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Statue Review: Harley Quinn [New 52 ver.] Limited Edition from DC Comics Bishoujo by Kotobukiya

  I'm a huge fan of Kotobukiya's DC Comics Bishoujo line and while I have a list of characters I still want to see in that line, I'm not opposed to the occasional variant. Just a few days ago I looked at the newest statue in the series which is Harley Quinn in the outfit she wore during the earliest days of the New 52. This is definitely not one of my favorite Harley Quinn looks but it is a colorful and dynamic outfit, perfect for a v2 figure. Today I'm looking at a variant of that figure which Kotobukiya offered at NYCC and through their website. While you might think this is simply a black and red repaint of the standard statue, you'd be mistaken: This figure actually has a new left hand, a pistol instead of a mallet, and a newly sculpted face. Let's take a closer look at this exclusive version of Dr. Quinzel after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 8 7/8ths inches (including base)

Articulation: None

Accessories: Pistol

Non-Scalper Price: $75 dollars

Arranged by: Shunya Yamashita

Sculpted by: M.I.C.

Edition Size: 2500
 The Positives:

* Based on artwork by Shunya Yamashita, Kotobukiya's Bishoujo statues almost always have good poses. Harley has a great pose as she's kind of casually standing around showing off her pistol. I love how the new left arm tilts the gun up at an angle to show off the little revolver. She looks great on the shelf standing alongside the other statues in the line.

 * This portrait is even better than the one on the standard statue. It looks a bit more sinister, which fits Harley during this era. I also like the new grin with a slightly open mouth. It just works so well for the character. And the red and black hair? Just perfect!

  * While you might argue that there's not much coverage to this costume, there are quite a few different articles of clothing that make it up. Not only does Harley have the ruffled jester's collar but she's got the gold clasp for her cape and a rather detailed corset. The paintwork is excellent on all of these items, and I actually like this red and black color scheme better than the standard red and blue. I'm always so impressed by how clean and neat Kotobukiya's paintwork is!

* A short cape was actually a part of this particular outfit, so Kotobukiya made sure to include it here. I like how it's sculpted as if it's blowing in the breeze. It gives her a much more dynamic look and just helps to sell the cape. Capes just look so darn cool and dramatic, don't they?

 * The attention to small details helps to make these figures. Take note of Harley's fingernails: Black on the right hand, to match her right wrist guard and stocking, and red on the left side, to match her left wrist guard and stocking.

* Harley is packing two pistols in the holsters on her hips and, while they're not removable, they look like they could be. I actually think these are separately sculpted items tucked down into the permanently closed holsters. They look great.

 * Harley's belt has a few spare rounds of ammunition on it. While these aren't actually removable pieces they sure do look like it. The sculpt and the paintwork is excellent here. Why carry around random bullets, though, rather than magazines? Not as dynamic looking is my guess.
 * Harley's pistol is actually removable, although I'm not sure why you'd pose her without it. It looks great, though, with a glossy black finish for the pistol and clean, legible paintwork on the "bang" flag. This is a great choice for an alternate accessory for Harley. What's also cool is that you can swap the forearms between the statues, giving you the opportunity to have either Harley with the weapon of your choice.

* Harley comes permanently affixed to a display base that not only keeps the figure standing securely but that also has a cool black and red diamond pattern. It matches her outfit quite well and looks great!

 * Here's a closeup of Harley's removable head and left forearm. Why is that? Because standard version has a different headsculpt, weapon, and left hand. You can actually interchange the face plates, hair, and left forearm to customize the figures a bit more if you have both. This is a great feature and really shows some forethought put into the decision to have both figures released so close together.

I'm almost always impressed by Kotobukiya's work on this line. The sculpting, paint, and overall quality on this line is just nearly perfect every time and, I'm happy to say, this New 52 version of Harley is another Epic figure. In fact, I'd argue that I actually really prefer this Limited Edition variant. I love her, even though this isn't the outfit I would have chosen for a second version of Harley Quinn, and the new headsculpt and darker color scheme just look incredible.

I've now reviewed so many Harley Quinn figures and statues that I've given them their own mini review index: The Harley Quinndex!

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