Monday, October 18, 2021

Toy Review: Stinkor from Vinyl SODA by Funko

   Regular readers know that I love Funko's Vinyl SODA Masters of the Universe figures so it shouldn't be any surprise that I'm getting ready to review Stinkor, the Evil Master of Odors. I was recently bummed that I didn't get the opportunity to grab the NYCC exclusive Roboto and Snake Face so at this point I'm waiting until more people get their commons in hand before I order mine. If you have some commons/ duplicates/ extras and want to help out let me know! Anyways, on to Stinkor! This guy is a standard release not tied to any convention or event with a release size of 8,000. 6,700 of those are standard figures, like I'm reviewing today, while the other 1,300 chase variants don't have the shield and are scented. I'm kind of bummed that Funko didn't make all of the figures scented. That's kind of Stinkor's thing and about the only distinctive element of the character. I've only pulled one chase variant so far out of all of the Vinyl SODA figures I have so maybe I'm due for pulling another chase variant soon? Let's check out this still cool but definitely non-stinky Stinkor after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 4 inches

Articulation: None

Accessories: 2 piece metal soda can and a "POG shaped collector card."

Non-Scalper Price: $15 dollars

Edition Size: 8,000 (1,300 are scented chase variants)

The Positives:

* I've reviewed so many of these I'm surely repeating myself but I love how these little guys are solid vinyl figures, I love how they all look like they're standing at attention, and I like how they look like 1970s breakfast mascots. They're just really fun to look at on display, especially as you begin to amass a small legion of them.

* I adore the cans these come in! The soda can design is so incredibly cool and makes for a rather unique display piece on a shelf. But what the heck would Stinkor soda taste like? Probably kind of skunky, like an off brand. Maybe a generic tasting soda with an indiscernible fruit flavor and a bad aftertaste that's just a bit too sweet. The can displays all of the expected labels while the back shows off the figure and includes all of the legal info, etc. The top of the can separates so you could use the can to store trinkets as well, and it's even sculpted to look like the top of a soda can. It's made from a much more durable metal than your average soda can, too, so it's quite a nice collectible.

* Inside the can is a round, sturdy cardboard disc. It's kind of like a POG, though a bit larger. On the front is Stinkor's menacing visage while the back has the figure's name and the edition size.
* Stinkor himself looks excellent. The black and white, colors you don't see too much in Masters of the Universe, definitely stand out, especially against the orange armor. He's kind of got a Halloween color scheme, doesn't he?
* He's also packing his blue shield. Why did Stinkor come with a shield, anyways? Why not?

* Here's a close up of Odiphus. It's quite true to the vintage look with his Mer-Man designed head (which I've always preferred as Stinkor). The gas mask on his armor does not go up past his head to cover his face so you can see his creepy little teeth here.

 This guy turned out to be really fantastic, didn't he? I really like this one quite a bit. Stinkor is just so goofy and lovable and representative of the weirdness of Masters of the Universe during one of its biggest years. Funko did a great job here and while I wish ever version of Stinkor truly reeked of patchouli, I'm still happy with the design and color on this one. He's a Great and a 1/2 little collectible that looks great in my ever growing collection of these little guys. 
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  1. I love these come in soda looking cans. It is like a three in one deal!
    This guy is pretty awesome. I do wonder what he would have smelled like though. hmm...

    Michelle, your countdown Crypt Keeper

    1. The vintage Stinkor toy and all other scented versions have had patchouli oil mixed in the plastic so I assume that's what Funko has done on the SODA version.


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