Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Action Figure Review: Wind Raider from Masters of the Universe Origins by Mattel


   Mattel has introduced another vehicle into Masters of the Universe Origins and this time it's the Wind Raider! The Wind Raider was part of the original 1982 series of Masters of the Universe toys and was also the first vehicle introduced in Masters of the Universe Classics so it has a long history with the line and is extremely recognizable and chosen for most MOTU lines. While the Origins figures are about the same size as the vintage toys the Wind Raider is much larger and way more durable than the original toy. It also comes in a beautiful window box with amazing art. Ready to equip your Heroic Warriors with another tool to help them fight the forces of evil? Then join me after he break as we take off in the Wind Raider...

The Facts:

Length: 14 inches long

Articulation: Three rolling wheels, swivel wings, hinged rear fin, and rotating hood piece.

Accessories: Display base, flight stand, and computer terminal.

Non-Scalper Price: $30-$35 dollars

* Here's a quick look at the Origins Wind raider (center), the vintage Wind Raider (left), and the MOTU Classics Wind Raider (right). Size-wise it's right in the middle with the better sculpting and quality of the MOTUC versions but it still uses stickers for most of the cockpit details like the vintage. 

The Positives:
* At 14 inches long the Origins Wind Raider is a rather good sized vehicle. It feels sturdy and well made, like a smaller, less intricate version of the MOTUC Wind Raider. The colors are simple with most of the body the green color of the plastic and the orange elements unpainted. There are some paint details on the body and these look nice and add a touch more detail to the piece. 

* The Wind Raider has a cool hood piece on the front that looks slightly animalistic, almost like the skull of something like a Pteranodon. The headpiece does rotate as it is the spool for the line attached to the launching anchor.

* The anchor launches out of the front and is attached to a length of cable. It's not terribly long but long enough to mess around with. Since the Wind Raider is an odd blend of a boat and aircraft there's always been speculation about what the purpose of the anchor like hook is. Supposedly the original purpose from the designers was that the anchor was used as a weapon. I guess you could hook it on to structures and tear them apart by flying off. Loosen the spool, launch the hook, and then rotate the headpiece again to reel it back in.



* The Wind Raider's wings and rudder are quite durable as opposed to the wings on the vintage toy. I think I've only ever seen one vintage Wind Raider with unbroken wings and that's the one I bought. This one isn't delicate at all and the wings can rotate while the rudder can swivel back and forth.

* The cockpit holds the Origins figures perfectly. There are even well positioned handles to give the figures a nice grip.

* Inside of the cockpit are some sculpted details although the control panels and such are represented  by colorful stickers.

* Like the MOTUC Wind Raider or the Origins Sky Sled, the Origins Wind Raider comes with a flight stand that plugs into the bottom of the vehicle. The vehicle can rotate at the top and the peg can swivel up and down to place the craft in a flying pose. It's a nice extra that makes the Wind Raider a more dynamic presence on your shelf.

* The flight stand works fine on its own but it's even cooler when placed into the Grayskull inspired base included with the set. The base has a place for the flight stand to attach as well as some various details and a computer console. I really like stuff like this as it just seems cool and adds some play value to the set. It doesn't attach to Castle Grayskull but it looks great sitting inside of it, like it's part of some ancient landing platform or repair bay.

The Negatives:

* My only negatives with the Wind Raider have to do with the stickers: They were peeling off right out of the box! Here's a shot of the sticker next to the cockpit peeling off.

* Here's another shot, this time of the sticker on the rear rudder. I'm really surprised by this. Is anyone else having these issues with their Wind Raider?

   I really, really like this Wind Raider. It's not the work of art that the MOTUC Wind Raider is but it's a really nice toy that just looks cool on the shelf. The addition of the display base and flight stand just makes it better. Sadly, the only thing that mars this beauty of a model is the deficient stickers. What's going on with those? I can probably find a way to fix them so it's not a permanent problem but still a weird quality control issue. Otherwise, this thin is amazing and well worth the cost. It's a Great and a 1/2 vehicle and another solid addition to Masters of the Universe Origins, which is becoming a very respectable MOTU toyline.

   If the Wind Raider is your ride I've also reviewed the M.U.S.C.L.E. Wind Raider from Series 3, pack E, and the orange Wind Raider with He-Man, the Hot Wheels Premium Wind Raider and He-Man and Wind Raider & Skeletor and Land Shark set, and the Mega Construx Wind Raider Attack set.

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  1. Sweet looking ship. Like that the color scheme matches Man at Arms.


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