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Action Figure Review: Madame Hydra from Marvel Legends Series by Hasbro


   A week or so ago I received the three figures I preordered from the newest series of Marvel Legends but with so much new stuff showing up on my doorstep at once, it's taken me some time to get to them. This series features a Build-a-Figure of the Controller and is kind of a general mix of characters rather than a themed series. It also seem to be the last non-retro series of Marvel Legends figures with the open display window, so from here on out you're at Hasbro's mercy as to what actually comes in the package. This series may have been delayed or something as it still seems to be retailing for last year's price of $22.99, though with my Amazon preorder I ended up getting these for $17 dollars each due to the lowest pricing guarantee. Today I'm looking at Madame Hydra, a villain I'm familiar enough with to recognize but not familiar enough with to tell a whole lot about on her own. It's been a full decade since Madame Hydra was last released in the Arnim Zola series of Hasbro's "The Return of Marvel Legends" line and she was one of the weird variant figures where the figure was given a generic name ("Marvel's Madames") with one figure being Madame Hydra and the the other being Madame Masque. This one is definitely improved over that release, though she oddly still feels a bit antiquated. Let's take a look at Madame Hydra after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 1/8ths inches tall

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, double hinged knees, swivel thighs, ball jointed hips, ball jointed torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, hinged neck, and a ball jointed head.

Accessories: 4 interchangeable hands, 2 pistols, and the right leg of the Controller BAF.

Non-Scalper Price: $23 dollars

The Positives:

* Madame Hydra is a figure whose outfit is almost solely rendered through paint. There is a sculpted ridge at the bicep for her super long gloves, but otherwise she's just painted green. That being said, her colors really do pop. I love the mixture of green here, particularly how the dark green of her skin tight suit really makes the bright green of her boots and holsters pop. She really stands out in a group of villains, something that's tough to accomplish with all of the colorful villains we have in the Legends line. 

* The new portrait is an improvement over the previous one and I'm really liking the green hair. Madame Hydra sometimes has black hair and sometimes has green hair, but the green hair seems far more unique. Her makeup is green, too, and gives her a very severe appearance. I was on a short vacation over the weekend and we had a hostess at a restaurant we ate at who had green hair and all green makeup. She totally looked like this figure. I guess she could save the money on the Hasbro Selfie Series figures, huh?

* This series of Legends does feel like it uses a lot of older bodies and such so while the articulation isn't as smooth as on most modern figures, it still works pretty well. The articulation is exactly what you'd expect from a Marvel Legends Series female figure from the past five years or so: Lots of joints, a decent range of motion, and a fairly durable build. 

* Madame Hydra comes with two swappable pairs of hands. You've got a pair of pistol grips and a pair of fists. They swap in and out easily, so no worries there. 

* Madame Hydra also comes with these two really nicely painted pistols. We've seen them with many other figures and they look very elegant and sleek. I don't always like them but they work with Madame Hydra's vibe. Plus, she has the handgrips coated in snakeskin. That's a pretty cool detail and the paint effect is excellent. Cobra Commander is eying these jealously....

* Another really cool detail is that Madame Hydra's holsters each have the Hydra emblem on them. It's quite neat and clean and the pistols fit in perfectly. It's a really nice look. 

* Madame Hydra comes with the right leg of the Controller, the Build-a-Figure for this series. I'm not sure if I'm going to build the Controller so if you're interested in this piece hit me up. 

The Negatives:

*Since Madame Hydra's costume is literally painted on, the paint details are really important. Unfortunately, the paint is a bit messy on the edges where it meets her skin, the insides of her elbows are unpainted, which looks weird, and her top has a weird texture to it that breaks up the look of the outfit on her bust and seems kind of rough and unfinished. She's not as sleek and slick looking as most modern Marvel Legends figures. 

* Madame Hydra's legs are an older model and they just don't look or feel like they gel with the body. They're kind of weird and wobbly looking and they seem like they just don't fit her well. Again, there's something about this figure that feels like she was released 5 years ago instead of this year. 

   Madame Hydra isn't a bad figure, but just a perfectly average one. I'd give her a Good. She still functions and seems like an improvement on the release from 10 years ago, but other than her cool pistol grips and holsters, there's really nothing about her that wows me. If you need a Madame Hydra, she fills that gap, but she's not indicative of the quality we've seem from most modern Marvel Legends figures lately. Most of this series fills to me like kind of a filler series of concepts left over from a year or two back. We'll see how the other figures I picked up are. I'll probably get around to them in the next week or two. 

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