Saturday, October 17, 2015

Toy Review: The Bat from Hot Wheels: Batman by Mattel

Batman Begins introduced the Tumbler, The Dark Knight introduced the Bat-Pod, and The Dark Knight Rises introduced the Bat. It's not a car but somewhat of a mixture between all of the flying vehicles from the various Batman incarnations, the Bat may not have really had too much time to shine but it was absolutely an impressive design. Want to own one for under $1? Then check out this new Hot Wheels vehicle from the Wal-Mart exclusive Batman series....

 The Facts:

Series Number: 5/6

Length: 3 1/8ths inches

Non-Scalper Price: $1

* The packaging art definitely shows off the Bat itself! I love that you can actually see Batman chilling out inside the cockpit. The dark blues and greens of the artwork are just really appealing.

 * It's a shiny metallic flying Batman vehicle; is there much more I really need to say? While it's definitely not in scale with the Batmobiles and such in this line it still manages to look fairly large. I wish it had a stand of some kind, though. A flying vehicle with a bizarre body shape needs someway to be displayed properly.
* The Bat model was originally released in 2012 but it saw a re-release last year in the 75 Years of Batman Hot Wheels line. That version of the Bat was actually metallic blue. It's cool looking but it's not the way that I typically picture the Bat. I think I like the coloring of last year's packaging better but the image of the Bat on the toy is a good choice. You know, since that's the toy you're actually buying. Overall this gets a Great from me.

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