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Action Figure Review: Toxie from Toxic Crusaders by Trick or Treat Studios


   I somehow missed that Trick or Treat Studios is releasing updated action figures from the vintage Playmates Toxic Crusaders toyline but I discovered them in store at an FYE while on a business trip last month. Of course, FYE's prices are ridiculous, so I simply ordered it from another online retailer for the regular retail price. I loved this line as a kid and it's one I forever regret selling off at some point(I still have a couple of them). Who knows how deep this line will go, but so far Trick or Treat Studios has released Toxie and has Dr. Killemoff on the way. While these really resemble the vintage Playmates figures, there are some differences here. The line is a collaboration between Trick or Treat Studios and Varner Studios (who designed the original line), so you're getting some real talent here. Ready to check out Toxie? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 5 inches 

Articulation: Swivel hips, swivel shoulders, forearm swivels, and a swivel head.

Accessories: Bandolier, 3 grenades, shield, Blobbie, 2 piece mop, and container with toxic waste slime. 

Non-Scalper Price: $20 dollars

The Positives:

* Toxie is an excellent example of the early 1990s Playmates action figures that were loaded with detail and usually had some pretty decent paint applications and somewhat pre-posed stances. This guy is not 100% the same as the Playmates figure, but he's close. He's covered with ghastly green skin, which is  darker than the original figure, and his off-red tutu really stands out. All of the holes where Toxie's skin is visible are painted this time around. His blue belt doesn't have a little glove on it anymore, but there plenty of paint spatters to add some charming toxic goodness to the figure. 

* Toxie isn't your traditionally handsome leading man, but he's got a hero's heart and he's ready to clean up some crime. Hi bandanna is a separate piece from his headsculpt, though it isn't removable. His eyes look great, too. I love how they're uneven and the left eye looks like it's drooping out of the socket. Groovy. 

* Here's a look at Toxie's back so you can see how he's been hideously deformed. Poor Melvin Junko is definitely an example of how to make lemonade when life gives you lemonades. 

* Check out his gnarly ripped up pants and his boots that are splitting apart. I don't think that's OSHA approved footwear, Toxie! The toxic waste dripping from his left boot just cracks me up. So out there! Do you think this was in any way a reference to the fact that the character urinates acid?

* The vintage Playmates Toxic Crusaders were built like the vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures. While Trick or Treat Studios' Toxie has the same points of articulation, I do want to point out that his hips are now solid pegs that swivel rather than the balljoints of the vintage toys. I think it makes this guy feel more durable and sturdy, though you do lose a bit of movement. Still, I don't find it bothers me any. 

* Toxie comes with three grenades that look like little toxic waste barrels. They've got some paint spray on them to make them look even more toxic and they have some convenient handles. I really think my original Toxie from when I was a kid had these missing in the package because I remember looking at another Toxie in stores one day and wondering why mine didn't have the grenades. 

* There are notches on Toxie's bandolier that help to hold the grenades in place. He looks pretty cool carrying a full bandolier of these. 

* When he needs some defense, Toxie can utilize his "Toxie-textured shield." It's roundish with bubbles all over it. Lumby bubbles, kind of like Toxie's own head. The Toxic Crusaders logo is a nice tamp print, not a sticker. 

* From the back you can see that the handle is a piece of pipe and there are some various holes here. One of them even has some slime dripping out. The whole shield also gets a paint spatter effect.

* The vintage line included Toxie's secret glow in the dark accessory in a green plastic baggie but Trick or Treat studios has given us a little plastic cup of slime. If you like slime, you're in luck. This stuff is really sticky slime, too. 

* Blobbie is hidden in that canister. He's a little glow in the dark minifigure and he's pretty neat. He's crazy looking!

* Blobbie can plug onto Toxie's bandolier, allowing him to kind of sit on Toxie's shoulder. Kind of neat. I remember really liking this as a kid. It's not a perfect fit (Blobbie wants to keep sliding the bandolier back), but it's a solid effort.
* Name as many heroes as you can who are famous for using a mop? Toxie, Stanley Spadowski, Donatelllo, and Jackie Chan! Anyone else? The Toxic Avenger/ Toxic Crusader is famous for his mop and this one is quite like the vintage toy accessory, though it doesn't have an American flag hanging from it. It does have a nice handle with a bit of a woodgrain texture and lots of paint splatter on the mop head. 

* Also like the vintage toy you can pop the mop head off, fill it with toxic slime, and then let it ooze out of the mop. Yuck!

* The loop in the back of the bandolier can also hold Toxie's mop when he's not in the middle of using it to give the bad guys a good thrashing. 
* Toxie's Bandolier is pretty neat with lots of features for storing weapons...

The Negatives:

* Unfortunately, the plastic on it feels a bit too rigid, almost like the pegs could break off if you pushed them too hard. Be careful with it!

* The mop head is a bit loose. As a kid I remember having one heck of a time getting the mop head on the vintage to come off and go back on but this one seems to fall off if you don't have it posed just right.
   Toxie is one of the nicest re-make figures I've seen on the market. He's a very faithful adaptation of the vintage figure with a few little improvements, a sturdy and fun figure in his own right, and pretty reasonably priced for being a completely new mold with lots of accessories, especially consider that Trick or Treat Studios is a smaller company. If you have fond memories of the vintage line like me or you're just a huge fan of the franchise overall, this is an Epic release. I'm really excited to see if Trick or Treat Studios has more figures planned after Dr. Killemoff.

Are you a fan of Toxie, also known as the Toxic Avenger and Melvin Junko? Then check out my review of Super7's Toxic Crusaders Ultimates Toxie.

* The packaging on this guy is so cool I decided to show it off. I love the bright, bold colors. They so remind me of the early 1990s!

* Lots of cool copy on the back, too. 


  1. Nice! I still have my vintage Toxie!

    1. Nice! I still have Headbanger and Major Disaster. Wish I'd kept them all.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, they really did a great job keeping the vintage feel but with just a few subtle updates.


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