Thursday, November 9, 2023

Action Figure Review: Ch'od from Marvel Legends Series: X-Men by Hasbro


   The Marvel Legends marathon continues and today I'm (finally) finishing up this year's Marvel Legends X-Men build-a-figure series by taking a look at the build-a-figure itself. Yes, I skipped the Cyclops figure (he didn't have a BAF piece with him) but I did purchase Corsair, Emma Frost, Chamber, Monet St. Clair, Fang, and yes, even Kid Omega, in order to build Ch'od. I grabbed all of them on sale/ clearance, so I feel pretty good about waiting a few months to pick up the figures to complete this guy. I definitely am familiar with the Starjammers but I know Ch'od best because of his vintage Toy Biz figure. I'm really trying to think if I ever had Ch'od or not. If I did, I got him a bit after his main, probably around 1995 or 1996 from a KB Toys sale. He was everywhere, though, and probably just seeing him hanging around in stores has made me nostalgic for him. Honestly, I'm a sucker for the characters released as vintage Toy Biz figures. Ch'od is a big, tough Saurid, a member of the Starjammers, and is old friends with Rocket Raccoon. Honestly, who would be down for the Starjammers to appear in a fourth Guardians of the Galaxy film? That'd be a great way to continue things. Or make a Starjammers movie with the Guardians being a part of it. Man, I dig it. Let's take a look at a massive green hero who's not the Hulk or She-Hulk, after the break.

The Facts:

Height: 7 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, hinged knees, thigh swivels, balljointed hips, swivel waist, mid-torso hinge, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, hinged elbows, swivel/ hinge wrists,  hinged neck, balljointed head, and hinged jaw..

Accessories: Cr'reee.

Non-Scalper Price: N/A; To build him you need to buy 6 figures: Corsair, Chamber, Emma Frost, Monet St. Croix, Kid Omega, and Fang.

The Positives:

* Ch'od  is a big guy, which always makes for a really fun figure. He's built using parts of the Abomination body from 2016 but with plenty of new parts. He's still a large fellow, like Abomination, and adds some bulk and muscle to whatever team you display him with. 

* The Abomination body works really well for Ch'od, giving him a large, muscular reptilian look with lots of armored scales and various bumps and such. The bright green is really appealing, too. What a fun looking guy! The large red belt definitely breaks things up nicely and adds an unusual bit of flair to the design. 

* Ch'od a big, strong dude, sure, but he also looks like he'd be a fine person to hang around. The headsculpt really nicely captures the classic late  1980s and early 1990s appearances of the character. he has the pointier fin-like ears rather than the more rounded look of hiss earlier and more recent appearances. There's some great texture on his nose and his red eyes do look pretty cool. Ch'od's not a violent brute or anything but you'd definitely feel better having him on your side, right?

* The hinged jaw is really fun and gives Ch'od the ability to show some great expressions!

* There's more detail on Ch'od's back with a visible ridge running down from his neck. 

* The arm fins are pretty cool, too. They're very sharp looking and really help this body to feel more unique to Ch'od rather than just being a simple Abomination repaint. 

* Ch'od's legs and feet are also very scaly and reptilian. He has some pretty serious looking claws on his toes!

* Ch'od doesn't move like Spider-Man or anything but, for an oversized Marvel Legends figure, he does have a pretty reasonable amount of articulation. He's a sturdy, durable figure who can take some great poses and has a pretty fair amount of movement for his size. The hinged neck, balljointed head, and hinged jaw also really allow you to add some extra personality to his poses.

* Ch'od comes with Cr'reee, his furry little alien partner. He's a neat little fellow. Kind of cute and odd with a long beak, three toed feet, and a long tail.

* Cr'reee has a balljointed head, so that's pretty cool. He's a neat little minifigure and much cooler than the single little plastic peg that the vintage Toy Biz figure came with.

* The scales and ridges running down Ch'od's back are designed so that Cr'reee's toes can easily fit into them, allowing Cr'reee to easily ride on Ch'od's shoulder. It's a neat feature and is very well design. It works surprisingly effortlessly, too.
The Negatives:

* Ch'od has five fingers on his hands, which is one more than he should have. It's a weird oversight. Yes, many Marvel Legends take some stylistic license with costumes and portraits inspired by specific character looks, but having the incorrect number of digits is definitely not a positive thing. He also can't hold weapons with these hands, which is something Ch'od frequently does. 

   I really like Ch'od. I like the Starjammers, figures that update the vintage Toy Biz X-Men line, and big green monsters, so Ch'od definitely checks multiple boxes for me. For a character who would be very, very unlikely to hit retail on his own (unless, you know, the Starjammers someday become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), I think Hasbro did a pretty good job. Yeah, he does reuse most of the older Abomination base body, but other than the fingers and the lack of his cool rifle, I'm not really feeling like I'm missing much. Cr'Reee is part of the deal, too, and he's just a really fun little minifigure that looks great perched on Ch'od's shoulder. This is a neat Build-a-Figure and ties in nicely with a couple figures from the series. Hopefully Hasbro gets to Raza and Hepzibah sooner rather than later so this smaller team can't be completed! Come back tomorrow as I have some more Marvel mutants in this mini Marvel Legends Series marathon as I begin wrapping up 2023 reviews!

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  1. So great: Ch'od absolutely sold me that wave.

    1. Yeah, if it's a vintage X-Men character who also had a Toy Biz figure, I'm likely there.

  2. So glad they made this guy. Love the Starjammers!!! Perfect Build a Figure.

    1. I do wish they'd squeezed the rest of the team into the series, though.

    2. I do wish they'd squeezed the rest of the team into the series, though.

  3. The hands thing is pretty annoying. Maybe they'll release Ch'od with proper hands (and the yellow detailing on his nails and fins like the Toy Biz figure) in the Starjammers Box Set, Amazon Exclusive 2027

    1. Honestly, I could see that. They could do Space Suit Wolverine, Hepzibah, Raza and maybe a couple others. I don't necessarily feel the need for a Ch'od or Corsair repaint, but it could work. They could always add some other cosmic characters in to the set, too.

  4. Oh, Marvel. Putting apostrophes into names to make them more "alien" since the 1960s. How I love you.

    1. No normal earthling would put an apostrophe in their name like that.

  5. That comment was me.


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