/4ths inches to top of head, 9 inches to top of tail appendage.

Articulation: 6 robotic legs with 3 swivel/hinges joints each,  2 robotic arms with 3 swivel/hinge joints each and swivel claws, balljointed mid-torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, a barbell jointed head, swivel tail base, and a balljointed tail tip.

Accessories: 2 portraits, 4 interchangeable hands, and 2 arm wires.

Non-Scalper Price: $56 dollars

The Positives:

* First up, Mojo just has an incredible design and presence. He's a really weird looking guy (one of the Spineless Ones) on a robotic spider-like body. What's not to like? He comes unassembled but he's easy to put together and far larger than you might think. He's definitely a figure that you could built a shelf display around. 

* He's also quite large and looks fantastic and intimidating when posed with other Marvel Legends Series figures. He's definitely as big, if not bigger, than the largest of BAFs these days, so you're getting a very substantial villain for the collection. 

* Mojo is just so weird looking that you're immediately drawn to him. The Mojoworld 4-pack figure has more paint applications, but I think this one looks just fine and nicely matches his appearances in the 1980s comics. Those long, slender arms, that Jabba the Hutt like physique... Mojo definitely makes an impression. 

* He's just a creepy looking guy. Besides all of the wires connected to his head which control his chair, he's also got wires keeping his eyes open. Yikes! Ann Nocenti and Art Adams created a pretty wild character with Mojo and Hasbro has done a great job of translating it into action figure form. That tongue is just wild, isn't it? Very gross. 

* This expression might even be creepier. Mojo looks just gleefully evil here. Kind of like Newman. OK, now that I see that I can't un-see it. Mojo is an evil, yellow, Newman. 

* The back of Mojo's chair is covered with all kinds of gizmos and doodads and there's a mass of wires running through it. There are quite a few red and blue paint applications in different places, giving some of the buttons and panels a bit more pizazz. 

* Look at the back of Mojo and you can also see the excellent sculpting and paintwork showing where the wires of the chair are fused into his body. It's excellent work but also highly disturbing.

* The tip of the cybernetic tail weapon that Mojo uses is pretty cool. Lots of laser blasters and stuff up there. A full arsenal, really. And some blades. Seriously, this surely has some incredibly nasty weaponry built into it. It's on a balljoint, too, so it rotates freely.

* Not only does the bottom of Mojo's spider walker have some solid sculpted detail but it also has these three little clear nubs that keep it "hovering" off the ground. That way there isn't any actual weight on the spider legs. It's a clever design.

* Mojo has some really creepy hands. The fingers are long and just look pretty hideous. Yikes!

* While Mojo doesn't have legs, his upper body is about as well articulated as any other Marvel Legends figure. He's fairly expressive, especially with those long, slender arms.

* The spider legs are also really well articulated. Each leg has three swivel/hinge joints on it, so their are eighteen swivel/hinge joints on the legs total. That's a lot of movement!

* These two claws on the front of Mojo's walker also have three swivel/hinge joints, too. Oh, and the claws on the tips swivel. One claw is open while the other claw is closed, so you get some variety here.

* Mojo comes with four hands. A pointing right hand, two standard kind of gripping hands, and a more open left hand. They swap out easily and give you a few different options for posing this creepy dude.

* Since you have to assemble this set most of the pieces are removable, meaning you can look behind where Mojo sits and see more of the circuitry and wires and stuff that he uses to connect himself to the chair.

* I have to point out that I'm both repulsed and delighted by the way Hasbro sculpted the indentations on Mojo's belly where these prongs on the walker poke into it. It's just such a weird detail but it makes sense and I'm glad it was included.

* The scorpion-like tail on Mojo's walker is pretty cool and looks like it could be a useful piece of offensive weaponry even without the weapons on the end...

The Negatives:

* But wouldn't it have been cool if this had some articulation to it. It does have a swivel joint at the base, but imagine if this had some segmented parts that allowed for more movement? That would have been sweet.

   Mojo is out of this world. Heck, he's out of this universe (he's from Mojoworld in the Mojoverse after all). He's such a creepy looking guy with some truly impressive sculpting and lots of cool, articulated bits. The spider legs and claws on his walker are really fun and since everything is so well designed you can really pose them however you'd like. Yeah, there's a Mojo in the Mojoworld 4-pack with better paint, but this one is a fair bit less expensive, still looks incredible, and is one huge hunk of plastic. I think Mojo is one of the best Marvel Legends Series figures of the year and is definitely worthy of an Epic rating.

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  1. Don't know much about this guy other than he was a BAF years ago. This figure looks outstanding.

    1. Hasbro did a nice job of him. I never owned the Toy Biz BAF but it's definitely one of the figures from that era that held up quite well. He's just so weird and wacky.

  2. Not everyone can't handle the mega mojo of Mojo.


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