Friday, December 22, 2023

Action Figure Review: Sabine Wren from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase IV by Hasbro


   Star Wars: The Black Series has been pretty dull this year with not too many figures that appealed to me. Thus far I've only picked up the comic series Mara Jade and Doctor Aphra, though I have been looking for the Target exclusive Darth Vader (Duel's End) but haven't found it yet. I'm all about Mandalorians, though, and I was sold on both Sabine Wren from Ahsoka and Pre Vizsla. Today I'm checking out Sabine based on her portrayal by Natasha Liu Bordizzo in Ahsoka. The Ahsoka figures have been pretty nice and did manage to drop fairly close to the release of the show, so that was a real plus. I just really like Sabine and love collecting Mandalorians, so she was an instabuy. Ready to check out a new figure of Sabine Wren? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 5 1/2th inches

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, boot swivels, swivel/ hinge knees, balljointed hips, balljointed mid-torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, balljonted neck, and a barbell jointed head.

Accessories: 2 blasters, 2 piece lightsaber, and helmet.

Non-Scalper Price: $25 dollars

Little Known Fact: The secret to her hair? Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid mix!

The Positives:

* Sabine looks fantastic! This is a great sculpt that really captures the look of Sabine's armor well. The armored plates really look like pieces attached over a bodysuit and the colors are great. The paint apps are overall very neat and clean with some really sharp lines on the chest pad. It's all very accurate to the show, which is fantastic. It's nice that we didn't have to wait a year or so for the figure and still end up with an inaccurate figure.

* I've seen a bit of a mixed reception to Sabine's portrait but I really like it. It's very realistic and nicely captures the likeness of the gorgeous Natasha Liu Bordizzo. Sabine's short hair looks great, though I did neary weep when she cut her long hair in the show. Still, she's a stunner and I love her take on Sabine. The face printing looks just excellent here and the expression gives just the hint of a smile.

* Here's a shot of the back of Sabine's armor. You can also see the logos on her shoulder pads which have some excellent, colorful printing.

* Sabine's armored vambraces also have a really nice printed pattern on them. Besides being armored with visible weaponry, they're also incredible stylish. 

* A removable helmet is included here (not an alternate head) and it fits pretty well. Maybe a bit loose but I don't think it's too oversized. Certainly not like the Vintage Collection figure of Sabine Wren. The paint design is just as cool as you'd expect, too.

* The rangefinder pivots down, too. 

* Sabine is ready for battle with her dual WESTAR-35 blaster pistols. Not only do these have some really superb sculpts but the paint work is just really very tight.

* Sabine has modified Ezra's lightsaber a bit over the years, so it's her now, and she looks great wearing it. The green blade is bright and vibrant with an excellent hilt.

* It shouldn't be a surprise to you seasoned Black Series collector that the lightsaber blade is removable, but it is. They're also easier to take off and put on now than they were earlier in the line, too. The Black Series is over 10 years old now! It's lasted longer than the vintage Kenner line!

* You can store both blasters in the holsters on Sabine's belt and the lightsaber fits on a hook on the front.

* From the waist up Sabine's articulation is nothing new but still pretty excellent. From the waist down there's a little bit of a difference as there are no thigh swivels. When this was first shown there were definitely a few folks who were quick to use this as evidence that Hasbro was cheaping out, but having her in hand it seems Hasbro has added in boot swivels. Honestly, that seems more useful and more accurate. She's a high quality figure and well made. She's also lots of fun to mess around with, but that's usually true for any figure of a Mandalorian. 

   Sabine Wren is a really nice Black Series figure. She looks great with a fantastic likeness, great articulation, and a nice assortment of accessories. Yeah, it would have been cool to have another item or two (maybe her satchel) but she feels nicely equipped. For the past decade the Black Series has been one of my favorite line but lately it has felt pretty dull with too many gimmick repaints, simple redos, and weird deluxe figures that don't feel deluxe. It feels very aimless right now, so it's nice when an Epic figure like Sabine comes out. She's really the best from the line this year. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Me too! Sabine is definitely one of my favorite new characters from the past decade or so.

  2. One of my faves. They did a nice job with this one.

    1. They did. Personally, I'd like a version of her with her longer hair and her jacket from the first episode of the show.

  3. Definitely need to catch up on the Ahsoka characters. Glad to hear she turned out so well!

    1. I'm behind in the show (still) but the figures seem to be better than Hasbro's efforts on most tie-ins. They've arrived mostly on time with the show, at least for the main characters and even some side characters.


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