Saturday, October 10, 2015

Action Figure Review: Apple Bloom from My Little Pony Vinyl Collectibles by Funko

 I figured some of you needed a bit of respite from all of the horror and terror that's been going on around here lately, so here's a review of a My Little Pony Vinyl Collectible from Funko! Over the weekend I'm going to be reviewing all three of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. These have been available at Hot Topic as a timed exclusive for a month or so now. Eventually they'll appear in other markets but, right now, Hot Topic is your best bet to snag these. If you order them online just be aware that there are crystal/ glitter variants of each one so, if you're not into those (like me) just be warned. Today to help with this review I've brought in my little 2-year old. For the purposes of her privacy, I'll simply refer to her as Alamena Diane Pie. Ready for this tag-team review of Apple Bloom, Applejack and Big McIntosh's little sister? Then join me after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 4 inches ( 4 7/8ths including her bow)

Articulation: None

Accessories: None

Non-Scalper Price: $18.50 (Hot Topic runs lots of good buy one get one 1/2 off sales, though, so keep an eye out).

 The Positives:

Here is our review session. All quotes are from ADP unless otherwise noted.

"Wooo! Apple Bloom! *ADP grins while taking Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom proceeds to hop through a play farm.* "Hop! Hop! Hop!"
 *Sees my computer* "Daddy! Push buttons! Push buttons! Bow! Apple Bloom Bow! (this is said ten times). Daddy! Eyes! Apple Bloom eyes!" "Nose!" " Tail!" *ADP lets out a crazy laugh!*
Me: "Anything else you want to say?" ADP: "Applebloom!"

The Negatives:
*I point out the scuffs on Apple Bloom to ADP. ADP looks at me. "Apple Bloom Apple Bloom Apple Bloom Oh no!!! Yes." *ADP points at Apple Bloom* "Puppy puppy puppy!" *Points at spot* "Daddy! Fly! Fly Daddy. Push Apple Bloom! "Apple Bloom (repeated 10 times)." "Wash Apple Bloom!"

*ADP is now interested that I have pockets on my dress slacks. Now she's laughing. Now Apple Bloom is walking on my arm.* "Push Apple Bloom"

Let's be honest. For those of you interested in these vinyl figures, I think you know exactly what you're getting. They're cute sculpts with a little bit of that weird scuffing and the mold lines that certain vinyl products end up with. Apple Bloom has been a huge hit around our house lately (ADP got a stuffed one from Build a Bear back in August) so she was pretty excited to see her. She's a funny, sassy character on the show and Funko did a nice job with her. I'm giving her a Good and a 1/2 rating. ADP, what do you think?
* ADP holds Apple Bloom in her arms and giggles, then asks for Rainbow Dash*

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