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Trap Jaw-ly! Stratos, Trap Jaw, & Prince Adam from Masters of the Universe Classics by Super7

   Today you're getting a triple-sized review for Trap-Jawly as I'm checking out Super7's 2017 PowerCon exclusive 3-pack which includes Stratos, Trap Jaw, and Prince Adam in their minicomic looks. Super7 took over the Masters of the Universe Classics line from Mattel in 2017. During that first year they offered up some reruns with only minor differences called the Ultimates figures (which may have been produced at Mattel's factory if I recall correctly) and two exclusive 3-packs for PowerCon 2017 which were the first MOTUC sets Super7 produced on their own. Collectors of MOTUC had long wanted to see more comic themed variants in the line and Super7 definitely delivered by offering up three of them at once. This is a large review and I'll be talking a bit more about each character while reviewing them so let's get things started after the break...

The Facts: Stratos

Height: 6 3/4 inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge ankles, hinged knees, swivel thighs, swivel/hinge hips, swivel waist, mid-torso hinge, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrist cuffs, swivel wrists, and a ball-jointed head.

Accessories: Staff of Avion and feathered collar.

Year of Release: 2017

The Facts: Trap Jaw

Height: 7 inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge ankles, boot swivels, hinged knees, swivel thighs, swivel/hinge hips, mid-torso hinge, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel left wrist, and a double ball-jointed head.

Accessories: Hook hand, laser rifle hand, and claw hand.

Year of Release: 2017

The Facts: Prince Adam

Height: 7 inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge ankles, boot swivels, hinged knees, swivel thighs, swivel/hinge hips, swivel waist, hinged mid-torso, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, hinged elbows, swivel hinge/ wrists, and a double ball jointed head.

Accessories: Power sword

Year of Release: 2017

Original Retail Price: $110 dollars for the set of 3


* There is definitely a noticeably different feel to the sets as the plastic used is harder than on Mattel's releases. That being said the figures are overwhelmingly "repaints" although with some new parts. Minicomic Stratos (left) is quite similar to the original Stratos (right) but with swivel/hinged Beast Man feet, a new collar and belt, and wrist cuffs that are free to swivel around.

* Minicomic Trap Jaw (left) is incredibly different from the original Trap Jaw. While his right arm and basic torso are the same, everything else is different. He has a standard left arm and legs (no armored bits), a new headsculpt, and a brand new waist piece.

* Minicomic Prince Adam (left) might be the most similar to the standard released figure (right). While he does have the improved swivel/hing ankles, everything else is the same as the standard figure except for the headsculpt. This version of Adam uses Oolar's head with a new hairpiece attached.

 The Positives:

* Let's start with Prince Adam. While Mattel dropped the bios for the 2016 figures, Super7 reintroduced them. The bio for this version of Prince Adam depicts this as a slightly younger version of Prince Adam who is really trying to play up his role as a carefree, womanizing sort who spends all day drinking and fighting (the classic version of Prince Adam represents his later years where he is still a bit carefree, but trying to seem more royal and responsible). By simply having Adam in just furry shorts and repainting his vest, Super7 really did a nice job of capturing his minicomic look. This is a great depiction of the character.

* Using Oolar's head (which is MOTUC's version of the Alcala He-Man) was a nice touch, although he definitely looks a bit more menacing than you ever think of Prince Adam being. Still, that is true to the depictions of Adam in the earliest minicomics and DC's limited series where Adam is all about wenching and fighting.

 * Super7 used the newer swivel/hinged ankles on the figures in this set for better posing options. They also did a nice job of painting the straps on the boots, really bringing out the detail.

* One of the coolest things about this release is that Prince Adam has a loop for storing the Power Sword. The original SDCC exclusive MOTUC Prince Adam was supposed to have a loop like this but it was accidentally left off of the figure, so it's nice that a version of Prince Adam finally had it.
 * Super7's first true new MOTUC releases are quite similar to what MOTUC put out although the plastic quality is much firmer. Overall that's not a problem and, in fact, might be preferable, though there are a few problems caused by the new plastic. Still, these guys are durable, well articulated toys. Other than his mid torso hinge being restricted by his vest Prince Adam is incredibly well articulated and easy to pose and play with.

 * Adam comes with the standard MOTUC Power Sword though this time it is in a slightly darker color scheme. The blade is a lighter silver, the hilt is grayish, and the handle is black.

* In the earliest minicomics Stratos wasn't grey. Instead he seemed more flesh-toned but with a hairy body. For the bio on this figure we learn that this is a younger version of Stratos before he joints the Masters of the Universe and before his grey feathers have fully grown in. Eh, works for me. He doesn't have the jetpack that the standard Stratos has but instead is wearing a feathered color. He still uses predominantly primary colors (with gold replacing yellow) and has a rather impressive look to him. the texture of his hairy body definitely makes this feel like a more complex figure.

* Stratos's portrait isn't much different than the standard figure. The red and blue are a bit brighter and his beard seems a bit slimmer (less grey paint, more "skin" showing).

* While Mattel's MOTUC PowerCon exclusives haven't featured any new molded parts (though 2019's Slamurai did have a soft goods vest) Super7 did add quite a few new pieces to each release. Stratos has a cool belt that fits over his standard loincloth/ belt combo and a very cool feathered collar. The heads on these guys don't pop off easily (you'll need to use the "boil and pop" method or a hairdryer to soften things up) but the feathery collar is removable if you work at it.

* Stratos is sporting his blue wings which are attached to the gold bracelets on his wrists and this time they spin. The original MOTUC Stratos had them glued in place but this one has them loose so they can rotate .

* Stratos came packaged with the Staff of Avion from the minicomics which, I believe, made this the first Stratos figure to actually come with this accessory as the piece originally was included with Goat Man. It's been repainted here, giving it more of a gold appearance rather than the translucent green of the original accessory.

 * To further make this guy accurate to the minicomics Stratos has the Beast Man feet. They've also been upgraded to swivel/ hinge ankles and look great with the rest of the figure.

* While the first MOTUC Stratos figure didn't have the claw weapon on the left hand this one does! It's also painted gold to match the rest of his metal accessories.

 * Stratos moves just as well as any other MOTUC figure from this point and actually a bit better thanks to the swivel/hinge ankles and the swiveling wings. The plastic quality is a bit sturdier than most of Mattel releases, too, though some folks might find that to be a bit of a flaw.

 * While the other figures in the set are earlier versions of the characters, Super7's bio for this version of Trap Jaw is actually intended to be a later version of the character. This is supposed to be Trap Jaw/ Kronis after Skeletor's evil magic continues to ravage his body. Remember how Kronis was all blue and Trap Jaw was blue with a green face? Well this guy is all green, maybe as if his skin is dying. Apparently Trap Jaw was captured by Peacekeepers on Infinita who took his armor as well, though at some point he has actually gained a bit of Grayskull's power (alluding to the minicomic). This is a pale green Trap Jaw, to make a long story short, and it looks really good and quite faithful to the minicomic appearance. He's definitely the figure in the set that's the most different from the original MOTUC release, which is a really cool thing.

* Trap Jaw has a completely new headsculpt that looks fantastic. No, he doesn't have a working jaw like the original MOTUC version, but he does have some crazy looking eyes and a unique helmet. It has those weird blunted spikes sticking out from the sides of his helmet and the hole which allows Trap Jaw to slide down ropes (which seems really unsafe and really illogical).

* Trap Jaw has the same robotic arm and chest plate as the first release though this time it's all painted with a simple metallic paint rather than black and blue. It looks good, though, and gives Trap jaw a more primitive appearance.

 * Trap Jaw has a new crotch piece. He's now sporting black and purple striped shorts (how stylish!) and a belt with a ram's skull on it. That's kind of cool, since it connects him to Skeletor a bit, though it does prevent his waist from swiveling.

 * Like Prince Adam, Trap Jaw is also sporting the new boots with the swivel/hinge ankle joint. He's also got some nice painted details to really bring out the detail.

 * My favorite of Trap Jaw's classic weapons is the laser blaster. There aren't any paint on these weapons as they're molded in the same metallic color as his arm. The sculpts are still impressive, though, and they fit on his robotic arm well.

* The claw arm has a working claw! Yes, it actually opens and closes. Just like you'd expect from a claw, I reckon.

 * Last, but not least, it the hook. Trap Jaw is kind of a pirate-like character so having a hook for a hand just makes sense!

The Negatives:

* I've mentioned a few times that all of the figures are molded in a much harder plastic than Mattel used. Overall it's not an issue, and I like the look and feel of it, but the area where it does create a problem are the hands. Each figure has a hard time getting accessories in their hands since they're solid. You'll have to really work with things or even use some heat to soften things up a bit.

 * I like the look of Prince Adam's vest but you can clearly see the blue plastic coming through the gold paint.

* While he has improved articulation in his ankles Stratos also has some rather loose ankles. You'll have to work with him a bit to get him to stand properly.

* Stratos wings are really, really rubbery. If you have him posed certain ways they actually just droop over, which is kind of strange.

* For the most part I had no trouble switching out Trap Jaw's arm attachments but on his laser cannon I had an issue with the plug popping out. It just needs glued back on, so it's not a huge issue, but do be careful with it.

   While this set showed off a bit of the learning curve Super7 was having to face when dealing with the MOTUC line, it also showed a lot of promise, though sadly the company would only get three full years with the line. Individually I'd give Adam a Good, Stratos a Great, and Trap Jaw an Epic rating. Averaging things out, I'd give this set a Great rating overall. For a convention exclusive set the price jump wasn't too high and there were quite a few new sculpted elements overall. For a lot of collectors these were high desirable variants and Super7 did an admirable job with them. This set now regularly sells for around double it's original price though you can sometimes find some of the figures loose for around $50 bucks each. It's a great set that really fills in a MOTUC collection nicely.

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