Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Action Figure Review: Kid Omega from Marvel Legends Series: X-Men by Hasbro


   Today I'm officially beginning a series of review mini marathons as we approach the end of the year and star to wrap up 2023. I'm starting things off with Hasbro's Marvel Legends Series and a bunch of mutants I'm finally getting around to reviewing. Full disclosure: When it comes to Marvel Comics based stuff, I don't know much about the X-Men post 2000. There are definitely major plot points I'm familiar with or characters that stand out, but overall I'm kind of oblivious. Huh. Thinking about that, that's like the last 23 years or so. Wow. OK, anyways, all that's to say that I do not know who Kid Omega is. I wasn't familiar with him when this series hit and from what little I've read about him, well, I only bought this guy to build Ch'od. I kind of hope I can sell him at some point because he is just so darn boring! He also just looks like a doofus. Pink energy glasses with a pink mohawk? And what is he doing with his mouth. Gargling? Is Kid Omega sitting here swishing around mouthwash? What the heck is wrong with him? The worst part is that I had to buy this guy three times (all on discount) before I managed to get one that actually had Ch'od's torso included. I returned the others, don't worry, but it still was a frustrating process. Let's check this goofy looking guy out after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 1/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, boot swivels, double-hinged knees, swivel thighs, ball-jointed hips, swivel waist, hinged mid-torso, swivel/hinge shoulders w/ pectoral hinges, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, hinged neck, and a ball-jointed head.

Accessories: 4 interchangeable hands, rifle, and the torso of the Ch'od build-a-figure

Non-Scalper Price: $25 dollars

The Positives:

* Umm... he's not broken? I don't have a whole lot positive to say about this figure. He's kind of boring. He's just wearing an all black suit with no sculpted details. Just some painted on bright pink Omega symbols. The ones on his shoulders are nice and clear, but the one on his chest looks more like an upside down horseshoe. The printing is pretty neat and clean, so that's something. 

* Marvel Legends pretty much always have good articulation, so there's nothing wrong with what we've got here. Kid Omega is using a newer pinless bodes and everything moves smoothly. He's a solid, durable, boring figure. 

* Quintavius Quirinius Quire comes with two sets of hands: A pair of standard gripping hands and a pair of fists. They swap easily enough, so that's a plus.

* Kid Omega includes a pretty cool translucent pink rifle made from his psionic energy. We've seen this weapon before, but not in neon pink. It's actually based on the NERF Vagabond. It's definitely a cool looking piece and  I assume it's supposed to be Quentin's Psionic Shotgun.

* Here's the reason I bought this figure: Ch'od's torso. It's a pretty large piece and definitely necessary for building Ch'od. I'm excited to get around to checking this guy out soon!

* While I'm not digging the pink hair, I do like the style. I also dig the glasses. I guess he's projecting these or something? It turns out, this is a pretty accurate look for the character...

The Negatives:

* Of course, the guy does look like a doofus, doesn't he? He looks like he's chewing, though. Or maybe he has an impacted molar and his jaw is swollen up due to an abscess. I don't know. It's just a weird expression. A doofy expression.

* Kid Omega has a rifle but he doesn't have a pistol grip hand. That's kind of a miss, isn't it?

* Why does Kid Omega have these holes in his biceps? This really just seems like Hasbro needed to slot an incredibly cheap figure into this series, so they just threw something together.

   Kid Omega might just be the most boring action figure I've purchased all year. I kind of hate myself for it but I did get him on sale and I truly bought him just to pick up Ch'od's torso. Despite my Marvel Legends collection mostly being X-Men focused now, I'm likely just going to see this guy off. He's just dull and goofy. Was anyone out there clamoring for this guy? I'm actually curious to know as this figure popping up in the series is really the first time I remember hearing about him. He gets an Eh from me. Not broken or anything. Just a figure I'm going to sell off as quickly as I can now that the review is done. Doofus.

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  1. greatest action figure ever made

    1. Figure of the year material for sure ;)

    2. By the way, it's nice to have you visiting the site, Mr. Morrison!

    3. och, my cover is blown.

  2. I know Quentin Quire well, one of the last few things I read in X-Men comics was Morrison's New X-Men (and subsequently Whedon's Astonishing, also heavily represented in this series) and I also don't care for this figure at all. his hair looks like bubblegum and his glasses, while neat, seem super prone to warping. My favorite part (aside from Ch'od) is the gun, but it's being given to someone else. Someone with trigger fingers.

    1. A translucent pink gun? Sounds like Deadpool might have a new toy. Or Profit Director Destro from G.I. Joe: Classified.


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