Monday, April 12, 2021

Masters of the Universe Month 2021: Evil-Lyn from Rock Candy: Masters of the Universe by Funko

   It's time for us to look at a toy or collectible based on another of the 1983 additions to the Masters of the Universe line for Masters of the Universe Month 2021 and today I'm turning my attention to Evil-Lyn. For Evil-Lyn I've selected a vinyl figure that I find to be very enchanting: The 2018 Funko Rock Candy Evil-Lyn. I don't think Funko's making the Rock Candy line anymore (I believe the last releases were in 2019) which is kind of a shame as I thought it was one of the better vinyl lines Funko pitched. It's still stylized but the overall sculpts are really charming. Funko only ever released Evil Lyn and She-Ra from Masters of the Universe in the series which is a bummer. What does Funko have against Teela, anyway? Seriously, why in the world have they only ever released Teela in the Pint Size Heroes line? Of course, today's not about Teela but Evil-Lyn. Let's take a look at this sultry sorceress after the break...

The Facts:
Height: 5 inches
Articulation: None
Accessories: Display stand
Year of Release: 2018
Original Retail Price: $12 dollars

The Positives:
* I've reviewed a couple of the DC Comics Rock Candy figures in the past and I've always enjoyed the style on these. They're simple statues with no articulation but they look great on display. They feel like nice, high quality pieces, especially for the price, and they're made from durable plastic. The pose is great on Evil-Lyn, too. I love her finger extended. Maybe she's preparing a spell of some sort or maybe she's deciding whose butt she's going to kick next?

* The sculpt is pretty nice in these with a lot of actual detail rather than just paintwork. The paintwork that's here is excellent, though, and captures the character's likeness well. As with most of their stuff prior to last year Funko clearly based this version of Evil-Lyn on her appearance in the Filmation animated series.
* The headsculpt captures Evil-Lyn's distinctive cheekbones and severe features nicely. There's a lot of attention paid to her eyes as well. They're not quite on the level of Meg Foster's eyes in her role as Evil-Lyn in the MOTU movie but they're still pretty good.

* Evil Lyn's wand is clearly based on her Filmation wand as well. Well, the colors are a bit different (the orb is purple here instead of blue) but the design is spot on.
* Evil-Lyn can stand up pretty well on her own but she still comes with a simple clear plastic stand to help keep her on display. It's nothing fancy but it plugs into her feet securely and keeps her from tipping over. Not much more you can ask for in something like this,right?
   It's a shame Funko didn't try to keep the MOTU Rock Candy offerings going as they could have also released the Sorceress, Teela, and all of the Princess of Power cast. I think they did some guys in the line, too, so they could have worked everyone in. That's all in the past, though, but it doesn't change the fact that Evil-Lyn is a Great figure. I love the pose and the overall look and feel of this one. She's honestly one of the coolest depictions of Evil-Lyn in toy form and since she's still on the reasonably priced side you can probably get her without having to forgo food for a week or something. Now She-Ra... she's expensive and I haven't acquired one yet since I missed out on her the first go around. Drat!
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