Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Classic Hokey Halloween Horror! Glow in the Dark Dial!!!

    It's another classic review from Halloween 2013!

 I love Halloween so much that I'm not content with washing my hands with conventional soap during the months of September and October. I'm glad Dial finally stepped in and created a Halloween themed soap for those of us who just couldn't spend the most wonderful 1/6th of the year with a mundane bathroom routine. I'll admit that the bathroom is already one of the scariest rooms in your average house. For starters, you've got a mirror and thus the prospect of the whole "Bloody Mary" thing to deal with. Then there's showers- you're vulnerable, nude, and never know when a psycho might be standing behind the curtain waiting to take you out. Factor in stuff coming out of the toilet, the abundance of razor blades, and the prevalence of slip and fall hazards and you might be asking yourself, "Does my bathroom really need to be more frightening?" Yes. Yes it does. You can easily add to the fright level of your bathroom with a simple bottle of Dial soap that glows in the dark. More details after the break...

     Yes, you heard me. The bottle glows in the dark. I will admit that I was disappointed at first when I realized it was only the bottle that glows in the dark and not the soap itself, but then I decided I probably didn't want to be washing my hands with something that glowed in the dark. At least not on a regular basis. My bottle of soap has three ghosts and a graveyard on the front against a spooky purple background and the ghosts do nicely glow in the dark. Check out the picture!

     It seems like there are other bottles available with a Jack O' Lantern and a bat hanging upside down. I received this as a gift, but the ghost is the one I definitely would have chosen myself. This is also the first time I've ever received soap as a gift.

The soap is clearish and has a faint citrus smell to it. I found it to be pleasant. I'm not sure where else to go with a soap review. It didn't taste good? Let's do a trial run and see how well it cleans.


     I went out in the yard and got my hands really dirty in some mud. I then proceeded to walk back inside, turn on the water, and apply the Dial Halloween soap to my hands. I lathered, rinsed, but did not need to repeat.

Great success!  My hands ended up clean and felt soft and smelled pleasant.

     I'm pretty pleased with this. I wish it were colorful (a slime green would be nice) and had a more Halloweenish scent (pumpkin, caramel apples, fear) but I'm sure Dial can continue to improve the product. As it is, though, it's a product I'll proudly display on my sink next to my Batman toothbrush holder and my Justice League soap.

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