Friday, July 31, 2020

Trap Jaw-ly: Trap Jaw #487 from POP! Television: Masters of the Universe by Funko

    Today is the last day of Trap Jaw-ly and for my last review I'm checking out the Funko POP! Trap Jaw. Trap Jaw was released in May 2017 as a Funko Specialty Series release alongside of an FYE Exclusive comic colors Trap Jaw. Something interesting about this guy is that the standard Trap Jaw I'm checking out today is actually harder to come by then the store exclusive release. That's a bit unusual, right? I've really enjoyed looking at some Trap Jaw stuff this month and I hope you've enjoyed it, too. Trap Jaw is a great character with one of the coolest gimmicks in Masters of the Universe. Let's check out this POP! version of the this Evil Warriors who's armed for combat...

 The Facts:

Height: 3 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel head

Accessories: None

Year of Release: 2017

* The standard Trap Jaw is on the left while the FYE exclusive in the vintage minicomic colors is on the right. They're the same figure, just with different color schemes.
The Positives:

 * Trap Jaw is your average POP! vinyl, so he's got a swivel head, stands in place well, and he's made of vinyl. He's a pretty cool little guy and even though he's short and somewhat cute, his menace still shines through!

* The headsculpt is excellent! While most of the earlier MOTU POP! figures seemed to be based on the Filmation cartoon Trap Jaw is clearly based on the vintage toy due to his darker colors and his black arm and harness. The jaw looks great, as do the angry eyebrows.

* I still get tickled whenever I see the loop on top of Trap Jaw's helmet. This was included on the vintage figure and was intended as a way for the character to essentially zip-line down into battle. I love that it's always present, even though zip-lining by hanging from your helmet is so extremely dangerous. How would you even support yourself doing that? Don't do it!

* Trap Jaw's body is nicely detailed with his funky space boots and his super cool skull belt. The paint work is neat and clean, too, so he looks fantastic!

* Trap Jaw's right arm is mechanical, of course, and he's sporting his laser rifle arm. That's my favorite of the Trap Jaw armaments, so good job Funko!

   Trap Jaw is one of my favorite MOTU POP! vinyls. He's just a very well done rendition of the character with great paintwork and a pretty slick sculpt for a smaller, stylized figure. While Funko has moved slowly overall in their MOTU releases, they're really starting to fill out the roster. Trap Jaw isn't one of those crazy expensive POP! vinyls (you know, like She-Ra, Ram Man, and Scareglow) so you may want to pick him up if you missed him. He's a Great and a 1/2 POP! and a fun incarnation of the character.

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  1. What a fun and funny character. He was always part of Skeletor’s inner circle which I liked. Boy I hope I find this guy and good guy Funko POP at some point. These kinds of things are always a fun find at a place like 5Below or Tuesday Morning. I took my kids to the FYE at the mall some 7 months back and Lo and Behold it was their last day in business. Same day as Hot Topic going out of business. That was a blow to us pop culture enthusiasts and that was before pandemic 2020 knocked out San Diego Comic Con and lord knows what else by the time this thing burns through the globe. We need HeMan now more then ever!

    1. I agree. He-Man and the rest of the MOTU and POP crew have been great friends during the pandemic. I actually bought this guy on Ebay for a pretty good price. He's a couple years old at this point, so you may have to resort to the secondary market for Trap Jaw.

  2. Deadly... and adorable at the same time. Cool.


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