Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stuff That Scares Me: Ghost Dragging

 The Halloween season is a great time to examine your fears. One of mine is ghost dragging. Yes, the act of being dragged by a ghost. For some reason, when this happens in a movie, it just freaks me out. The worst offenders? The Paranormal Activity series. Those movies creep me out quite a bit and one of the scariest parts is whenever someone gets dragged across the floor, down the stairs, and into the basement. Nothing freaks me out like a good dragging. Here's a couple clips of people getting ghost dragged from movies. I hope they scare you as much as they scare me!

Yikes! I hate this one! To be honest, I didn't even watch the whole clip here. I recognized what it was, put the embed code in, and immediately went to do something else. Give me werewolves, scarecrow monsters, and sexy witches all day, but please no dragging!

And here's another one. If this doesn't freak you out, please try to explain to me why! Getting dragged by an unknown ghost just seems so terrifying!

Here's the last one. Now this one pretends it's real (I don't really believe in ghost dragging, BTW) but the video author talks about him and his daughter doing the trick. I gotta say, as a parent this one freaked me out. But then it kind of pumped me up. I don't care who does the dragging: You ghost drag my kid and you are a goner. I'm pretty sure if something tried this, I would immediately be imbued with a Dad Power that would grant me the strength of Rocky Balboa, Batman, and Jesus himself and nothing would stand in my way. Gosh, after typing that I feel like heading outside to punch a masked maniac in the face!

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