Sunday, October 23, 2016

Toy Bloggers United Contest Part 4: October 23rd Edition: The Perfect House for Trick 'R Treating!

Sorry everyone! I totally realized that I didn't schedule this contest post which should have hit yesterday, October 22nd. This week we're asking you to describe the perfect house for trick 'r treating. Some houses are content to just open the door and hand you a Snickers bar. Others go all out. What makes a house better for Trick 'r Treating than others? Here are my thoughts, but I want to hear your own!

Step 1: Decorate! If the house is decorated, I'm already a bit more excited about this. The more decorations the better. The thing with Halloween decorations is that there really isn't any way to mess them up. Lots of over the top decorations look good. So do a few cheap decorations. There's really no way to mess things up.

Step 2: Wear a costume! Seriously, there is nothing more fun than Trick 'r Treating at a house where the homeowners are wearing a costume. It's what makes even a modestly decorated home go from a experience to a full on Halloween bonding session. Personally, I liked houses that tried to scare me. Those were the best.

What makes the perfect Trick 'r Treating stop for you? Let us know in the comments below to be entered into a contest for an amazing surprise prize package with cool stuff from the Harvey Mercheum, Cool & Collected, your old pal Barbecue17, and this creepy guy who lives in my neighborhood who shows up to my door and threatens to give me the hose if I don't let him borrow some lotion! Also, check out the past three weeks! It's not to late to comment there and get more chances to win!

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  1. When I was a kid the house's we searched our where the ones that just left a bowl of candy on the porch .We would get a ton of candy and sometimes a new bowl lol

  2. I always loved the houses that were decorated. But not too much. Too many decorations meant not a lot of money left over to spend on good candy!

  3. As a kid I loved the overly decorated houses. The ones who went way too far with it. It was awesome just checking out all the stuff in their yard and on their house.

  4. Not to break my arm patting my back, but I made it a point to be the best house to trick or treat at in my earlier adult years. I was the cool house that had the full size candy bars, and not those lame plain Hershey one's either. I had a wide variety for the kids to chose from.

  5. As a kid I always feared but loved the houses with someone dressed up as a stuffed zombie or ghost sitting on the porch.They'd jump up and scare the crap outta you! The thrill of being scared was the best.

  6. Definitely decorated, spooky music playing in the background. I have a neighbor that really goes all in with a a tiki torch path and music playing with a dry ice Couperin with candy in the middle. My son's lives going there for Halloween

  7. It's, uh.. dang, I missed out on trick 'r treating! WAUGH