Thursday, October 14, 2021

31 Days of Toy Terror: Skeletober! Skeletor (Pink and Black) from Hikari XS by Funko


   Guess what? Today you're getting two skeletons for the price of one! Yes, today I'm looking at two Skeletor sofubis from Funko's Hikari XS line. Released in November of 2017 this 2-pack came with two Skeletor sofubi styled figures each molded in a different color. This set has a pink Skeletor and a black Skeletor. Genuine sofubi toys can be quite pricey but this little set, which was limited to 1,000 units, was sold at $30 dollars as a Funko Shop exclusive. That wasn't too bad at all! There wasn't as much Masters of the Universe stuff coming out in 2017 so almost anything seemed exciting. I actually really like these and I have the six Skeletors from the three different sets all lined up on a shelf. Let's take a look at two super spooky Skeletors after the break...

The Facts: Skeletor (Pink)

Height: 4 inches

Articulation: Swivel head

Accessories: None

The Facts: Skeletor (Black)

Height: 4 inches

Articulation: Swivel head

Accessories: None

Original Retail Price: $30 dollars

Year of Release: 2017

Edition Size: 1,000 pieces

The Positives:

* Like POP! vinyls these are 4 inch vinyl figures with a swivel head. Unlike POP! vinyls, these are molded from a very soft vinyl, so they're hollow. Kind of like a rotocast toy. They stand quite solidly and are definitely more of a collectible and less of a true toy, though I'm sure you could really play with them if you wanted to.

* The detail on the body is quite soft but the faces are definitely recognizable. The black Skeletor definitely looks cooler since he gets additional paint applications on his face.




* The plastic used on these catches light extremely well and looks fantastic, especially due to the glitter infused into the plastic. I love how crazy these guys look in the right lighting conditions!

   This is a Good set of Skeletor sofubi figures and the fact that you can buy these sets for less than their original retail price makes them appealing. I love these little guys but it's interesting how the Hikari XS series seems to just not be very popular. I wonder why? Funko's non-POP! vinyl lines seem to be very hit or miss but these little guys are so cool and colorful that I'm surprised more Skeletor fans haven't scooped them up. Skeletor has such an iconic look that he tends to look amazing in any color you can put him in. Also, doesn't that pink Skeletor look like one of those oversized gummy bears? I just want to bite him!
I've reviewed so many toys based on Skeletor/ Keldor that I've given him his own review archive. Check out Snake Mountain for a plethora of Skeletor reviews!




  1. Replies
    1. I have the set of all six colors. They look really cool all in a row.

  2. "Also, doesn't that pink Skeletor look like one of those undersized gummy bears? I just want to bite him!" He does look like a delicious Halloween treat.

    1. Whenever we're in Gatlinburg, TN we always see those giant gummy bears at candy shops. That's what he puts me in the mind of for sure.


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