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Road to Solo: Mini Heads Set w/ C-3PO from Micro Machines: Star Wars by Galoob

   Happy Easter! Today rather than getting a basket full of chocolate eggs from I'm offering you a basket full of Star Wars Micro Machines Mini Heads! I've been working on completing my collection and I've made a huge leap forward by acquiring the multi-pack of Mini Heads from the second series. The set doesn't have a specific name or anything, so the exclusive C-3PO Mini Head it includes is kind of its claim to fame. This set wasn't released in the US and it includes three sets that were never offered as part of the 1998 Pizza Hutt promotion that helped to get these sets into the hands of North American collectors (the three rarer sets are C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, and 4-LOM). (Note: I picked up some of these sets at different times so I can't guarantee every piece is from the international releases or the same set). Let's hop right into this one and check these little mini treasures out after the break...

 The Facts: 4-LOM

Dimensions: Mini Head is 1 7/8ths inches tall, microfigure is 7/8ths inches tall.

Also available in: Collection VII

* This is a cool looking sculpt but I'm 99% sure that this is the most inaccurate sculpt Galoob did for any of the regular heads or Mini Heads. 4-LOM's features are kind of out of place and the coloring is way off. He's far too blue! Again, cool sculpt but definitely not accurate.

* The microfigure of 4-LOM is quite good, however, and looks very accurate. The body is very detailed with great texturing and the droid is wielding his DLT-19 Heavy Blaster rifle. I will admit that the paint on this guy does feel a bit tacky (he collects dust and stuff like crazy) which is something I've never really experienced on a Star Wars Micro Machine. Weird, huh?

* Inside the Mini Head is a setup which I'm assuming is supposed to be a scene from aboard the Executor. It would make more sense if Zuckuss was chilling out back there (or maybe even Dengar because he never gets any love) but we have a kind of weak looking Boba Fett and Bossk just standing around. It reminds me quite a bit of the Bossk Mini Head.

* The base looks to be a recessed part of a ship, kind of like one of the crew pits on board the Star destroyers. As you can see some of the paint from 4-LOM's base has rubbed off on the base of the Mini Head. This isn't something I've ever seen before so I wonder if it has to do with this specific figure?
 The Facts: Imperial Driver (AT-AT Assault Pilot)

Dimensions: Mini Head is 1 7/8ths inches tall, Microfigure is 3/4ths of an inch tall in a sitting pose.

Also available in: Collection IX

* The AT-AT Driver is a figure that never had another Micro Machine microfigure, so that automatically makes this piece a bit more desirable than the rest. The helmet is really cool and captures the awesome look of these rarely seen troops.

* I love the look of this figure although I do have to admit that the figures sculpted in permanent sitting positions always annoyed me a bit. It was OK for a figure that we had other standing versions of, but this is the only AT-AT Driver. He does look cool in what is presumably the cockpit of an AT-AT. It's not insanely accurate but it is a cool sculpt and the figure looks good sitting here.

* The upright part of the set shows off the interior of the AT-AT's viewscreen. As you can see, this AT-AT Driver is currently being swarmed by Snowspeeders on Hoth. It's just a sticker but it's very well executed effect.
 The Facts: C-3PO

Dimensions: Mini Head is 1 7/8ths inches tall, microfigure is 7/8ths inches tall.

Exclusive to this Set

* C-3PO is the exclusive piece for this set, much like Darth Vader was for the Mini Heads set from series 1. He's plated with vac-metal plastic and looks quite a bit like his larger counterpart that transformed into the Mos Eisley Cantina.

 * I do like the C-3PO microfigure included with this set. He's not my favorite Micro Machines C-3PO, as the proportions look a bit odd, but the detail on his body is quite impressive.

* C-3PO's Mini Head opens up to reveal the iconic image of Princess Leia Organa loading R2-D2 with the Death Star plans aboard the Tantive IV.
 The Facts: Jabba the Hutt

Dimensions: Mini Head is 1 1/2 inches tall, Microfigure is 5/8ths of an inch tall in a sitting pose.

Also available in: Collection IX

* Galoob released a regular Jabba the Hutt transforming playset and it features a likeness of Jabba Desilijic Tiure that was a bit more impressive than this one. You know what, though? I think this Jabba is in the middle of being strangled. Seriously. Look at the awkward, uneven eyes and the tongue hanging out; this is one dead Hutt here, folks.

 * Galoob also released quite a few Jabba the Hutt microfigures during the line. This one is the second worst of them as he's just too small. What's cool though is that, again, he is depicted in the middle of being strangled by Princess Leia. Look at the way his mouth is open with his tongue hanging out and his stubby arms positioned as if tying to grab Leia's chain. This is a Jabba in the middle of his death throes.

* Want my final piece of proof that Galoob did indeed release a toy of Jabba the Hutt being strangled? Take not of the surrounds: This is Jabba's sail barge, the Khetanna, and you can see Princess Leia in her slave outfit standing behind Jabba while holding the chain. She's in the middle of assassinating the vile gangster! Go Leia!
 The Facts: Luke Skywalker

Dimensions: Mini Head is 1 7/8ths inches tall, microfigure is 7/8ths inches tall.

Also available in: Collection VII
 * If you ask me what the least necessary Mini Head is from series two, Luke is definitely in my top three (the others would be the TIE Fighter Pilot and Jabba the Hutt). Not only did Galoob make lots of Luke Skywalker figures but they even released a fighter pilot Luke as a regular transforming set, too. This is a cool sculpt, though, and I appreciate the sheer novelty, but we really needed a Hoth Luke, Ceremony Luke, hooded Luke from Jabba's palace, or Luke in his Endor gear.

* Luke Skywalker isn't a bad microfigure, though. He has a solid sculpt and some nice paintwork. Maybe not as nice as some of the earlier Rebel pilots (the second series Mini Heads feature fewer paint apps than you would expect at times) but still pretty decent.

 * Luke's base is pretty cool as it features the Yavin IV Rebel base hangar with Luke's X-Wing in the back and R2-D2 being lowered into (or out of) the astromech port.
 The Facts: Royal Guard

Dimensions: Mini Head is 1 7/8ths inches tall, microfigure is 1 inch tall.

Also available in: Collection VI


* The Royal Guard looks pretty similar to the Royal Guard from the Royal Guard/ Death Star II Playset but the sculpt is slightly different and the paint is extremely different. The robe is a bit more of a paler, muted red rather than the bright crimson of the earlier releases. It's a cool look although a bit jarring at first.

* The backdrop of the interior shows off Emperior Palpatine's Lambda class shuttle landing aboard the second Death Star.

* The base has a designated place for the Royal Guard to stand while also having plenty of little details such as terminals and various tubes on the floor.
 The Facts: Wampa

Dimensions: Mini Head is 1 1/2 inches tall, microfigure is 7/8ths inches tall.

Also available in: Collection VIII

* The Wampa is one of my favorite sculpts in the Mini Heads line. The detail is really good and it shows off so many of the creature's unique features. I also like the tongue visible within the Wampa's open mouth.

* The Wampa is a very cool microfigure. He's not overly huge (maybe a bit smaller than he needed to be) but he was a very needed addition to the Micro Machines Star Wars cast. While Hasbro released a Wampa in the 2015 Micro Machines revival line, Galoob's only Wampa prior to this was in the Action Fleet collection.

 * The base of the set is the floor of the Wampa's cave. It's littered with snow, ice, and random bones from the Wampa's most recent meals.

 * In the back of the cave is Luke Skywalker hanging from the ceiling. He even has his lightsaber resting on the ground a few feet away from him. Use the Force, Luke!
  As a concept I like the Mini Heads although they're not the most "fun" sets to play with. Like with the Mighty Max Shrunken Heads, the real fun here is that you could easily carry these in your pocket and each set gave you a new figure. Figures of unique characters not released elsewhere made these sets but, unfortunately, the Mini Heads in these sets featured a few duds. The Wampa, 4-LOM, and the AT-AT Driver were cool but at the time these were released C-3PO, Jabba the Hutt, and Luke Skywalker probably composed about 35% of all Micro Machines microfigures. This would have been an awesome chance to get out more obscure figures like Ponda Baba, Lobot, or Oola or to give us new versions of needed characters such as Luke in his snazzy ceremonial outfit, combat poncho Leia, or Han Solo in his Endor trench coat. This is a Good and a 1/2 set and, looking back, these were unique little collectibles that Hasbro would do well to mine today for some interesting value priced items. With the tremendous fervor around tiny toys and blind-bagged items, this might be the way to bring back Micro Machines while offering lots of unique characters. With the way the Star Wars galaxy has grown since 1998, the possibilities for character selection in a new line of Mini Heads could be endless.

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