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Action Figure Review: Cobra Valkyries from G.I. Joe: Classified Series by Hasbro


   Y'all know that Hasbro's G.I. Joe: Classified Series is pretty much my favorite toyline out there right now. Honestly, it's become one of my favorites ever, even eclipsing my beloved G.I. Joe: Sigma 6. Hasbro has been putting so much G.I. Joe: Classified Series stuff out there lately that I'm way, way behind in reviewing it all! I've had the Cobra Valkyries for well over a month but I'm just now getting around to checking them out. Female Cobra Troopers actually appeared in the Sunbow animated series and were released by the G.I. Joe Collector's Club in a few different sets. We're building a huge Cobra army in the Classified Series and Hasbro decided to help us out by releasing two Cobra Valkyries in one set. Now, I will say that while this set does have some deluxe elements to it like lots of firing effects, it still feels like Hasbro seems to misunderstand the idea of buying in bulky. Why are there Marvel Legends, Star Wars: The Black Series, and G.I. Joe: Classified Series multi-packs always more expensive than buying two normal figures? What a weird concept! Fortunately, this set is a good one and it comes with lots of great stuff to full equip the Valkyries. We don't get file cards or bios anymore but there is a blurb on Hasbro Pulse that says: "The Cobra Valkyries stalk the battlefield as 'choosers of the slain' ushering any enemies who cross their path straight to Valhalla." That's pretty grim and definitely makes them seem like some sort of elite unit, though it could always be bravado. Still, darn cool stuff. Let's check out the Cobra Valkyries after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 5 7/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge ankles, boot swivels, double hinged knees, swivel thighs, ball jointed drop down hips, ball jointed waist, mid-torso hinge, butterfly pecs, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, double hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, ball jointed neck base, and a ball jointed head.

Accessories: 3 portraits, 3 helmets, 2 holsters, 2 shoulder straps, 2 backpacks, 2 rifles, 2 smgs, 2 rifle magazines, 2 smg magazines, 4 pistols, 2 knives, 2 bicep bands, and 9 firing effects.

Non-Scalper Price: $55 dollars

The Positives:

* Both of the Cobra Valkyries share the same sculpt with the only difference being the colors of their web gear and holsters. One has black while the other has a yellowish color that seems to be trying to emulate the vintage Marvel look of the Cobra Troopers. The outfits look great and have more armor and textures on them, more like the Cobra Trooper and Cobra Infantry figures than the Cobra Officer. 

* The set actually includes three separate portraits that can be used for either of the two included bodies. The first two are standard trooper hoods. They look well protected with an armored mouth. The eyes are very nicely done on each figure. This one has a darker skin-tone, so you get some variety in your collection.

* The second headsculpt is pretty much the same as the first but features a lighter colored skin tone. 

* The third might be my favorite as it has goggles and a nicely detailed gas mask over the mouth. It's pretty hardcore looking and makes for a really nice special operations Cobra Valkyrie.

* The set also includes two helmets, one for each figure. They fit on the heads quite well and have some designs on the helmet so they're not just smooth, blue buckets.

* An officer's helmet is also included. It's a simpler design but it does have a silver v shape on the front.

* Besides having a really detailed torso with different patterns on different parts of the outfit, the shoulder straps and bicep cuff with some sort of device on it really adds to the complexity of the figure. It's very neat and just gives the Cobra Valkyrie a cool tactical feel. 

* Not only do the Valkyries have kneepads but their boots are nice and armored, too. I love the way the armored plates are strapped over normal boots. It's just a cool look. 

* The Classified Series figures almost always have fantastic articulation and these two are both winners in my book. They feel sturdy, can move freely, and have a great range of motion. I can't keep my hands off of these two with all of their extra weapons and gear they're just super sun to pose and mess around with.

* Two backpacks are included: One in black and one in a yellowish-tan. They are very standard backpacks with lots of straps for attaching gear. Just a basic, military style pack.

* Four pistols are included, two for each trooper. It's a smaller automatic pistol with some nice details and a hollow barrel for holding a firing effect. The pistols also come in two different colors. 

* There is a removable holster for each figure that fits on their right hip. I swapped up the pistols here to make the colors stand out more and it doesn't look too bad. I like the way the pistols fit in so securely. 

* There's a second holster on the left side of the belt and some sculpted on pouches on the back, presumably for holding pistol magazines.

* Two rifles are included for the Cobra Valkyries, each with a grenade launcher as well. The plastic quality is really nice on all of the weapons in this set and the sculpt is quite detailed. These look a bit like some sort of HK. The barrels on both the rifles and the grenade launchers are hollow, allowing you to use the included firing effects on them. 

* Both rifles have removable magazines as well. 

* Also included are two SMGs that look to be based on the M3A1 SMG with an added scope and flash suppressor on the barrel. These were the default weapon for Cobra Troopers in the Sunbow animated series (where they fired lasers) but here they've been given a more realistic appearance.  

* They also have removable magazines. 

* Both the rifle and the SMG can fit on the sides of the backpacks via a square peg that can fit through the trigger guards. 

* Two knives are included, too. They're also colored to match the Valkyries, but they also have a silver paint application for the blade.

* The knives lip right into the sheath son their webgear, keeping a nice, hand blade right where they need it. 

* Also included is a set of firing effects for the Valkyries to share or which can be used by any other Classified Series weapons with hollow barrels. All nine firing effects came with the Cobra Viper Officer and Vipers set and they also come with the Steel Corps Troopers set. They look great and add a lot of variety to the figures on display. 

* The firing effects can stack as well, with some having a peg and a hole so you can create some sort of crazy blast coming from a weapon. 

   This set is incredible. Each figures comes loaded with weapons, you get plenty of firing effects, and the Cobra Valkyries themselves are very impressive. I'm not completely sold on the yellowish-tan color chosen for one of the Valkyries, but it's not terrible. Maybe if it has been just a bit more yellow, maybe like a mustard yellow. Otherwise, this is another Epic set. There's so much cool stuff here and it definitely feels like you're getting some real bang for your buck. This is another G.I. Joe: Classified Series release that I could definitely put on my best figures of the year list for this line. 

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  1. So glad they made this set. Really awesome.

    1. These two are fantastic figures. Really nicely accessorized, too. The Classified Series is without a doubt my favorite ongoing line.

  2. this set is solid just wish I didn't like the tan gear

    1. I wish it had been a bit more yellow, like in the comics. Not the weapons, though. Just the webgear and holster and such.


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