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Accessory Review: Pandora Upgrade Gear from Action Force by Valaverse


   One of the things that's nice about an online, collector targeted toyline like Action Force is that there's plenty of room to be flexible and offer stuff like accessory packs and basic figures. Valaverse has done a great job of offering plenty of weapon and accessory packs and from time to time they've also released  Upgrade Gear kits targeted towards specific figures. I picked up a few of these recently but I wanted to show off the kit for Pandora as I just think it's a really well executed set. Whether you want to upgrade your basic Pandora figure, turn another base figure into a Pandora v2, create your own custom figure, or just equip other Action Force and non-Action Force) toys, you've got a nice kit to do that at a very affordable price. Ready to check out the Pandora Upgrade Gear? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:

Scale: 1/12
Accessories: Armor, portrait, belt, knife, tapanga, 2 pistols, machine gun, box magazine, ammo belt segment, 2 bipods, 2 smoke effects, and 3 firing effects.

Non-Scalper Price: $13 dollars

Little Known Facts: No one has ever seen Pandora and Natalie Dormer in the same place at the same time!

The Positives:

* There are plenty of accessory packs out there in Action Force but the ability to get a new headsculpt for a previously released figure is a huge selling point. This portrait takes everything good about the first figure and makes her look just crazier and more unhinged as she's licking her lips. Her tongue and teeth look excellent and I think it's fair to say that Valaverse really nailed the expression. 

* Just like on the portrait from the standard figure, this new Pandora head is sporting a Celtic triskele design that really stands out and just adds to her coolness factor. 

FYI: There is a chase variant of a blood splattered Pandora portrait to go with the blood splattered Pandora figure. The bloody variant is supposed to have a rarity of 1 in 3. 

* The black chest armor is a nice upgrade over the standard tan vest that the basic Pandora has. It's more armored and has a cool red logo on it, which nicely matches up with most of her weapons. 

* I love the exoskeleton like look of the back of Pandora's armor. Other figures have come with this same armor, but Pandora's has a more intricate paintjob than most. 

* What do you think these pistols are? They kind of look like Walthers of some sort. Of course, they're customized with compensators on the end and crimson bodies. 

* They can securely fit inside the holsters attached to the front of Pandora's armored vest, too. 

* Two of the smaller muzzle effects are included to show Pandora's pistols in action!

* There's also a pair of smoking effects to give her smoking barrels if you want to display her after she's been in a firefight. 

* Her knife has been repainted, too. This time her nasty little tool has a black blade and a crimson grip. 

* A black belt is included with a sheathe for the knife. It's actually pretty easy to swap the belts: Just heat up Pandora's hips so the balljointed hips can pop loose, slide the belt on, and pop the legs back on. I use a few short bursts of my wife's hairdryer but you could use hot water as well. 

* Check out this gorgeous red and black machine gun. It looks like an FN EVOLYS light machine gun. These were first produced in 2021, so this is a very new piece of equipment. I love the design of this!

* The set comes with two bipods, one with the legs folded in and one with the legs folded out. The bipods are hinged, too, so you can slide it up into place. 

* The box magazine also is removable and has a strip of the ammo belt coming out. That's also removable).

* There is a firing effect for the FN EVOLYS, too. There's no hole in the barrel here so the firing effect fits over the barrel. 

* I believe this type of machete is called a tapanga. It's an African tool used with a heavier weighted blade, though Pandora definitely isn't using hers for farming. 

   For $13 dollars, you're getting some really nice goodies with this set. I love the red and black color scheme and really love how much this changes Pandora's look. Valaverse's accessory sets have all been really well done and very reasonably priced and I'm quite glad they are now offering upgrade sets specifically for the figures, too. This is a really neat concept and something I just can't imagine a larger company with a retail focused line offering. The Pandora Upgrade Gear is Epic and well worth acquiring for Pandora or another figure needing a fantastic red and black arsenal. 

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