Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Re-Halloween Special! Mr. Bones (Fluorescent) from Mr. Bones ReAction by Super7


Happy Re-Halloween! Today I'm checking out a really cool treat of leftover candy I received during the Halloween season but just didn't get around to reviewing: Mr. Bones! Mr. Bones was a novelty candy released in 1977 by the Fleer Candy. The candy was kind of like PEZ or a SweeTART but was shaped like various bones. It was sold in a little plastic coffin and, in theory, you could build a skeleton with the different pieces as they snapped together like jigsaw puzzle pieces. It was pretty unlikely you'd get all of the pieces needed in one coffin, though, and I don't remember having more than one coffin full of candy at once. I wasn't born until 1983, but I still remember Mr. Bones being around as a kid and I had quite a few of the plastic coffins floating around in different drawers. Apparently the candy was discontinued in the mid 1990s, though plenty of other companies have released similar candies without the great gimmick. Super7 has recreated Mr. Bones as a ReAction figure and has released a few different variants. There's the standard Mr. Bones, Fluorescent, Orange & Black (in a coffin box), and a Glow-in-the-Dark variant. I picked up the Fluorescent Mr. Bones as I really like the brighter colors. Ready for a look at an undersung candy mascot? Then let's check out Mr. Bones after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 3 3/4ths

Articulation: Swivel hips, swivel shoulders, and a swivel neck.

Accessories: Headstone

Non-Scalper Price: $20 dollars

The Packaging:

* I've said many times that there are very few toylines I could find any way to justify keeping in the package, but Super7's ReAction figures would be one of them. The packaging uses a coffin shaped blister over a colorful backer card that captures the art of the vintage candy box and the sales slogan "He's So Real!"

The Positives:

* Mr. Bones is definitely built like a ReAction figure, though it's tough to say if the design of the figure is really vintage looking or not. Granted, that doesn't matter at all because Mr. Bones looks like Mr. Bones. He's more three dimensional and less flat than the candy model, sure, but he's easily recognizable if you now who he is. I love how he actually does look like multiple parts attached together! This is the Fluorescent variant so he's a good bit brighter than the standard figure. Honestly, I think he look more accurate and candy-like here. 

* His headsculpt is a really nice take on a caricatured skull with a shame reminiscent of the advertising art and the candy pieces. He has some very minimal but well applied paint details to add depth to his facial features and for the cracks on the top of his skull. He's a friendly, delicious looking guy for sure!

* Here's a look at the rear of the figure to see in more detail hoe the sculpt shows the multiple different "parts" of the figure all put together. The paint work is incredibly neat and clean here and it really sells the effect that Mr. Bones is made from multiple pieces of candy.

* I love the detail on his ribcage, his waist, and his oversized heart. It's really difficult to make a simple figure like this look so impressive but Super7 absolutely nailed it. 

* Since he's a ReAction figure, Mr. Bones has swivel hips, swivel shoulders, and a swivel head. He moves easily and is really a fun toy. Yeah, he can't really do much, but he has the right feel. 

* While a coffin would have been nice (the orange and black Boodega variant comes in a coffin shaped box), I also find the small gravestone with the slogan "He's So Real" on it to be a fun and inspired accessory. 

   Mr. Bones is a really fun and unique figure. I mean, who would have ever thought that we'd be receiving an action figure of Mr. Bones? He's wild! I do like the look of the orange and black exclusive figure but the Fluorescent variant is the best in my book. He's a really fun novelty, just like the original candy was, and while the ReAction figures are a bit pricey for 1/18th scaled Kenner inspired toys, Mr. Bones' unique design, paintwork, and the great packaging and cool little headstone do make him a Great figure. He's just a wonderfully offbeat  and nostalgic release! Have a Happy Re-Halloween!

This is the first figure of Mr. Bones I've reviewed on the site. 


  1. Neat. Haven't seen this guy before. It almost looks like you can take him apart completely and build him back together.

    1. Yeah, the paintwork is very sharp and definitely makes him look like he is truly assembled from different pieces.


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