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Masters of the Universe Month: Fisto (Black Boots) from Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls by The Loyal Subjects

   During the time when Mattel wasn't really releasing any Masters of the Universe product companies like Super7, Funko, and The Loyal Subjects jumped in and filled the gap. While I did get annoyed by how many crazy rare figures The Loyal Subjects released in the line I do like the look and style of these little guys. Today I'm checking out the variant Fisto with black boots who was released as part of a Hot Topic exclusive series in 2018. The Hot Topic variants actually came out a good few months before the mainstream series 2 releases, so does that make the standard series 2 figures the true variants? Fisto has always been one of my favorites and even in this smaller scale he still looks rough and ready for action. Let's take a look at Fisto, one of the stars of the 1984 series of Masters of the Universe toys, after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 3 1/4ths inches

Articulation: Balljointed ankles, hinged knees, balljointed hips, balljointed waist, double balljointed shoulders, swivel wrists, and a balljointed head.

Accessories: Sword and bio-card.

Original Retail Price: $13- $15 dollars
Year of Release: 2018



* The Hot Topic exclusive Fisto (Black Boots) is on the left while the standard series 2 Fisto is on the right. What's different? Well, the colors of the belts and trunks are different as are the boots. That's about it!

The Positives:

* Like the standard series 2 version, Fisto is just a burly looking figure, even when presented in this smaller scale and somewhat cutesy style. I love the purple and silver color scheme. The paintwork is neat and the details on the armor and the boots are pretty sharp, particularly the highlights on the straps of his boots. There's obviously some reuse here, probably on the body and the boots, but that doesn't mean that Fisto doesn't wear this look better than most.


* The headsculpt is fantastic, especially the great work on Fisto's beard. I like how you can clearly see small differences in the hair on his head, beard, and mustache. His eyes and eyebrows are pretty intense, too, befitting a man who roams Eternia on a robotic horse with a giant fist of justice. He's a man's man for sure.

* He's got a big fist,

   and when he gets pissed,

   he punches the bad guys,

   into a red mist.

 * For series 2 The Loyal Subjects redesigned the body. There's more articulation here and a slightly slimmer body for the base figure, although it's tough to tell with Fisto since most of it's hidden under his bulky armor. The figure mostly has balljoints, though not all of them have an extreme range of motion. The head and body joints are good, though, and the figure stands well and has a nice playability factor to it.


 * Fisto comes with his massive purple sword, and you know you would be disappointed if he didn't. Interestingly, the sword is a different sculpt from the sword included with the earlier Tri-Klops figures. It's not incredibly sharp but it definitely looks just like the vintage accessory and features a dark, purple color scheme.


* To add a bit more personalization and fun to each release The Loyal Subjects adds a bio card. It's a cool little extra that uses the Masters of the Universe Classics bio for Fisto here. The back features a checklist for the Hot Topic exclusive series 2, as well. 

The Negatives:

* Fisto's armor looks a bit oversized, particularly from the side. I kind of wish that The Loyal Subjects would have just made a new armored torso to use for Fisto as it would have probably looked a lot better.


* The paint has worn off from the sword handle a bit onto Fisto's left hand. That's a bummer. I've really just had this guy on display and he's not that old so it concerns me why this has happened already.

   Fisto gets a Good rating from me. I love the guy and how he looks but some of the little glitches like the oversized armor and the paint wearing off of his sword definitely reduce my enjoyment a bit. I love the look of the Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls and it's a shame that they ended after series 2. They're a fun little collection but with so many figures that were released in limited amounts (including the 1/96s, the infamous Club 28s, and the single release Gold Editions) no one is going to be able to finish this line.

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