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Action Figure Review: Firefly from G.I. Joe: Classified Series by Hasbro


   Firefly is the first figure of my second week of G.I. Joe: Classified Series reviews during this marathon of reviews and, man, is he another excellent figure. I'm just throwing that out there right from the get go: This guy is an absolute banger. I'm still a fan of the first release of Firefly that was a Target Cobra Island exclusive, too, but this guy manages to be surprisingly different. Really, both figures complement each other nicely. Firefly is a popular character and while Hasbro doesn't go crazy in releasing variants of the saboteur, they definitely put a lot of effort into them. ready to check out Firefly? Then join me after the break...


The Facts:

Height: 6 3/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge ankles, boot swivels, double hinged knees, swivel thighs, balljointed drop down hips, balljointed waist, mid-torso hinge, butterfly pecs, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, double hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, balljointed neck base, barbell jointed head.

Accessories: Backpack, goggles, pistol, suppressor, submachine gun, magazine, 2 mines, RC car, remote, and knife.

Non-Scalper Price: $25 dollars

The Positives:

* This version of Firefly isn't wearing much heavy armor. Instead, he's just decked out in an urban camouflage uniform with a grey sweater underneath. Of course, not only is Firefly's outfit covered in pockets but he's toting around lots of equipment on his web gear and belt. The camo print is really cool on him and Firefly just has a very cool, tactical look. I've probably mentioned it before but I absolutely love Metal Gear Solid (I'm replaying it on the Nintendo Switch currently) and the G.I. Joe: Classified Series gives me a Metal Gear-ish vibe: A mixture of current and futuristic equipment in a world that has a realistic military vibe with bizarre elements thrown in. Firefly just has that cool espionage vibe and he gets me absolutely pumped up for the line.

* If there is one aspect of this figure I like less than the previous version, it's the portrait. This one is good. Very good. Just ignore that paint defect for now as I'll address it shortly. It's a very solid portrait, but the first release was just cooler with the scarred flesh visible through his mask and his even more pissed expression. Just pretend that guy is Firefly from a couple years down the road!

* Firefly's belt and his web gear are covered with goodies. It's non-removable stuff, sure, but he's got multiple pouches, three hand grenades on his left shoulders, and two stun grenades on his belt. This guy is loaded!

* I was glad to see that Firefly's camouflage goes all the way around the figure. There have definitely been some times lately when Hasbro has left the back of figures unpainted, but fortunately the G.I. Joe: Classified Series always seems to bring the A-game. 

* There's not a lot new to say about the articulation that I haven't said before:  It's all quite nice and incredibly useful for getting excellent poses out of the figure. There are plenty of joints and they all move quite well. Hasbro has been on a roll for quite a few year now, making some of the sturdiest and most well designed 6 inch scaled action figures on the market and the Classified Series has been their best line to date.

* Man, I love these goggles! Firefly's goggles fit over his head (ala Sam Fisher) and they look fantastic. Since one lens is green and one is red, I'm wondering if they have multiple vision enhancements like night vision and infrared/ thermal vision. They're just incredible looking!

* Firefly's backpack isn't quite the same as the backpack of the vintage toy but it has some similar elements such as multiple visible explosive devices sculpted on and a functional handle. There are a few grenades and what looks like a large explosive device on the bottom. I guess it's a bomb he can use, though it doesn't detach from the backpack. It does have some cool paint applications, though. 

* The previous Firefly had a drone that could carry an explosive device. This one comes with something different: A remote controlled car with explosives on it. The wheels roll on this and it allows Firefly to discretely send a charge into multiple places he himself can't go. 

* He even comes with a remote control for the RC car. Or use it as a detonator for the mines. Your choice!

* He also comes with two mines that can be planted. I love the ominous red center. They just look so lethal!

* Firefly's submachine gun is very reminiscent of the weapon included with the vintage toy. It's very realistic looking though I'm not 100% sure what it is. A Walther MP, maybe? It's clearly an older weapon but I doubt Firefly spends much time in direct combat. He's known for his stealth.

*Reader Plastic Yank pointed out that this looks like an undersized take on the Demro XF-7 Wasp, the gun the vintage Beach Head figure came with.*

* The suppressor can fit on the SMG or his pistol and, of course, the SMG has a removable magazine.

* Check out how all of this stuff can be stored on Firefly's backpack? The mines fit on the bottom sides, the remote control car plugs into the bottom, and the SMG can fit onto a post on the right hand side. The only thing that doesn't have a place is the remote control. Thanks to reader J. who pointed out that the remote does fit in the slot on the bottom of the pack under the red and black readout screen.

* Firefly's pistol is really nice looking. I love the design! It's sleek with excellent detail. It can also utilize the suppressor that he comes with.

* It fits snugly into the holster on his right thigh, too.

* Firefly's knife looks like it's designed for opening locks doors and windows and prying open power boxes rather than made for combat. It fits his specialty well. 

* The blade slides into a slot on the armored bracers that Firefly wears. It's a very cool, very convenient spot for storing the blade. Heck, the bracers are pretty neat, too. 

The Negatives:

* My only negative with this figure is that there's some paint slop on the nose. I'm going to work on it (a simple grey Sharpie ought to fix it) but it is a QC error I thought was worth pointing out. I've actually ordered a second Firefly as I want to have one to mess around with and try some alternate gear on, so this didn't keep me from enjoying this figure at all. Just something worth mentioning. 

   Firefly is another Epic figure. Extremely Epic. I get tired of saying that each new G.I. Joe: Classified Series figure is one of my favorites of the year but Firefly definitely is one of my favorites of the year. I mean, just the figure itself is pretty incredible but all of that gear? It's amazing. The weapons, the goggles, the remote control car? I really wish these figures had existed when I was middle school and early high school which was the height of my obsession with stuff like Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter, James Bond, and Mission Impossible. I would have gone bonkers over these! 

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  1. Love your reviews! The remote control actually plugs in to the backpack- right under the pulse wave readout!--J

  2. Though I've always been a big fan of Firefly, I hadn't planned on getting another version. After this review, I may have to pick him up when I see him. Awesome figure.

    1. He's one of the few action figures I've purchased two of. One has some random Gridiron Studios gear on him.

  3. The SMG appears to be a somewhat undersized attempt at the Demro XF-7 Wasp, which is actually Beachhead's original gun.

    1. Good call! I wonder if we'll see this with the Retro Beach Head in the future?

    2. Ooh, I hope not. I'd rather they start over again and just completely retool it to be more in-scale with the figures.

    3. Beach Head's had a longer barrel, too. Yeah, hopefully they do redo it. Or give him something a bit more modern, but probably not with the Retro redo.


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