Friday, October 22, 2021

31 Days of Toy Terror: Skeletober! David S. Pumpkins with Skeletons


"What's my name?"

   Yes, today we're once again joined by David S. Pumpkins, one of the members of Halloween royalty, and this time he's joined by the Skeletons. Yeah, they're part of it! Funko released David S. Pumpkins by himself in 2018 but they also released a Funko Shop exclusive 3-pack which includes David Pumpkins (David S. Pumpkins!) with the Skeletons. David S. Pumpkins was played by Tom Hanks and the Skeletons are Mikey Day and Bobby Moynihan. Do the Skeletons have names? According to Mikey Day, yes! At one point he was named Tommy Lee Bones and Moynihan was named Oprah, collectively known as the Skeletones. As if the David S. Pumpkins sketch couldn't get any weirder, right? We picked this POP! Saturday Night Live set up at a convention earlier this year and I've been holding on to it in anticipation of Halloween. Considering this year's skeleton theme it's a great fit, right? Let's check this trio out after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 4 inches

Articulation: Swivel heads

Accessories: None

Year of Release: 2018



* The David S. Pumpkins from the 3-pack is on the left while the single packed David S. Pumpkins #3 is on the right. What's the difference? Well, the 3-pack David S. Pumpkins is supposed to glow in the dark (it doesn't work that well). His body is molded in orange plastic with the black details printed over the top.


The Positives:
* David S. Pumkins and the Skeletons are posed like they just finished dancing and struck a pose to frighten their audience. They've all got crossed arms and the swivel heads that pretty much all POP! vinyls have. You can just hear the Skeletons saying "Ready or not here"

* This is a simple variant of the standard figure but it's still pretty good. The pumpkins aren't as bright but David S. Pumpkins is in a great pose with some very cool hand gestures. Just give him a cape and some guns and you've got David S. Pimpkins! It's a very basic POP! but David S. Pumpkins looks like a fairly normal guy. Until he appears behind you on the final floor of 100 Floors of Fright...

* The Skeletons are the obvious draw of this set as they were never available on their own. They're wearing form fitting black suits with bones painted on and while they're in similar poses they do have different body sculpts. Bobby Moynihan, AKA Oprah, is on the left and is a bit huskier while Mikey Day, AKA Tommy Lee Bones, is thinner and a bit taller. The bones are quite neatly stamped on and look pretty cool.

* As far as I can tell both Skeletons have the same headsculpt. That's justifiable for something stylized like this though Moynihan clearly has a beard painted white in the show.  I love the design with the wild white hair and the simple black ringed eyes. It works, especially considering these guys aren't really actual skeletons.
* The headsculpt on David S. Pumpkins definitely does a solid job of capturing Tom Hanks' likeness as the character. There are some details like brow lines and the lower eyelids that help to capture Hanks' look. David S. Pumpkins also has the white streak in his hair that he's known for. Why? Because that's his thing, baby!
The Negatives:
* Like the standard figure, David S. Pumpkins has some missing paint around his ears. It's not terribly noticeable unless you're looking at him from the side, but it's there. Don't let David S. Pumpkins ruin your night, though.

* The figure is supposed to glow in the dark but I can't see it. I've tried but this guy barely glows, if any. The orange of his pumpkins is supposed to glow but it just doesn't seem to work at all. Bummer!
   This isn't a bad set and for fans of David S. Pumkins (I'm crazy...for David Pumpkins!) this is a pretty neat collectible. Honestly, there's not much David S. Pumpkins stuff out there so this is kind of it. The Skeletons are great but this version of David is weaker than the standard figure. The glow in the dark on David Pumpkins just doesn't work and it makes the pumpkins on his suit less noticeable. I have my single-packed David S. Pumpkins and the Skeletons on display all year on our entertainment center while the glow in the dark David is in my pumpkin collection. This is a Good and a 1/2 set but it needed a better David S. Pumpkins. Or just the standard figure repacked, honestly. 
If you're crazy for David S. Pumpkins I've also reviewed the POP! SNL David S. Pumpkins #3.
This is my first review of the Skeletons.




  1. Never knew about this SNL sketch. Hysterical.

    1. I love it. Their is an animated Halloween special, too. It's not Tom Hanks and it's kind of silly but it's fun if you really dig the sketch.


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