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Action Figure Review: Sy-Klone from Masters of the Universe Origins by Mattel


   2024 might be the craziest year yet for Masters of the Universe Origins (wasn't the line supposed to end a year or two ago? 😅). Besides having Mattel Creations exclusives pretty frequently that are getting us towards completing the vintage lineup we've also got the Turtles of Grayskull subset and the Filmation series subset. Eternia shipped, vehicles are still coming out, and we're supposed to get a playset for the Snake men faction. This line is like a quiet juggernaut, continuing to march towards toy domination. Today I'm checking out Sy-Klone, the Heroic Fist- Flinging Tornado and defender of Anwat-Gar. Sy-Klone has an interesting role in my childhood Masters of the Universe collection as he's one of the only figures I can think of from my childhood that I had two of. I seem to recall finding him abandoned at a park somewhere or one of my cousins giving him to me. Maybe I received him as a gift from an aunt or uncle and then found a loose one abandoned? I was pretty young when MOTU was still coming out, so some of my memories are a bit hazy. Sy-Klone is a deluxe figure and Mattel really made him worth the deluxe price tag here. Not only does he come with some cool new extras but he also is fully functional. Yes, he rotates incredibly well! Let's check out Sy-Klone after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 5 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, boot swivels, swivel/hinge knees, balljointed hips, waist swivel, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, and a barbell jointed head.

Accessories: Shield, 2 standard hands, 2 whirlwind hands, circular blade, and minicomic.

Non-Scalper Price: $25 dollars

The Packaging:

* No, I didn't keep Sy-Klone in the packaging, but I did snap a picture and I kept the packaging. The Origins package is just gorgeous, especially when it has this much art on it. 

* And here's a shot of the back of the box, showcasing an mage inspired by one of the posters from the Masters of the Universe magazine, now with Sy-Klone directly taking on the Fright Zone beast.

The Positives:

* I love Sy-Klone. I love his bright, bold primary colors, which look even brighter in the Masters of the Universe Origins aesthetic. I love his unique design elements like the blades on his biceps and the rings on his wrists and ankles. He's just so toyetic, like some kind of spaceman mixed with a samurai made out of Play-Doh. Mattel didn't take any shortcuts here as other than maybe his hips, everything else looks to be completely unique for him. I wonder if we'll end up getting Strobo at some point?
* Is Sy-Klone a clone of He-Man? No, that's not the case, but he's always looked a bit like He-Man, hasn't he? I 've never seen anything that described that as an early intention for the figure (Roger Sweet designed this one under the original name Tornado). In fact, the first two concept drawings all show Sy-Klone looking more robotic. This guy's face looks a little different than the Origins He-Man here but still captures the vintage figure quite well, which does still kind of look like a blue He-Man. The helmet is great with a mix of sci-fi and samurai. 

* Sy-Klone's radar unit on his chest is a lenticular and it really looks cool here. Move him around and view him from different angles and it looks like the device is scanning around him or plotting a course through space.

* The 200x line with the Four Horsemen Studios redesigns added a red bladed ring around Sy-Klone. The ring is a removable piece here but it can be attached to Sy-Klone's back in two different places, a higher position and a lower position. He can also hold it, like a really extreme version of a Klingon bat'leth or something that you'd buy from the mall ninja shop.

* The bladed ring can also rotate into position to surround Sy-Klone, giving him some more oomph when he attacks. 

* Sy-Klone's articulation isn't any different from most other Origins figures, but that's not a problem at all. He moves great and is fun to mess around with. The MOTU Origins figures are built like the vintage toys but with modern articulation. While their bulky frames make the articulation a bit clumsy, they do feel like an evolution of the vintage line. Imagine what you would get if you mixed a vintage figure with a MOTUC figure. They're quite fun to play with and they feel very sturdy. Of course, they're also modular and can be easily separated to make your own lazy boy customs!

* Sy-Klone's arms aren't loose like on the vintage toy but he can spin. Yes, indeed, he sure can spin. His torso actually pops up and locks into place, allowing him to spin freely using the little dial on the back of his belt. It's such a cool feature that I recorded a video of it. Check him out!

* A very cool new feature added to the Origins Sy-Klone are some swappable cyclone hands. These are translucent blue tornados that you can pop onto his wrists in place of his regular hands. He really looks cool spinning with these! I love that Origins continues to throw new stuff into the mix on these deluxe releases.

* Sy-Klone also comes with his simple yellow shield. That was the only accessory included with the vintage figure. 1985 was a big year for shields, apparently, as other figures like Two-Bad and Stinkor came with shields. Thunder Punch He-Man and Hordak also had shields, too (Hordak's little bat thing is a shield, right?).

* Sy-Klone also comes with a short minicomic that's pretty neat. It shows off his powers well and introduces Lord Gr'asp into the Origins universe.

The Negatives:

* My only complaint is that there's a splash of red paint slop on Forearm's left hand. Just a bit of a QC error but worth pointing out, I assume.
   I'm nuts about this figure! Sy-Klone is a cool character (and we're getting a Masterverse version this year, too) and Mattel did a very nice job on him. Want a vintage version of Sy-Klone on your shelf? You've got it. Want to add the red bladed ring from the 200x line? You can do that, too. Want to give him tornado hands for when the fists start flying? Daddy chill, you can do that too. This guy is one heck of a figure. He's a Great and a 1/2 Origins release and definitely one of the standouts of the year. If you're looking for the perfect action figure to take to your spin class, this is it!

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  1. Sy-Klone's arms aren't loose like on the vintage toy but he can spin. Yes, indeed, he sure can spin. His torso actually pops...and locks into place.

    Breakin' 2: Eternia Boogaloo LOL

    1. This is why the Masters of the Universe movie can't get off the ground: No one is trying to sell it as a break dancing film.

  2. I've had the Masterverse version for about five weeks now and he's pretty cool too. 2024 is the year of Sy-Klone I guess. :P

    1. Sy-Klone Origins, Sy-Klone Masterverse, and Twister 2/ Twisters. It's a big year for spinning.


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