Monday, April 9, 2018

'Solo' Trailer #2 is Just a Little Rough Around the Edges in All the Right Ways

The second trailer for Solo A Star Wars Story dropped late Sunday night, and based on the first
trailer I was in no hurry to watch it.  However as I woke up early Monday morning I was pleased to find, this looks like the Han Solo movie I have been looking for. 

Does the film look a little rough around the edges? Sure, but in all the right ways! The thrills, grime, and charisma this trailer oozes are a far Wookie cry from anything we have seen thus far for the film, leaving me really looking forward to Memorial Day weekend 2018.  

Disney also released another generic studio poster for the film, which you can see to the left, and hopefully this time the design wasn't smuggled from another studio!

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  1. I got excited for it. Looks actiony and adventury.

    1. I'm pumped for this one too. I'm hoping for an action/ adventure/ humor mix that calls to mind films like Guardians of the Galaxy, the Fifth Element, and Big Trouble in Little China. All films that are just infinitely rewatchable.

    2. Three great flicks listed right there.

    3. Absolutely. Fun, creative, breezy, rewatchable films. That's what I want from Solo. Just a fun, fast-paced, rewatchable film set in the Star Wars universe.


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