Monday, November 7, 2016

Toy Bloggers United Contest #3 Winner Announced!

Happy Re-Halloween, everyone! Today is the day to announce the winner of the Toy Bloggers United Contest for October 2016. This is the third contest and I would definitely like to thank the Harvey Mercheum and Cool & Collected who helped contribute to the prize package this time around. Let me tell you that this prize package is a real gem. I'm honestly going to have to find a box big enough to put all of this stuff in! Action figures, comics, minifigures, pogs, vintage puzzles, out of date calendars; this thing is a veritable treasure trove of goodness. Heck, there's even some Christmas items thrown in for good measure since the winner will probably be receiving this in mid-late November. So let me announce the winner of the grand prize!
Drum roll please and follow me after the break...

The ghoulish grand prize winner is:


 Congratulations! Please contact me at barbecue17 @ by the end of the day EST on November 11th, 2016 to claim your prize!

But wait...there's more!

I was feeling so delightfully filled with the Halloween spirit that I'm giving away two bonus prizes for some runners up. The two runners up are:

Scary Second Place: Ridureyu

Freaky Third Place: Spyda-Man

We've got some little bundles of terror for you, too! Again, send me an email and my people will get in touch with your people.

  Thank you to everyone who participated! I may not speak for everyone affiliated with Toy Bloggers United, but I know that Action Figure Barbecue isn't a site I make any money off of; it's simply a labor of love. I love to take pictures and write about them just for fun, for others to enjoy, and to help archive more action figure information for the community engaged in this hobby. Comments really are very important for us bloggers. It's a simple way to let us know you read something we produced and that you enjoyed it. I loved reading all of your comments this past Halloween and I hope you notice that I always try to respond to them, even if it takes me a few weeks to do so (I'm trying to be better about responding more quickly!). Visit some of the other great sites involved with this project such as the Harvey Mercheum and Cool & Collected and stay spooky!

Have a Happy Re-Halloween!


  1. congrats to the winners. Comments are important and something I constantly struggle with. Its always strange to have 150 views and zero comments, its like I dont know what I have to do to spark enough interest in somebody to get them to comment.

    1. Follow Travis of the Cosmos' rule of thumb - Force them to...With violence!

  2. Thanks for running this contest and congrats to the winners!

  3. Congrats, winners! Enjoy the swag! Thanks for hosting this round. Sorry I couldn't coordinate getting something out to you.


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