Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Statue Review: Armored Wonder Woman from DC Comics Bishoujo by Kotobukiya

    On a recent trip to Nashville, TN I was able to visit one of my favorite comic shops, Comic City Too! I went with  a friend who has a pull box there. While we were browsing they were even recording an episode of the Geeks of the Square Table podcast! Anyways, as a big fan of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line I saw this Armored Wonder Woman figure at a regular retail price and I just knew I had to have her. I already own the first Wonder Woman release but I figures I'd wait and see if this one dropped in price a bit. Well, it doesn't seem like she's going to drop much and since other figures are starting to skyrocket I figured I should grab her while I had the chance. Ready for a closer look? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 9 1/4 inches (with base)

Accessories: 2 Swappable left hands (plain fist and holding a dagger).

Medium: PVC and ABS Plastics

Non-Scalper Price: $65-$70 dollars

The Positives:

*Kotobukiya always does beautiful work, particularly in this line. Princess Diana manages to look both gorgeous and tough in this sculpt. I love how Kotobukiya uses a mixture of PVC and ABS plastics to capture flowing details like Wonder Woman's hair, her cape, and her skirt. The skirt is even cast in a blue plastic that is somewhat translucent at the bottom, giving it a very light and fabric-like appearance. The breastplate also is well sculpted and really looks like it's made of a light yet durable metal. The pose they've chosen of Wonder Woman flying while crossing her bracelets to deflect some oncoming danger is really nice and looks great on the shelf.

*The paintwork is beautiful. There's not a brushstroke out of place, as is typical with Kotobukiya on this line.

* Wonder Woman's boots are really well done. They're bright, shiny, and look like they'd offer some decent protection. They kind of remind me of Iron Man for some reason.

* One of my favorite thing about the this line is that from time to time there are some swappable parts which allow you to change up the statue a bit. Wonder Woman comes with two separate left hands: One clutching a dagger and one balled up into a fist. The hands swap easily and add a fun extra that many statues just don't have.

The Negatives:

*My only complaint about this figure is the stand. It's a bit dull compared to many of the previous stands in this line. The figure also doesn't really attach to the stand. There's a clear plastic peg on the bottom of Wonder Woman's foot that simply rests in the base. She's not going to tip over or anything but I'm not sure why Kotobukiya didn't make the connection more solid. It just seems odd.

If you're looking for the best statues of the powerful women of the DC Universe, Kotobukiya has them. I love these and I'm anxiously looking forward to the upcoming Zatanna, Raven, and Black Canary. They're beautiful, durable, and fun! Armored Wonder Woman is another hit in the line and, whether you missed out on the first version or not, she's a worthwhile addition. I'm giving her a Great and a 1/2 with the only thing keeping her from the highest marks is the bland base. Otherwise, this is an impressive and wonderful depiction of Princess Diana of Themyscira!

While I own quite a few of these, the only other one I've reviewed on here is Batwoman.

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  1. She is one of my Holy Grails from this line. I have 15 of these figures myself. This one is gorgeous. I would have never passed her up. I think the Zatanna one is out already. I have to find her at retail. Would love to see a post on all the girls of the line that you have. They really are the best for the price. The quality and coloring is insane. My Batgirl Black is never more than a few feet from me. And I like that they are PVC so they will not break. Great post.

    1. I have my Zatanna on preorder so I'm hoping she'll ship soon. I really want to find that Batgirl Black. I initially passed her up since I have the blue and grey version but now I think I want them both.

    2. I have one to trade for another from the line that I don't have. Mint in box.

    3. I got misspent two black ones when my boy in Montreal couldn't save me a grey one I have the grey and the black myself and I would appreciate getting something good in exchange for the black one mint in box. I never trade but I have a double and you might hve something I like and we have interacted before. Could be good for both.

    4. I need to get in touch with you via email, Cal. I'd definitely be up for working out a trade. I'd love to have that Batgirl!

  2. Let me know if you want to work out a trade for that Koto Black Batgirl. I would love to do a deal with you.

    1. I will. I just need to decide what I'm willing to part with at this time.


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