Monday, October 2, 2023

Action Figure Review: Motherboard from Masterverse/ Masters of the Universe Revolution by Mattel


   31 Days of Toy Terror 2023 has already started but that doesn't mean I'm going to be delivering up a steady stream of regular reviews. Today I'm checking out Motherboard from Mattel's Masterverse toyline. The packaging refers to this figure as being part of the Masters of the Universe: Revolution subset, which makes her the first figure from that line. Motherboard is a Mattel Creations exclusive who was still available as of October 1st, so if you want her now's the time to pick her up. Not only does it seem like she could be a major villain in MOTU: Revolution (she was really a behind the scenes player in MOTU: Revelation) but she's also going to be voiced by Meg Foster from the 1987 Masters of the Universe motion picture. That's pretty incredible! Motherboard is an oversized figure, kind of like Tytus and Megator from the vintage line and Masters of the Universe Classics, and she towers above the 7 inch Masterverse figures. Ready to check out the new evil leader of a new evil faction, the eponymous Motherboard cult? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 11 5/8ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/hinge ankles, swivel/hinge knees, swivel/hinge hips, balljointed midtorso, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, and a balljointed head.

Accessories: 4 swappable hands, cape and wing backpack, 2 piece display stand, and display box.

Non-Scalper Price: $65 dollars

The Positives:

* At just a little under a foot tall (11 5/8ths inches), Motherboard is pretty tall. She still looks massive and intimidating even against the 6-7 inch Masterverse which seems to be correct compared to little we've seen of her. She takes up a lot of display base, especially with her massive wings and cape, but it's really cool to have another new villain. 

* Motherboard has a very interesting appearance, a mixture of a standard human body and a computer program. She very much reminds me of Cortana from Halo in that way. Most of her body appears simply blueish purple and unclothed with only robotic joints and glowing lines to convey any type of design or color. Her top i covered by a short shirt and when taken together with her bird-like hood, cape, and wings, she definitely seems to be wearing a costume inspired by Screeech. You know, kind of like how the Sorceress' outfit is inspired by Zoar. 

* Despite being an evil, cybernetic cult leader, Motherboard doesn't look grotesque or monstrous. Her face is cute with pupilless eyes and some dark lines running across her face. Kind of a mixture of something you'd see in earlier computer generated images and a robot designed to be plain and unassuming. 

* It's not removable but Motherboard's hood resembles a bird and is cast in similar colors to Screeech from the vintage toyline. 

* The "glowing" light blue stripes are really nice and definitely add to Motherboard's appearance as some sort of digital being. 

* Not only does she have some seriously long nails but her knuckles look like they've been designed with pistons of some sort to help facilitate movement. 

* Her feet are also designed with a robotic look. Her toes have visible joints like you'd expect to see on a mechanical body. 

* To really complete Motherboard's look you'll need to pop on this massive "backpack that features a cape, collar, and her massive wings. This is what really makes her look impressive and it's loaded with unique features and details. 

* Here's a look at the back where you can see the massive wings. The shades of purple really do look like Screeech's wings. 

* The wing doesn't have feathers but various plates that overlap one another. They're not stained glass, but that's kind of the feel I get when looking at them.

* On the backpack where Motherboard's wings meet there is some interesting design such as four nozzles. Are they exhaust ports or some sort of thrusters?

* The cape is very nice with a tail-like design o the upper part of it. It's a very well crafted accessory with a nice, thick feel and excellent weight. 

* Hanging down between Motherboard's cape and her body are five rubbery cables. They kind of remind me of ribbon cables, so who knows what they're for? Do they allow Motherboard to plug into some system in order to recharge? Can she connect them to someone to make them her servants? Are they just for style?

* Check out that wingspan! Dang, Motherboard is absolutely massive when she spreads her wings! Each wing has two double swivel/hinge joints on it, so you can get some movement while also having the ability to fold the wings down into a more neutral position, too. 

* Motherboard feels a little different from the rest of the Masterverse line but her construction does help make her lighter and better able to stand. She has a decent amount of movement, too. I'm not sure how "hands on" of a character she'll be but if you want to have her go to to toe with the Heroic Warriors, she's ready for a fight for sure. 

* Motherboard comes with two pair of hands: Some gesturing hands with extended nails and some standard gripping hands. Everything swaps easily and with little to no trouble. 

* Since she's tall and has those heavy wings, Motherboard comes with a plastic display stand. The rod plugs into the base, which has been designed with a computer circuitry pattern, and there are both foot pegs on the base and a hinged clip for keeping the figure standing tall. 

* Motherboard comes inside of a brown cardboard mailer with some illustrations on it but, inside of that, is a very heavy, very elaborate box that looks like Motherboard's throne room or an altar of some sort. It's taller than her and is pretty impressive. 

* The front folds back and stays in place thanks to magnets, creating a pretty cool diorama display base for Motherboard. This is definitely designed to be something you keep and use as part of the figure. 

* Motherboard's display stand can also fit down inside the base into a recessed space, allowing you to keep her standing on display. Now you've got a fantastic setup and can surround her with her minions! 
The Negatives:

* My only negative is that some of the lines on Motherboard's body that look like they're meant to be streams of light are a bit messy. Since they're such a simple design, the sloppiness is definitely more noticeable. 

  Motherboard really turned out to be a very cool figure. She's an interesting looking figure who takes up a massive amount of space thanks to her height, her wingspan, and the very cool display box she comes with. I'm honestly very pleased with her and it feels like Mattel really went all in to produce a quality figure of a new villain. She definitely feels worth the price and seems like you're actually getting a bit of a value considering how complex her wings, cape, and box her. I know that I am very much looking forward to Masters of he Universe: Revolution and Motherboard has me very excited. She's a Great and a 1/2 figure!

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  1. She's gorgeous. And those cables are what she used to jab into Skeletor and change him, no?

    1. Actually nah I misremembered. Her nails grew into Skeletor. The cables were plugged into some base bit when she was in bird mode. Sorry. :)

    2. Yeah, she's pretty fantastic. I can't wait for Revolution!


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