Friday, October 28, 2016

31 Days of Toy Terror Lives: Fuminoid from Trash Bag Bunch by Galoob

 Today as part of 31 Days of Toy Terror I have a spooky skeleton for you! He's not your average skeleton, though: This guy seems to be made of various mechanical parts! He's called Fuminoid and he's from Galoob's Trash Bag Bunch minifigure toyline. I just picked him up in August and, as soon as I opened him, I knew he was a perfect addition to the sheer since of dread and horror that is 31 Days of Toy Terror Lives! Plus, I photographed him in front of some pumpkins and a toxic waste barrel. Ooohh!!! If you've got the guts join me after the break as we take a closer look at Fuminoid!

The Facts:

Height: 2 inches

Year of Release: 1991

* Does this guy not look awesome? Fuminoid is a robotic skeleton who doesn't care about anyone or anything. He has a really impressive sculpt and some cool neon inner-workings that you can see hanging out below his rib cage. They're neon because A. Fuminoid's man enough to like what ever color he likes and B. It was the early 1990s. Just saying.

 * I love Fuminoid's pose, too. He looks like a ninja of some sort. A robotic, skeletal ninja made from the spare parts of a super cool Japanese motorcycle and a Ford Fiesta. Having his right leg extended and his hands raised above him wielding a tailpipe, you know this guy is just up to no good. How did this guy never get his own licensed merchandise? He's incredible!
   Fuminoid is terrifying, ninja-esque, non-biodegradable, angry, and a Scorpio. He's also a really, really cool minifigure that is hands down one of the best in the line. While I've never had a strong feeling as to who the leader of the Trashors was (I've always used Muck Master just because), Fuminoid definitely seems like the team's resident professional. He's kind of like the Storm Shadow of the Trashors, although I don't think he has any desire to up and join the Disposers. While some Trashors I use as army builders, Fuminoid is definitely a unique character in my mind. The universe couldn't begin to fathom two Fuminoids! This guy is pure, 100% Epic.

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  1. Another great one that I don't remember! I loved this line when it was in stores but you've covered several here that I must have never seen. So awesome to see these getting some coverage!

    1. I'm really enjoying reviewing these! I'm hoping to finish this series next year sometime and to review all of the figures if I can. People seem to love them. I'd love to see a Kickstarter funded revival of this line!

  2. Loved this guy! He might actually still exist in my garage somewhere.

    1. You definitely need to track him down. He desperately needs to be back in action with the rest of your toy collection!


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