Wednesday, October 27, 2021

31 Days of Toy Terror: Skeletober! Skeletor (Plastic) from Geeki Tikis by Beeline Creative Inc.


   Need something skeletal and spooky to hold your pumpkin juice in? Why not a plastic Skeletor Tiki mug from Geeki Tikis? Earlier this year Beeline Creative Inc. released a set of six ceramic Masters of the Universe Tiki mugs, one of which was Skeletor. They're super cool and so far are some of my favorite MOTU products of 2021. Over the summer Walmart began carrying some more Geeki Tikis exclusives including a plastic He-Man Tiki mug, the set of four MOTU muglets, and a plastic Skeltor Tiki mug. Today I'm checking out the plastic Skeletor Tiki mug. Like the He-Man mug, this Skeletor mug is very similar to the ceramic version though the sculpt is sharper, there's no paint applications, and it's plastic so you won't break it when you inevitably have Skeletor battle your other Tiki mugs. I've probably said this a few times lately but isn't it crazy that everywhere you go now you can find Masters of the Universe product? I got back into collecting Masters of the Universe stuff around 2010 and for years it was pretty rare to find something MOTU in stores. Heck, even last year MOTU stuff wasn't that common. Over the weekend I was at an FYE and saw MOTU slippers, lots of T-shirts, a Power Sword plasma lamp, and plenty of other stuff. I never thought that as an adult I'd reach a point where there was too much MOTU stuff to keep up with! These Tiki mugs really appeal to me, though, and I had to have this one. Let's check out the plastic Skeletor mug after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 7 1/4 inches

Capacity: 20 fl oz.

Material: Plastic
Accessories: Straw and lid.

Non-Scalper Price: $13 dollars

* The plastic Skeletor is on the left while the ceramic Skeletor Tiki mug is on the right.  Besides being cast in plastic, which allows for sharper details, the colors are slightly different. There are also no painted details on the plastic Skeletor though he does have a nice, darker wash which brings out the detail in the sculpt nicely.

The Positives:

* The design is the same as on the ceramic mug but all of the details are much sharper here. It's still designed to look like a sculpted wooden mug but the bright color of the plastic doesn't quite fit that vibe It's still excellent for Skeletor, though, and the slight wash given to the sculpt helps all of the details stand out nicely. 

* Skeletor is toting around his Havoc staff and it looks just about like you'd expect: Evil eyes, curly horns, and bony teeth. The skull still kind of looks like General Grievous, too. 

* Personally, I think I like the unpainted look of Skeletor's face more than the painted look on the ceramic mug. The detail just seems to show more without the paint on this piece.

* Flip the mug around and you can see all of the faux woodgrain details along with the back of Skeletor's hood and the rear of his armor.

* Want to drink your pumpkin juice while you're cruising around in the Roton? Then use the included lid and straw! The straw has a lip around it so it won't come out of the lid and the lid is easily removable for filling your cup and for cleaning.

   When I was a kid we lived in Cincinnati, OH for a year or so and had season passes to King's Island. They sold these juice drinks out of these plastic molded bottles shaped like different pieces of fruit. I loved them and it was so fun to carry one of those around versus a paper cup. Skeletor reminds me of those bottles from my childhood but with the great Tiki style of the Geeki Tikis range. This is a Great beverage holder that's just really fun with an excellent sculpt. I mean, how fun is this thing? Beeline Creative has put out some great product this year and these plastic mugs are definitely a great value for the money. Who wouldn't want to take a thirst quenching beverage with you while you're out trick or treating or haunting the halls or whatever it is you plan to do on Halloween?

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