Sunday, November 28, 2021

Action Figure Review: Snake Face #95 from POP! Retro Toys: Masters of the Universe by Funko

    Lately it feels like Mattel and most folks making licenses merchandise have been neglecting the Snake Men. Mattel hasn't released any Snake Men since Masters of the Universe Classics and Super7 never made any of the Snake Men in the M.U.S.C.L.E. or ReAction lines. Neither has anyone else. Funko is currently the only company giving the Snake Men any attention, thus it's very cool to be getting one of the later Snake Men like Snake Face here. Snake Face was an exclusive for NYCC 2021 that is shared with GameStop and you can still find him there in store if you shop around. With some similarities to the mythical Medusa such as the ability to turn heroes to stone, Snake Face is known as the "Most Gruesome of the Snake Men Warrors." I never had him as a kid which is surprising as I loved the Snake Men and I was really into MOTU around 1986 and 1987. It's great to get some of the underappreciated characters from Funko as POP! vinyls and today Snake Face is getting some attention. Join me after the break as we check out Snake Face....

The Facts:

Height: 4 inches

Articulation: Swivel head

Accessories: None

Non-Scalper Price: $15 dollars

The Positives:


* Snake Face stands well, has a fairly neutral pose, a swivel neck, and he's toting two different weapons. What more is there to say to start things off? He's a solid POP! vinyl.


* Snake Face looks really, really cool. His skin is reptilian but also kind of stone like and he's wearing his traditional black armor with a green Snake Men symbol. There aren't any hidden snakes popping out from under his chest panels but the sculpt of the armor is excellent.


* The headsculpt is incredible and one of the coolest POP! vinyl heads out there. The vintage toy featured a pop out tongue and pop out snake eyes and while there is no action feature here the eyes and tongue are sculpted as if they're popping out of Snake Face's face. It's really crazy looking and kind of creepy, too.



* Snake Face's snake themed helmet even has serpents all over the sides. Creepy!


* In his right arm Snake Face is sporting his green serpent shield. It features eight  sculpted snakes spiraling out from the center and is a pretty unique looking shield.


* His second weapon is a Snake Men staff molded in deep green. Most of the Snake Men carried these totems and Snake Face is no exception.

   Funko has been doing a really good job with the Masters of the Universe license in POP! vinyl form and it's always great to see them get to a less well known characters like Snake Face. He's really cool and gruesome and nicely adds another Snake Man to that faction. He's a Great and a 1/2 POP! vinyl and one of my favorites of the year. It's very likely that the POP! Retro Toys will end up on my best of the year list for 2021 thanks to great releases like Snake Face and it'll be interesting to see if anything new squeaks its way out before the end of the year.

The only other Snake Face I've reviewed is the MOTUC Snake Face.

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  1. I never could get into the snakemen thing. My main issue with the second season of the 200X show was all the darn snakes and even turning teela and man-at-arms and co into snakes. To be fair some of the snakemen designs do try to be a bit different but at the end of the day it's still all snakes and gets kinda samey. I feel like if Revelation gets a season 3 it'll probably be snakemen (with season 2 being the horde) and they did show up in flashbacks in the 4 issue comic tie-in.

    1. The Snake Men were going strong when I was first into MOTU and I've always liked them. The figures had some great, unique action features, too. Some of the best designs in the vintage line, really. I'm also not a huge fan of the Serpent Ring and everyone being turned into snakes. I do like them as an ancient evil that reawakens with ties to Snake Mountain and Serpos, however. It'd be interesting to see some MOTU media use the original idea of King Hiss appearing heroic at first only to fool the heroes. It'd be interesting to see him integrate himself as a Heroic Warrior to plan his assault.

    2. Did you read the 2010's DC Comics. There was something kinda along the lines of that sorta but I don't wanna spoil it if you haven't read them. :O


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