Sunday, November 6, 2016

Re-Halloween Special: Snake Tut (Midnight Special) from The Worst by Super7

 While I already own one Egyptian styled snake person action figure, that doesn't mean that I'm not up for another one! Super7's The Worst is a really fun faux retro toyline comprised of random villains who kind of look like other characters you're familiar with, but they're generic enough to fit in with a number of other displays. Take Snake Tut here: He could fit in with Super7's retro styled Masters of the Universe figures or chill out with Funko's Universal Monsters Mummy. Heck, he might even want to chill out in the McFarlane Monsters' Mummy playset. With Snake Tut by your side, there's no end to the wacky adventures you might have! Let's take a closer look at this squirmy guy after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 3 7/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel hips, swivel shoulders, and a swivel neck.

Accessories: Staff

Non-Scalper Price: $90 for the Midnight Special pack which includes all 6 series one figures in unique paint schemes.
 The Positives:

 * If you read this site regularly, you know that packaging has to be pretty special for me to bother mentioning it. The Worst has some incredible card art and is absolutely worth mentioning. Featuring illustrations of the characters by Ed Repka, a prominent illustrator of album covers, these cards really bring these characters to life. Without this art and a glimpse into the "idealized" versions of The Worst, I don't think these figures would have half the appeal they do.
 * 5 points of articulation is what you should expect with these figures and that is exactly what you get. Retro styled figures have their own design structure and deviating from it too much definitely kind of makes them feel less like something vintage. While he's a throwback to a more primitive time in toymaking, Snake Tut feels nice and sturdy. I love the plastic quality on The Worst. It's really good and feels like an actual vintage toy.
 * This headsculpt is really fun. There's nothing I don't like about it! This guy totally looks like he could have been a villain in one of the Banjo-Kazooie games with his crazy expressive eyes and his "kind of goofy but I wouldn't say it to his face" fangs. The purple tongue hanging out is just the cherry on the sundae. The standard version will have Snake Tut with green skin and a blue headdress, but I think I like this variant much better. The red is just killer.

 * I really like Snake Tut's outfit. Not only does he have some wraps on his torso that bring to mind mummification bandages, but he's also clad in gold bits of armor. He's nicely painted and actually looks very colorful when on display.

* The bandages on Snake Tut's left food are unraveling, leaving a few of his slimy snake foot. Wait a minute...snakes don't have feet. What the heck is going on here, Super7? Still, a cool feature that I really like for some reason.
 * This kind of looks like Teela's staff of Ka, doesn't it? Or the snake spear that Serpentor used to kill almost kill Duke with in G.I. Joe: The Movie. Again, looking at these figures really causes your mind to run in a few different directions as they look like so many other toys, but there is something unique about them. They're all kind of like homages to your childhood. The snake staff is molded in a bronzish/ gold plastic and matches the little armored bits of Snake Tut's outfit.
 The Negatives:

* This isn't a huge deal but I do wish the sword on Snake Tut's hip was removable. It's a decently sculpted detail but making it removable would have been a very welcome little feature.

Snake Tut really impressed me. He's not my favorite in this series (that one is still coming) but he's definitely in the top half. The sculpt and paintwork are really well done and his accessory is a nice touch. He's a Great retro action figure and a character that you should definitely be able to find a home for in your collection. I might even pick up one of the green ones when they're released to serve as one of Snake Tut's minions.

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