Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Re-Halloween/ Day of the Dead: Mariachi Skeleton from Imaginext: Collectible Figures Series 7 by Fisher-Price

Today is the second day of the Dia de los Muertors (Day of the Dead) celebration and I figured why not acknowledge it and celebrate it on Action Figure Barbecue as well. You might be expecting some Re-Halloween content, and we'll get there, but let's give another fabulous holiday it's due! Fisher-Price's Imaginext Collectible Figures Series is infamous for giving us some really cool "almost but not quite" variations of popular characters (consider the "not-Jason Voorhees" Zombie or the "not one of the Three Storms" Chinese Warrior) and today we're looking at what is essentially El Mariachi from Robert Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy (El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico) with a calavera . Yeah, they're calling it Mariachi Skeleton, but you're not fooling anyone, Fisher-Price! Let's take a look at this incredibly cool Imaginext figure after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 2 7/8ths inches

Articulation: Hinged hips, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel wrists, and a swivel neck.

Accessories: Calavera mask and guitar.

Non-Scalper Price: $3-$4 dollars
 The Positives:

* Again, I'm always happy with the quality and the articulation on these little guys. While they're only about 2 7/8ths inches, they remind me a lot of some of the various toylines of the 1980s and 1990s due to the random character selection, the durability, and the accessories.

* I love this outfit. Not only is it a very classic mariachi outfit in an awesome black and red color scheme but the face has so much character. The cocked eyebrow and cocky grin are just awesome. This series of Imaginext figures has some real standouts and this guy is absolutely one of them.

* The Mariachi player has some cool decorative patterns on both his sleeves and his pant legs. The stamps are extremely neat and clean and look incredible. This is some really nice work that just helps to pile on the awesome.

* Check out the pistol on his right hip! Again, while I'm sure you can find pictures of mariachi players wearing decorative holsters, the presence of this detail really makes me think someone had El Mariachi in mind when creating this guy.

 * To complete the standard Mariachi player look the figure comes with a guitar. I like this guitar much better than the guitar that came with the series 3 Punk Rock Guitarist. It has some cool details such as the sculpted strings and the elaborate detail on the rosette. The strap is functional, too, and it keeps the guitar secure around the player's neck.

 * Check out the skull mask! I love it! This is what transforms this figure from a regular mariachi player into the Mariachi Skeleton, making him appropriate for a Day of the Dead review. I love the look of the mask with it's attached hat. This is one of the coolest Imaginext accessories ever.
 The Negatives:

* My only complaint is that in order to get this guy to hold the guitar in a normal guitar playing fashion you will have to bend the neck a bit.
This figure is incredible. I think this is quite possibly one of the most out of left field choices Fisher-Price could have made, but it turned out to be incredible. I love the fact that every Imaginext figure features a unique body sculpt and accessories as it really allows for some unique concepts. This is without a doubt one of my favorite lines to collect and I really hope it continues on. I also hope Fisher-Price jumps the number of figures in each series back up to 8, or even 10 like Series 1. We need as many crazy figures as they can put out!

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