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Action Figure Review: Ruck Rampage from Final Faction by Greenbrier International

Ruck is a lucky guy, isn't he? This is his second accessory pack in the line and they're both pretty good. This one is called the Ruck Rampage and it's a heavy armor set for Ruck. Parts of Ruck's armor remind me of Jake Rockwell's gear from Centurions, particularly the Wild Weasel due to the funky helmet. This one's a solid set so let's check it out after the break...

The Facts:

Scale: 1/18th
Includes: Chest armor, backpack, battery, 2 arms, 2 hands, spiked hand, 2 legs, 2 piece minigun, and 2 piece rocket launcher.
Non-Scalper Price: $1.25

The Positives:

* The overall suit is called the X-O Rampage and it's comprised of multiple armored pieces. First up is this heavy duty helmet and chest armor combination that fits over Ruck's torso and attaches onto his back. It's bulky but I'm sure it's loaded with all kinds of sophisticated equipment for giving him the edge on the battlefield. 

* The back of the armor attaches like a backpack and provides more armor. This probably houses part of what powers the armor, too. 

* The Pulverizers are listed as Exo-Arms and they're apparently extremely powerful. They plug into the sides of Ruck's gauntlets and look pretty awesome on the figure. Lots of pistons and armor with plenty of wear and tear from previous encounters. 

* The fists and grips are a separate piece that allows Ruck to hold on to the arms and control them. 

* You can pop off one of the standard fists and add on this battering ram like weapon. I imagine this is used for melee combat and destroying enemy vehicles and installations. 

* The Trekkers are the armored legs for the Rampage armor and, according to the package, they allow the user to leap three stories. Wow. That's pretty crazy. Ruck is definitely getting overpowered against the Kharn, isn't he?

* The Ruck Assault set had two mounted miniguns called the Arms of Aries and this set has a shoulder mounted cannon with the same name. It's on a turret and can move around for better aiming. 

* The RX-7 Ion Cell is a removable piece that provides the power and attaches to the back of the unit. 

* Last up for weaponry is the Slinger, a S.A.M. (Surface to Air Missile) platform. It's also on a turret and can provide some serious firepower. 
The Negatives:

* The turret for the Arms of Aries is a bit week and tends to flop over too easily. 

* The armored suit looks really cool but it definitely could have used either a few simple paint applications or perhaps some silver mixed into the paint to give it a more unique look. 
   This is another Great set and another really impressive piece. It looks pretty sweet right out of the package and attached to Ruck but I imagine someone taking the time to paint it or customize it would really have something cool to show off. You could also mix the parts from the Assault set with it since the colors are similar and Ruck's standard cannon can be attached to the arms for additional firepower. This one is well worth picking up. For the $2.50 cents (this set and Ruck) you're getting a lot of toy for your money. 

If you're a fan of Ruck I've also reviewed the basic Ruck figure and the Ruck Assault set.

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