Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Action Figure Review: Prince Adam & Sky Sled from Masters of the Universe Origins by Mattel


   I found another Masters of the Universe Origins item a couple of weeks ago and, I promise, it is way better than Battle Cat! I found Battle Cat very disappointing but this two pack of Prince Adam and the Sky Sled? Man, this is an incredible two-pack. While I'm still not completely wowed by Masters of the Universe Origins, as it doesn't feel like a MOTU line with a unique feel and identity yet, this set definitely has convinced me that there is promise here. I've actually reviewed both vintage toys this set is based on (Prince Adam and the Sky Sled from the Battle Ram) so it's fun to be able to check out Mattel's updated versions of these toys. Walmart seems to be stocking these pretty well (I've seen them multiple times at different locations) so hopefully you can get your hands on one. This is a pretty impressive set with wonderful packaging, so let's hop to it and check it out after the break...

The Facts: Prince Adam

Height: 5 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge ankles, boot swivels, swivel/hinge knees, ball jointed hips, swivel waist, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, and a double ball jointed head.

Accessories: Power Sword

The Facts: Sky Sled

Dimensions: 7 1/2 inches long, 4 1/2 inches tall

Accessories: 2 headpieces, 4 side panels, laser blast, and display stand.

Non-Scalper Price: $30 for the set.


* This isn't the first MOTUO Prince Adam released! The SDCC 2019 Prince Adam, based on the character's early comic appearances, is on the left. The MOTUO  Prince Adam I'm reviewing today is in the middle while the vintage Prince Adam is on the right. The two MOTUO Adams largely share the same body and headsculpt, though the vests are different. 


Here's a quick shot of the packaging, too. This is pretty awesome looking and the art on both the front and the back of the box captures the vintage MOTU look nicely. 

The Positives:

* Prince Adam is based on the standard MOTUO He-Man figure but with an added vest. The vest is made from a thicker, somewhat rubbery plastic rather than the cloth material of the vintage toy. The paintwork is quite neat overall (there aren't a lot of paint applications) and the colors are bright. Very bright. While the vintage toy had a darker maroon vest, this Prince Adam's outfit resembles the brighter palette of his Filmation incarnation. Overall the colors of the Origins line are very bright, however, which may be because most of the figures are simply molded in colored plastic which gives them a bolder, brighter look. 

* I'm going to revisit the headsculpt in a few minutes, as it's not a very Prince Adam-ish headsculpt to me, but it is fairly well done. The intention of Origins seems to be to do toys very similar to the vintage MOTU line but with differences inspired by the minicomics, vintage art, cross sell art, and other early MOTU depictions. In that case this is a pretty cool He-Man head. The paintwork is clean on the face and the hair is a bit darker and less straight yellow than the SDCC version.

* Like the vintage figures these guys are still bulky and built, though with added articulation. Don't expect very smooth, fine poses. They're mosre suited to battle poses rather than things like "scratching your chin" or holding weapons two-handed. The articulation is fun, though, and things like the more articulated arms and swivel/hinge hips allow for some fun and dramatic posing. These are truly toys first and foremost and they feel like it. They're very durable from what I can tell.

* Prince Adam comes with a full Power Sword in the style of Alfredo Alcala from the vintage minicomics and, just like the vintage Prince Adam, it's molded in magenta. Well, it's more of a fuchsia. Nice sculpt, though, and it definitely stands out.

* Prince Adam is cool but the real selling point of this set is the Sky Sled. It's way nicer than the vintage Sky Sled that detached from the Battle Ram and, honestly, it gives the Masters of the Universe Classics Jet Sled a run for its money. This is a very nicely sculpted piece that feels incredible sturdy and well made. It's still clearly a toy, but in a good way. This thing is made to be played with as it features a gun turret that swivels back and forth and you can swap out the headpiece and the side panels to designate it as a ride for either the good guys or the bad guys. 

* The Sky Sled looks fantastic. It's a nice sized piece and I really love the new elements like the dual laser cannons on the sides and the main gun turret that is hinged, allowing it to swing left or right. The green animal details on the side are quite colorful, too, breaking up the blue and silver.

* The rear of the Jet Sled has four turbines to propel the device. There's also two handles (not too unlike the MOTUC version) and a dashboard with a display of some sort. There's plenty of room on the seat and most figures fit on the Jet Sled quite well. 

* The bottom of the Jet Sled is also detailed with lots of little techy details and some devices that look like they would help the Jet Sled levitate.

* Swap out the headpiece for a serpent head and throw on these wicked looking red panels and you've got a vehicle for the Evil Warriors to zoom around in. This is an excellent play feature and it works really well.

* I've already mentioned the hinged gun turret but there's a close up shot. Isn't that cool? That's a really cool little detail that definitely sets this version of the Sky Sled apart from those that came before it. 

* Another cool feature is this energy blast effect. Plug it into the barrel of the cannon and you only have to make the firing sound effects! This looks great on display and is just really fun to play around with. Energy effects are the best!


* The Sky Sled also comes with a display stand so you can pose the vehicle hovering above the ground. It securely plugs into the bottom of the Sky Sled with a swivel/hinge joints, so you can get a bit of posing out of it as well. This looks fantastic on display. Seriously, mix this with the laser blast effect and you've got a really cool display piece.

The Negatives:

* I know Origins is influenced by the earliest minicomics and such but I really, really would have liked to have had a different head for Prince Adam. Heck, just a different expression would have been nice.



 * The handle of the Power Sword is a bit too large for Prince Adam's hands. I had this problem with the SDCC 2019 Origins 2-pack as well so it's something that Mattel clearly should have known about well in advance. The handle stretches the hand out too far and tends to push itself out of Adam's grip.

   On his own the Masters of the Universe Origins is just OK. The Sky Sled, however, is one of the best MOTU vehicles period. Seriously, it's a really nice piece with some great features that change up your display/ play options and really enhance the toy. The set definitely feels worth the price and gets me excited for what Origins will offer in the future. While Prince Adam is just an update of the vintage toy on a new body the Sky Sled is really and truly an improvement. Heck, the Sky Sled even has improvements over the MOTUC version. This is an Epic set and definitely the best of the mainstream Masters of the Universe Origins releases thus far. 

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  1. This looks like the line to collect. We love Lou Scheimer and the old Filmation cartoons. I feel like everything is $5-$10 too expensive with this line and it would be nice if the toys in were in stock at walmart.com for shipping or pick up. If these can get in stock and put on sale I’ld really be in business. Not interested in peg hunting during a global pandemic and all. Prince Adam’s menace look is pretty hilarious. The vehicle just looks awesome. Too bad Cringer came out lame but you can’t not get him if collecting the line. Count me interested.

  2. Walmart.com has been a paint trying to find these. I did order Teela and Evil-Lyn from them but those are the only two I have caught in stock.


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