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Toy Review: Evil Warriors of Snake Mountain from POP! Tees: Masters of the Universe by Funko

   Target has been promoting a number of collector focused events lately with one of the more recent being the Funko Target Con 2022. There are two Masters of the Universe exclusives for this event: The POP! Rides He-Man on Battle Cat (Flocked) and the POP! Tees boxed set that I'm looking at today. I've reviewed other POP! Tees sets before and this one follows suit with a brand new colorful t-shirt and a variant of a previously released POP! vinyl. The t-shirt is pretty sweet in this set. It's way louder than a shirt I would usually wear but when MOTU is involved my sense of good taste and style goes out the window. This actually is really colorful and fun, though. The POP! vinyl included is a glow in the dark variant of Evil-Lyn #86 (who was released last year). A shirt and a POP! vinyl. Worth it? Let's take a look after the break...

The Facts:
Includes: T-shirt, Evil-Lyn POP! vinyl, and display stand
Non-Scalper Price: $30 dollars





* This version of Evil-Lyn is practically the same as the version released last year. Same sculpt, same colors; honestly, I wish they'd just done a more fun and funky repaint. The glow in the dark paint isn't really noticeable unless you feel the figure as it is a bit thicker and more abrasive. Again, though: It's a perfectly fine vintage styled Evil-Lyn. She also comes in her own box inside the larger POP! Tees box so if you're an in-box collector you can still remove her and put her on display.

* I like the design of the face but there are some really sloppy areas, particularly where the helmet meets Evil-Lyn's yellow skin. Lots of paint slop. 

* It's tough to see here but Evil-Lyn's legs were really bent out of shape when I removed her from the package. Did Funko somehow package this figure different from the previous release? I don't remember having that issue with the last version.

* The clear plastic stand is pretty vital here since Evil-Lyn's wonky legs don't let her stand on her own very well. 

* The package says "Glows in the Dark" but I didn't find any evidence of a glow. I had the same problem with some previous glow in the dark POP! vinyls as they seem to paint on glow in the dark paint rather than molding the figure in it. Has anyone else gotten Evil-Lyn to glow? Am I missing something?

* The POP! vinyl is pretty much a bust but how's the shirt? Pretty nice, actually. I really like the quality and comfort of the Funko tees and the printed designs are way better than those from most other companies. This design is really cool and while I'd rather have it as a poster I have to admit that it's fun seeing POP! Skeletor surrounded by the little POP! versions of his henchmen. You've got Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, Tri-Klops, Mer-Man, Webstor, Stinkor, and Trap Jaw. I think a POP! MOTU cartoon would be pretty cool, right? The shirt seems to come in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL, and the size of the shirt is clearly notated on the front of the box. 
   Honestly, if you pick this up you're either a complete MOTU junkie (like me) or you dig the shirt. The Evil-Lyn is just too similar to the previous release, her glow in the dark feature sucks, and she has a lot of QC issues that the first figure didn't. That shirt, though; it's a work of art. You're essentially paying about $15 for each item, or maybe $10 for the POP! and $20 for the shirt. It might be a little high. If you can get the shirt by itself and dig it, go for it. It's excellent. As a set, though, this one gets an Eh and a 1/2 from me. Evil-Lyn is just an inferior version of a previously released figure. 

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  1. I didn't known that Skeletor glows but, yeah, mine seems to just not glow. I wonder if you have to use something like a black light or somehting?


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